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Sid: There is such a strong presence of God here. It’s not just for the studio audience. There is power when someone shares that God has just touched them. The power is going to go right through your TV set, so get ready. We’re going to take a look at some more of these miracles that spontaneously erupted.

Sid: As people walk up here, they’re going to be healed. As they walk up, if they started already.

Woman: I’ve been dealing with a stiff neck for a couple of weeks. I was telling my sister “I can’t move my head.” I couldn’t, all four ways. But I can touch my shoulders again!

Sid: Praise God.

Woman: My whole body hurt when I got here. My back, my feet everything hurt. When you said there was an atmospheric anointing, I claimed it and put my hand on my back, my feet, and my knees. So I think that I got an overhaul tonight, and I’m claiming it, and I’m believing God…

Sid: But let me ask you something. Do you have pain where you had pain before?

Woman: No, I don’t.

Sid: All the pain is gone?

Woman: Yes. My back, my knees…

Sid: Ok, I’m from Missouri. Not really, but can you bend over?
I can’t tell a lie.

Sid: How do you feel?

Woman: I feel great. I was very tired, and I was hurting all over, especially standing in line there for 20 minutes, waiting.

Sid: Yeah, but God honored your faith.

Woman: Yes He did!

Sid: It’s still going on. Anyone else? Now you at home – test yourself.
This is for you as much as them.There’s some more people that are healed. I will describe you. You had a pain in your back. If you will test your back right now, you will see the pain is gone. It’s so strong in the head area, anything you need in the head area, you’re being healed of right now. Anything you need in your head area. Anything. Anything. Ok, do we have anyone else?

Woman: The first time I came here for Jonathan Bernis, I fell down the stairs, because I really couldn’t go up and down them too well. I just walked down that step. Ordinarily I wouldn’t be able to get down that. I had some help. I know I’m getting healed.

Sid: I believe you are too. Bill, would you come here for a second. Look at me. Just close your eyes for a moment. Come, Holy Spirit. Come. Come, Holy Spirit. Come, Holy Spirit. Gentle Holy Spirit, come. Raise your hands to God. Thank You, Father.

Woman: Thank you, Jesus.

Sid: Thank You, Father. Bless You, Lord, bless You, Lord. Don’t even pray, just receive what God has for you. A time to give, and a time to receive. Back, be restored in Yeshua’s name. HO!!! Test it.

Woman: It’s better.

Sid: Well, turn around, do it again. What’s going on? Tell me. Do you feel… You have to be honest. Do you feel pain at all?

Woman: Not really.

Sid: Not really. Do you feel pain at all?

Woman: Right here still, a little bit. But I had continuous, constant pain for 25 years.

Sid: 25 years? So what’s going on right now?

Woman: Well I feel like I’m getting healed.

Sid: On a scale of 1 to 10, if you had 10, what do you have now?

Woman: Almost a 1.

Sid: Ok. I believe as you walk back to your seat, you will be totally pain-free.

Woman: That’s what I came here for.

Sid: I know. She knows what I said too.

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