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Sid Roth Welcomes Bobby Connor

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Sid: Hello, Sid Roth here with Bobby Connor, and you
know there really is an invisible world, there really is a
devil, and this devil tried to destroy Bobby Connor, in fact
the devil told you that God didn’t love you, explain that.
Bobby, It was a strange thing that happened when I was in
church, a little bitty primary Sunday School class and we
were standing in a Sunday School room singing “Jesus
loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.”
And another voice spoke to me cold an calculated and
said, Ha, Bobby, God doesn’t love you, if he loved you,
you would have shoes on your feet,
you would have clothes like other people
and you would have a father and all this,”
And I made a horrible decision, I listened.
And the moment I listened hatred came
in my heart towards God.
And we need to understand the devil is not a good devil,
he doesn’t fight fair, he comes to steal, kill and
destroy and that is what happened in my life.
Like we said earlier, we started drinking alcohol, and the
Bible said the way of the sinner is hard, and that is so true.
Because I found myself with a double barrel shotgun in the
roof of my mouth, put the thumb off the safety
and put it on the trigger, and demons filled the car,
just like that, screaming do it, do it, do it.
And man I tell you what I started trembling, never had
cried in my life, put the gun on safety, threw it in the back
seat of the car, I am about to get converted now,
and I drove back to the church where I had let my wife
and little son out, and here is what Sid.
Sid: But why did you stop?
Bobby: Oh I tell you why I stopped, because my wife
was praying, my church was praying for me and young
Christian’s were on their knees praying.
I drove out of the woods where I had gone to shoot myself,
and I drive back to the church and here is what I said.
I said, “Jesus if you could change my life would you?”
That’s a pretty poor prayer to pray to get saved, but he
listened to my heart not my mouth and Jesus came in.
It’s a Wednesday night meeting now at a Baptist church,
my wife is in there, so I get out of the car, I’m totally new
now, Jesus has come into my heart, I opened the door of
the church, it’s late on Wednesday night now, most of the
people have gone, here’s what I see, I see the pastor
kneeling there, I see my wife, my little son and four or five
other Christian couples and here is what I hear them
praying, “Oh God, whatever it takes, save Bobby.”
That’s why I didn’t pull the trigger.
I believe if they hadn’t been interceding for me, praying for me, I would have ended my life.
But God has great, great mercy doesn’t he?
Sid: And so at that point did you receive the Messiah?
Bobby: Yes, I gave my heart to Jesus out under a tree sitting in the car.
Sid: Now one of the things that intrigues me about you
is every year God speaks to you at Yom Kippur,
the Day of Atonement, what did he show you was going
to be happening this year in the United States?
Bobby: Okay, it is going to be the best of times –
Sid: I’ll tell you what, an angel came to you,
tell me about that?
Bobby: Okay, an angel came into the room in my home,
and was very aluminous, very bright, and he said,
“Come go with me,” and we walked out of my hallway
into another hallway, no longer it is the hallway of my
house, and like Paul said, whether I was in the body or out
of the body, I don’t know, I just know it happened to me
and I could see for several miles down a long corridor and
it is a beautiful corridor and very narrow, pearl in color,
and it has archways all across it, and this angel said to me,
“We’re going there.”
And I knew he meant at the end of this corridor and I
thought to myself, boy that is going to be a long walk.
And when I thought that he answered me Sid,
he said it won’t takes us long at all.
And then he touched me on the arm like this and we rise
up a little bit off the floor and we shoot down this corridor
faster than your mind could think, and there we’re
standing at the end of it and there’s a wall of light there,
just shimmering light, and so I thought again,
what am I doing here.
When I thought it he answered me and said,
“You are here because of this.”
And when he said this he pointed his finger just like
that and a pedestal appeared with a Bible on it.
Now the bible was sitting on top of this pedestal but it was,
it looked like a Bible that had never been opened,
looked like a brand new Bible, looked like maybe
for decoration, no, ornamentation, and I thought
well that is not very impressive, a closed Bible.
And then this beam of light said, “Here, take this,”
And it was a gavel, like a judges gavel, a wooden gavel,
and so I reached for it with my left hand and he said,
“No, put it in your right.”
So I took the gavel in my right hand and then he said,
“Strike this book.”
So I thought okay, so I struck the book like this
and it was like a bolt of lightening went off.
And then the Bible begins to beat like a heart, ca-boom,
ca-boom, but it gets more intense with each beat.
And in a moment it was at such a rhythm and such an
intensity until it burst open, the bible and now it is a
beautiful Bible, worn, you could see where somebody had
studied it, and it was very, the pages had been worn,
but now it is alive, it is like a beating heart,
at each beat light shoots out of it and it tells us about
Jesus Christ, tells us about his majesty, tells us about his
supremacy, and so the being said, “This will be the year of
the open book, I believe we are going to have new light
on the word of God, I believe the word of God
is going to be a living word to us this year.
Sid: what did you see happening in the
United States of America?
Bobby: Oh, if the church doesn’t pray, we are in for
some of the best of times and the worst of times.
It is Isaiah 60, verse one, arise shine your light has come
and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.
Gross darkness will cover the nations but the
Lord’s light and glory will be seen upon you.
And it all depends upon whether or not people
are being led by the flesh or by the spirit.
If they are living in Romans seven they will be a
miserable person, but if they move to Romans eight,
living by the spirit it will be a delightful time.
Sid: but if there is not intense prayer what is
going to happen in the streets of America?
Bobby: There will be, there will be mayhem
and violence and chaos like we cannot believe.
We will see anarchy, we will see the National Guard called
to our street trying to impose peace, but it doesn’t have to
be that way, if God’s people will rise up and really pray,
God can bring peace to all of this turmoil.
Sid: Now one of the other things that intrigues me greatly
about you is that you know of natural phenomena that is
going to happen and you prophesy it before it happens.
For instance, tell me about the tornado in Oklahoma City.
Bobby: We went to Oklahoma City flying in from
Portland, Oregon, me and another pastor, and when we get
to the air terminal to pick up our luggage the little belt
started spinning, the Lord said, “Spinning winds.”
And that is a sign that he says to me when
a tornado is going to come.
So anyway we go to the church and I am sitting there
preparing to preach, just singing and getting ready at a
Vineyard church in Oklahoma City, and the Lord said,
“I am going to, if you don’t get up and rebuke this
tornado I am going to send a tornado to this place
and blow this building away and hurt a lot of people
and hold you accountable.”
Now listen, that is what he said to me.
And so it stunned me and so I said I am going to need
a verse for that, and so help me Sid, I opened my Bible
and it fell open to Ezekiel 37 where it says,
“Son of man, get up and prophecy to the winds.”
And about that time a man walked up to the preacher and
had one of these smart phones, it had Doppler radar on it,
and you could see the tornados had formed so we get up
and as prayer is made, the tornadoes are coming down and
you can check this out with the weather channel, the
tornadoes are combing down and when prayer goes up to
rebuke them, the tornadoes stop in the air, reverse their
rotation and go back up into the clouds.
Sid: and this is not an unusual event, this happens quite
often where he knows what is going to happen, there is
going to be snow when it is not even looking like it is
going to snow, all of these phenomena are occurring but
the thing that amazes me the most is you have got to watch
when you say with your mouth Bobby because it happens.
Tell me about the purple hair.
Bobby: this is a strange thing, the first time it ever
happened it happened in Canada and I am up there
preaching, I’m sorry Alaska, we were up there preaching
and we4 had a young lady with us on the platform,
and I was just using here telling how God is going to fall
on the young people with signs and wonders,
and I am talking to people and I am stroking her on
the head, and all of a sudden my hand would slide
on her head and her hair would turn gold.
You could bend it like gold wire, it was the strangest thing
you have ever seen, stand it up and bend it like this.
But gold is a sing of glory and hair is a sign of covering,
so I believe God is going to do something real marvelous
with the young girls with glory and covering.
But anyway so then that started happening in some of our
meetings, I could touch hair and it would turn gold, so I
am in a coleuses and I am walking, preaching but I am
playing at this moment, I am just kind of joking, there is a
girl sitting there, she has got spiked hair, and I grabbed her
on the head like this when I walked by and I go, “Hey,
why don’t God just turn your hair green,” and I was joking
and I made three or four steps down this way and people
started screaming, I wheeled back around and everywhere
my hand had rested on her head it had turned green.
Then the Lord said you better be careful.
Sid: Now Bobby, I want you to mentor everyone that is
watching us right now with your new book,
“God’s Supernatural Power,” he will explain to you
what normal is and how you can enter normal and how
you can fulfill your destiny, don’t go away we’ll be
right back, I want to find out about the baby
with the half a face missing that came back.

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