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SID: Hello Sid Roth here with Jason Westerfield. Jason you recently were called by God to go to the Philippines, did you know why you were going there, did you have speaking assignments,
why did you go to the Philippines?

JASON: I was originally going to the Philippines to work with over five hundred pastors as a part of a team that I was going with. And on the way over there, it was interesting, the Lord sat
me next to a gentleman on the airplane that has the largest American company that employs jobs to the Philippine citizens over there, so God began to give us insight in his life, what was going on personally, but also insight to what was going on in his companies management.

SID: When you look in the Spirit you have insight into people’s lives, is that what you are saying?

JASON: Yeah, God will show me where people are at and where companies and organizations and where nations are at, and then where they need to get to, and then how to practically get there. He will put a plan and a strategy in place. So it feels a lot more like consultation is taking place and I will do that whether I am at businesses, whether people or government, whether I’m at churches, or whether people in film, really dealing with people and seeing their improvement take place. And so when we went to the Philippines we not only saw this man’s life begin to get touched, but the Lord had said I am going to open up the doors to the national government to you, and I am over there less than twelve hours, one thing leads to another, the next thing that occurs is I’m at this restaurant with this lady who owns the restaurant and she is serving the table that we are with and two ladies come ad sit down, one of which I saw in prayer earlier that morning and I told her, I said I saw you this morning. And she said I don’t know you. And so I began to tell her what the Lord had shown me, I relayed to her a lot of facts and details about her life to give credibility, and that there would be an understanding with her that God knew who she was and I began to tell her the things that God wanted to have take place in her life and how to bring her into these things. She completely got touched, never had anything like that happen, we are inside of a nice restaurant in a well to do place and then I asked her, I said do you know some people in government?

SID: Why did you want to know people in government?

JASON: I felt from the Lord I was to ask them right there because God had given me a full one-page word about a word of the Lord for that nation of the Philippines, a state of the union, where it was at currently, where God wanted to bring it and what they needed to do to get in that place to turn things around. And she said actually I graduated from law school, I have friends that are in the senate and then the lady who owns the restaurant says, I know somebody who is running for president, one of their head senators over here. And the next thing I know I am not even in the country twelve hours, I am given a phone to this gentleman and I begin to read off the word of the Lord to him, he gets totally touched by God over the phone and says that is everything I have been trying to tell these people, that is exactly what we need to be doing as a nation. And not only was that pretty impressive, what God did and who quick that God can open doors, the next thing that happened is a table of about ten people came Sid, and sat down right across from us, everyone at our table kind of perked up and I said what is going on? And they said do you know who that is and I said no. They said those are high-ranking government officials over there and two of those other people help run the media over the entire nation. So the lady who owns the restaurant went over and talked to them, they said please, have this young man come over if he has heard from God about our nation. So I walk over and they say please sit down we hear that you have a word from God about our nation. We want to hear what God is saying over the Philippines right now. So I read the complete word to them, they were really touched, the presence of God came over everybody and then I said to them, “Do you all understand this word?” And they said yes we do and there were words that had to do with the economy, with the political economy, with society, and also with the environmental issues and the creation of the nation itself. And they said yes we do and I said I want to pray for you and they said please do. So I had them all hold hands, government officials, people in media right in the center of this well to do restaurant and the presence of God came in a very powerful way and I began to pray for wisdom for them that God would allow the righteous to begin to lead and decisions be brought forth to empower the whole nation. Amazing things happened when we were in the Philippines, within an hour and a half I wm with the decision makers of the nation and an hour and a half later I am with the poorest people on the planet, Smokey Mountain. And when we went out there we say God do numerous miracles and we also saw three deaf children completely get their hearing back. After that we flew to a nearby island and the Lord said I want you to pray for the resistance and limitation, the generational curses that have limited this nation off these people and off this nation to be broken. So we corporately repented for all this sins generationally upon the nation, and as we did this winds began to come into this place and over five hundred pastors were there, over eighty of them miraculously got healed with no one touching them, just from the repentance God outstretched his hand and began to heal them but began to shift the very weather in the atmosphere and when I left there I said because of what happens spiritually over this nation, the geopolitical shift, what is going to be taking place within the next twenty-four hours there is going to be a significant earthquake in the Asia-Pacific rim because of the shift in powers that are taking place.

SID: So what happens if it doesn’t happen and you prophesy that?

JASON: Well what happened is within twelve hours of me saying that a 5.8 earthquake hit Bali, Indonesia. And so it wasn’t a bad earthquake.

SID: So you did get their attention.

JASON: I got their attention, but it is not about me it is about the Lord and he wants to disciple nations and he loves every nation and he wants to see them come into the fulfillment and the fullness and the potential of what he has available for them.

SID: There is such a wonderful presence of God on the set right now that when we come back Jason I am going to ask him to pray and I am not going to tell him what to pray, I wouldn’t mind him praying for people’s memories, I wouldn’t mind him praying for a transfer of anointing, I wouldn’t mind him praying whatever God tells him too. Don’t go away, we’ll be right back.

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