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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with David Tomberlin. You just saw a clip of how the word of knowledge operates. David, what exactly is a word of knowledge? How would you explain it?

DAVID: Simply put, it’s just when God speaks a piece of information to you. As you saw in the video there, those were pieces of information about peoples’ name, their sickness. My mechanic, his wife’s specific area. Simply put, it’s a word of knowledge. It’s knowledge from God that He speaks to you.

SID: Ok. You had some pretty outrageous things happen in Holland. Tell me about that.

DAVID: This is just a few months ago. I was ministering right outside of Amsterdam. I was in a service. The names over there are different. They’re not Bill, Henry, Steve like we’re used to. So the Lord did something unique, He started giving me the first part of the spelling of the names. So I would spell out part of their name and they would come up and say a name I’d never heard of. It really hit home for them and me that God is on top of the situation and knows the people there.

SID: Give me an example.

DAVID: I remember there was one, and today I still couldn’t tell you the name, but I spelled it “M, A, R.” God kept speaking to me “M, A, R”. Up comes a lady with a name I’d never heard of. I want to say that she had a healing condition that was immediately healed right then. That I don’t actually recall right now, but what really stood out was the spelling of the name and how amazed she was, and how amazed I was.

SID: Now this has been happening to you for a long time, but are you still in awe when God does this.

DAVID: It’s always fresh to me. It never gets old. It’s always spontaneous, exciting.

SID: How about the lady in London?

DAVID: This was right outside of London. I’d called up a health issue, a health condition, and the lady came up. I’m holding her hand, and then God starts speaking to me “Susan. Sue or Susan.” I’ll get part of a name, then I’ll get more.

SID: So you get a partial information so to speak?

DAVID: Yeah, sometimes it’s just that repetitive pulsating “Sue, Susan, Sue, Susan.” Like that. That’s just how it came to me. So I’m holding this lady’s hand and I go “Sue, Susan.” I’m looking around the meeting room, “Sue, Susan.” She goes “Oh, that’s me.” She’s all polite and British. It was the lady that I was praying for. So she got hit by the power of God and was touched mightily.

SID: Does this happen only in churches, or does this happen wherever you are?

DAVID: Well, like the first example that I gave…

SID: Right, the mechanic’s shop.

DAVID: It happens out, and that’s really exciting. Then it’s fun when it happens in church. It never gets old. It’s like a fisherman catching a fish. I don’t care how old he is, how many times he’s caught a fish, it’s exciting when you catch one.

SID: Between you and me, are there times when you hear something and you’re out in public, and you just… “I don’t want to say it. It may not be true.”

DAVID: You always think that.

SID: I mean you’re taking a risk when you’re doing this.

DAVID: You always think that, but at the end of the day, what I try to do is not care about my position, but care about the person’s position that needs to hear from God. If I’m wrong, they walk away. What are they going to do, chase me down? So I just try to deliver whatever God speaks to me. And also, there’s something that happens when you get a real clear word of knowledge. You may be nervous, you may be scared, but there’s a faith that comes with that word of knowledge, and then you’re excited to do it.

SID: Now you like to teach a lot on how everyone can move in the word of knowledge. Do you believe everyone can?

DAVID: Absolutely. Everybody who’s been immersed in the Spirit of God has access to the gifts of God and gifts of the Holy Spirit. I believe anybody can. And really, it comes back to Jesus’ simple statement, “My sheep hear My voice.”

SID: So right now, look in the camera and tell me what God’s speaking to people.

DAVID: Ok. Actually Sid, I heard this earlier, just a couple of healing words. One for arthritis. There’s a gentleman watching named Barry… See, it just comes on me just as I’m speaking it. There’s a gentleman watching named Barry, and you have arthritis. God, I ask You in the name of Yeshua, touch him now. Heal him now in Jesus’ mighty name. Also those watching who may have arthritis and your name is not Barry, believe in faith and I believe got will touch you and heal you now. There’s also a knee injury, a gentleman in a motorcycle accident recently, in the last week or two weeks… Seven days. That’s what it is exactly. See, I thought it was a week or two weeks, then I see seven days. That’s what it was.

SID: Whoa, did you see that?

DAVID: Yeah.

SID: That’s neat.

DAVID: It’s almost like a TV screen, but more in what I would call my inner eye, inner ear. I hear internally. It’s not like I hear like I hear you speak, but I hear in my heart and then also see as well.

SID: Are you seeing anything else?

DAVID: Yeah. I could literally do this for a long time. God, I want to ask for faith for people to believe to do this for themselves. The closer you get to God, it’s just like having a relationship on earth. You would tell me things Sid, because we know each other. God will tell you things if you know God and get close to Him. God, I release that faith right now and that trust in knowing You, to operate in the word of knowledge. Skin diseases. There’s a rash right now being healed. There’s a rash, in Jesus’ name, being healed. Thank You, Lord. Cancer is going right now in Jesus’ name. Thank You, Lord. Fibromyalgia. Thank You God. In Jesus’ name, be healed. In fact, the person with fibromyalgia that’s being healed, you’re feeling like an unnatural wind. It’s not from a breeze, there’s like a wind coming over you. That’s God healing you. It’s a lady. Thank You Lord, in Jesus’ name.

SID: You know what I’m reminded of, of that young 21 year old that was filled with depression. These evil spirits lifted off of, made Jesus his Lord, filled with God’s Spirit. Tell me again what you felt, how clean you felt, and how much love you felt.

DAVID: It was truly going out of darkness into light. I felt depression, I wanted to die, I had no hope, I had no joy. The opposite happened after the Spirit of God touched me and I was immersed and saturated with the Spirit of God. That’s what I remember more than anything. As much as the light and the river and the falling down and the evil spirits coming out, more than anything I remember that love. I just felt cared for. I felt loved.

SID: How would you like to feel loved? How would you like to feel cared for? Are you depressed? Are you in fear? Are you in torment? I know something. I know God’s not a respecter of persons. What He did for David, He did for me. What He did for me, He’s running with His arms wide open towards you right now. All you have to do is receive. You see, He actually came two thousand years ago. His name in Hebrew is Yeshua. In English, it’s Jesus. And He died for every sin you’ve ever committed, so that you can stand in God’s presence without condemnation, and receive that love. If you would pray with me, that’s the first step. It’s like putting little toes in the water. I believe there’s going to be a river that is going to hit you. Say out loud with your mouth “I believe that Jesus died for my sins. I turn from my sins. Jesus, come inside of me.” Say it out loud. “Jesus, come inside of me. Take over my life. I make You Lord of my life. Fill me with Your Spirit. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit to overflowing. Let me experience Your love, Jesus.” And even when we go off the air, you keep telling Him “I want to experience Your love. I love You Lord. I love You Jesus. I love You.”

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