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Sid Roth Welcomes John McTernan

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Do you know if you go to your computer and look at the FEMA web page, you’ll find out that the ten worst economic disasters since they’ve been keeping their records of FEMA, nine of the ten occurred when the United States went against Israel. Is there a correlation? Obviously there is. My guest, John McTernan, has been studying the Book of Obadiah, the shortest book in the Old Testament. And he says the key to End Time events is found in the Book of Obadiah. John, there was a certain day, a number of years ago you were watching TV, minding your own business, and you saw something. Tell me about it. Actually, it changed your whole destiny, your whole life.

JOHN: It did, Sid. It did. It was October of 1987, and it had to do about there was a homosexual rally in Washington. At that time, it was the largest homosexual gathering maybe in world history. And immediately after that, Sid, the week immediately following, the stock market went into convulsions. Then the following Monday was the big crash. Do you remember the crash in 1987?

SID: Right. At that time, it was one of the biggest.

JOHN: Yes. And it was six business days after that rally. And while I was watching the TV, the announcer’s lip was actually quivering in fear that this would be the start of another great depression. The Lord took me back the week before to that rally, and put what was happening in front of the TV and the rally together in my mind, and I heard His voice saying that I do not fear Him, and that if I feared Him I would have humbled myself when I saw this rally and cried to Him for mercy. And He said that the Church does not fear him in America, and the country was naked and open before Him in judgment. I heard Him vividly say that. And I fell down on the floor right in front of the TV and I repented to the Lord that I did not fear Him, I did not walk in the fear of Him. And from that day to this, I’ve been in this ministry, Sid, of showing these correlations where God is trying to warn America we’re on a collision course within.

SID: And you have found there are three areas when these occur. There are judgments that occur, such as hurricanes, such as stock market crash, things of that nature. And the three things are abortion, homosexuality, and coming against Israel. But why is it that coming against Israel, nine of ten on FEMA of the worst things to ever happen to us, connected with the worst economic things?

JOHN: Well Sid, in God’s word, God specifically talks about, through the prophets, about bringing the Jewish people back in to the land because of that covenant, Sid, that God made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It’s a living, real covenant that’s still in effect today, and that God warns in His word, He warns the nations not to interfere with that covenant, Sid. And the United States, maybe with good intentions, ‘cause it started with President Bush, Sr., it continued with President Clinton, President Bush, Jr., now President Obama, we are directly interfering with the covenant and God’s prophetic plan. And there are warnings in the scriptures are coming upon America now exactly according to God’s word.

SID: Let’s give an example. There was what was called the Madrid Peace Conference in Madrid, Spain, and when that meeting convened, and that was a meeting to divide the Land of Israel.

JOHN: Yes.
SID: When that meeting convened, what happened?

JOHN: Well Sid, I guess I’m going to show you right here. Here’s proof from the New York Times. While President Bush, I’ll say President Bush, Sr., not to confuse your listeners here, viewers, while he was standing up initiating the Madrid peace process, while he was speaking what’s called the Perfect Storm, and you may remember the Perfect Storm, Sid. There was a movie made about it. There was a best selling book.

SID: Yes. Of course.

JOHN: And it was bizarre weather patterns that only occur once every couple hundred years, came together in the North Atlantic and sent a hurricane the wrong way. And the hurricane, whoever hears of a hurricane in the North Atlantic in late October forming? Instead of coming from the southwest to northeast, this came from the northeast to the southwest, and came all the ways down the coast of the United States. But while the President was speaking, the storm sent 30-foot waves against his home in Kennebunkport, Maine. And what I just gave you is the New York Times article showing his home was destroyed. Now what it doesn’t say is that it was destroyed while he was in Madrid speaking, but the date is the same date. And you can see.

SID: Now how many of these events have you found where the United States goes against Israel and then there’s a horrible economic catastrophe?

JOHN: Sid, rough number, 50 to 60 now. But they’re the major ones.

SID: I mean, within 24 hours, this judgment occurs. Okay. There was a second Madrid Peace Conference that was in the United States. What happened?

JOHN: Well what happened, Sid, was a year later, the Madrid peace process was transferred from Madrid, Spain to the United States to meet on American soil. And what I have here, Sid, is a picture of–This is not a picture, Sid. This is the actual newspaper article where I was sort of alerted that America was under judgment. Now Sid, this is the USA Today. Notice the headlines.

SID: “One Million Flee Andrew.” I mean, that was some hurricane.

JOHN: Right. Right. That was a Category 5. There’s only been three Category 5’s hit the United States. This was a Category 5. And notice that the whole page is full about the disaster of Hurricane Andrew.

SID: Right.

JOHN: But now look over here, Sid.

SID: “Mideast Peace Talks to Resume on Positive Note.”

JOHN: Yeah.

SID: And again, these were talks to divide the Land of Israel.

JOHN: The Land of Israel, Sid.

SID: And in Joel, Chapter 3, it says, “In the last days the nations will be judged for one sin.” You know what that one sin is? I quote, “Dividing the Land of Israel.”

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