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Sid: This is Sid Roth, and I am so excited because of the presence of God. Literally, His kavowd, His heaviness, that’s what the Hebrew word means, of His glory, of His presence, just erupted in the studio when I was interviewing my friend, Rabbi Jonathan Bernis and David Herzog. There was such an outpouring of God’s Spirit that I wanted to capture it on film and have you see it. Let’s take a look at a little bit more. Come on, young man. What happened to you?

Boy: For two years, my heel’s been hurting. Whenever it hurts, I can’t stand. So today, I put my hand on my heel, and it didn’t hurt anymore.

Boy: And now I can’t stand, because I feel the power of God over me, I can’t stand. I just feel it rushing through me.

Sid: Would you do me a favor? Would you stay right here for one second. Now, who needs a miracle? Raise your hand. One person. One person, raise your hand. Do you need a miracle? This man here, right here. You. Yes, do you need a miracle? Yes or no? Come here. If I’m not being too personal, can you tell me what you need a miracle of?

Man: Prostate cancer.

Sid: Now what I want you to do is put your hand on him and pray in the name of Jesus for the cancer to be gone.

Boy: In the name of Jesus, I tell you that, Devil, you’ve got to get out of him. Cancer, be gone in the name of Jesus!

Boy: Amen.

Sid: You are one blessed man. As you walk back, you’re going to begin to sense the healing anointing of God all over you. Thank Him.

Sid: Thank you so much. Thank you. Would your folks rent you?

Boy: What?

Sid: No, never mind. Ha ha! Anyone else?

Sid: Don’t you dare miss this moment of your visitation. A portal from heaven has opened up. It’s touching you right now in your home. Go for it!

Sid: Come on.

Man: I was in Alaska, and I was watching you on TV, and my back hurt so bad that I couldn’t bend over. You said bend over and touch your feet, and you’ll be healed. I can bend over and touch my feet, and I’m 35 years old now.

Sid: Sid Roth here. It is so wonderful! God showed up, and He’s here right now. He’s healing more people. He’s healing people with neck problems right now, and in the whole head area. Your sinuses are being cleared up. It is so wonderful when God shows up. But when God shows up, you can make your breakthrough. What is your breakthrough? From believing there is a God, to experiencing God. That’s the breakthrough. Someone’s ears were just opened. Just take your hearing aid out and you’ll see. Not only are you hearing in the natural, you’re hearing in the supernatural. Because God says “My sheep hear My voice.” In this world that is shaking, how would you like to be on a firm foundation? How would you like to hear the voice of God? If God is for you, what can be… Economics, health problems, family problems? If God is for you, what could be against you? Nothing can be against you! The first step, God has already taken. Now it’s up to you. Yes, He’s chosen you. Do you want God? Of course you do. Say this prayer with me, and believe it. It’s a start. It’s putting your little toes in the water. But come on now, you’ll never learn how to swim unless you put your little toes in the water. And the water is good. It really is good! Repeat this prayer with me. “Dear God…” Come on now, out loud. “Dear God, I’m a sinner. Against You and You alone have I sinned. And I’m so sorry. With Your help, I’ll turn from these sins. I believe the blood of Jesus has washed away my sins, and I’m clean. And now that I’m clean, I ask Yeshua to live inside of me. Yeshua, I make You Lord of my life.

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