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Sid: Hello, Sid Roth here with Bruce Van Natta. Bruce had a 10,000 pound truck fall on him. Literally, he thought his body had been guillotined in half. What happened is, he was crushed. You were crushed almost like a pancake. What happened next?

Bruce: After I was crushed, I looked at myself and from my point of view, it did look like I was cut in half because I couldn’t see half my body through the axle and I could see here where the axle’s laying on the cement. I just called out “God, help me” twice. The mechanic I was working with was quick, and he called 911. They got the truck jacked up. I remember wanting to get out from underneath the truck really bad, because I didn’t like the way it was jacked up again. I was afraid it was going to fall on me again. I reached back and grabbed the front bumper, big chrome front bumper was right behind my head, I grabbed it, pulled myself out to the point where my head was sticking out from underneath the front bumper of this large Peterbuilt, and that’s when I went unconscious. Next thing I know, I’m up in the ceiling of this garage, looking down. Out of body experience.

Sid: I assume there was no feeling? You had no feeling when you’re looking down at yourself.

Bruce: No, it was just like watching a movie.

Sid: Did you know it was you?

Bruce: You know, I can’t honestly say I knew it was me. Not at first. It was just like watching a movie. I saw there was now more people. The volunteer fire department had gotten there, and I was listening to the conversations people were having. This out of body experience was incredible, but the most incredible thing was, I’m looking down at myself, I can see my head sticking out from underneath the front bumper, my eyes were closed, my head was turned to the right side. There’s a picture burned into my memory of that, and on each side of me is an angel. The man I’d been working with was above me. He’s about 6’1” or 6’2”, and I was watching him running his fingers through my hair, and he was crying and patting me on the head.
The heads of these angels stuck up at least this much higher than his.
They were also on their knees, but they had their arms in underneath the truck towards my body. These angels had their hands on me.

Sid: So they were really keeping you alive.

Bruce: Oh, definitely. Definitely keeping me alive.

Sid: What happened next?

Bruce: That scene is burned in my mind. Then they pulled me out from underneath the truck. The angels stayed. I watched from the back corner a red-haired EMT worker I’ve met her now, Shannon – she came in. She got down between those angels, she moved this man out of the way, and she started slapping me in the face and saying “Open your eyes, open your eyes.” I was watching from above, listening to her, watching, and the next thing I knew I was back in my body, looking at her eye to eye.

Sid: When the medical team came, what did they decide to do?

Bruce: They called MedFlight right away, because it was such a bad injury. I was MedFlight-ed to the largest trauma center in our state, Wisconsin.

Sid: You told me that you should’ve bled to death. What do you mean?

Bruce: The doctors told me, because of my injuries, off your heart, your mesenteric artery and mesenteric vein, superior mesenteric artery and superior mesenteric vein, come down and feed the lower half of your body. It was completely severed. Not pinched, not torn, but completely severed. Both of those, in multiple places, plus other veins.

They said with my injuries, I should’ve bled to death in 8 minutes, 10 minutes tops. In fact, we were told by several doctors now that they can find no other cases anywhere, ever, of anybody ever living from those injuries, because they always come in dead on arrival. It’s like having an artery the size of a garden hose cut.

Sid: You told me they were amazed you even lived.

Bruce: Completely, because it was an hour and 40 minutes from the point of the accident until they got me to the hospital. I was in trauma for an hour before I lost all blood pressure and they rushed me into the O.R. I should’ve lost all blood pressure right away, at that 8 minutes. In fact, they put in my medical records that they put in 18 units blood, which is about 8 liters.The body holds about 5 to 6 liters, so they put in more. That just tells you, as they put it in it was just coming out, leaking in my stomach cavity. So it’s a large miracle that I ever even made it to the hospital.

Sid: They had to actually… What happened with your small intestine?

Bruce: That’s miracle number two. My small intestine was damaged so badly, they ended up with a 25 centimeter, or 10 inch, chunk of the ileum, a part of the small intestine, that they were able to save. They found another piece. They cut out three sections and found another piece of small intestine that was 75 centimeters. So between those two pieces, I had roughly 40 inches of small intestine left, or about 3 feet. You or any adult has about 21 or 22 feet, and I only had 3 feet left. So I started losing weight as I was in hospital. I went through five different operations. The fourth operation, another chunk of small intestine that had been damaged, died. A piece of that 75 centimeters died, so now I’m underneath 100 centimeters. I just kept losing weight…

Sid: If you’re under 100 centimeters, is that life-threatening?

Bruce: Yes, eventually. We Googled this, and what we found out from the doctors is, eventually, if you have small bowel syndrome, if it gets down to a certain point, you starve to death. I was fed intravenously also, but they can’t mimic with the intravenously long-term what God does with your stomach.

Sid: So you were in the process of dying.

Bruce: Slowly, gradually. Losing weight, losing weight. This one particular morning, I was in my fourth operation. I’d just come out of the operation. A man in New York named Bruce Carlson, the Lord woke him up this one morning and told him to fly out from New York to me in Wisconsin and pray over me. I’d met him one time. He’s a friend of a friend. I’d met him one time on vacation. But he was obedient to the Lord, came out. He came with a gentleman, a friend from my church drove him down there. One stood on each side of the bed and he prayed over me. He put his palm on my forehead and started praying. He said “Lord, I ask that all the prayers for all the people that have been praying for Bruce be answered right now, today.” I was on prayer chains all over.

Sid: Bruce, hold that thought.because an instant miracle took place.

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