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Sid Roth Welcomes John McTernan

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Sid Roth Welcomes John McTernan

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with John McTernan. And John has been entrusted with a key to the End Times. He has found revelations like I have never heard before, in the Book of Obadiah. But there is one verse in Obadiah, John, that is key to End Times, Obadiah 1:15.

JOHN: Obadiah 1:15, Sid, is very important. It says, “The day of the Lord has come upon all the heathen. And as thou has done to Israel,” and I’m adding Israel, but it says, “As thou has done shall be done unto thee. Thy reward shall be upon thine own head.” So it makes it crystal clear, Sid, as God’s prophetic plan is unfolding, Israel is the key. And if you bless Israel, now this is individuals and nations, if you bless Israel and the Jewish people and line up with God’s prophetic plan, God will bless you. If you don’t, Sid, there a severe curse on you.

SID: And I find it so amazing that a number of times you have documented that this curse comes every time the United States goes against Israel. For instance, President Clinton, when he had the affair with Lewinsky, tell me about that.

JOHN: Well Sid, this is real interesting, because when President, excuse me, Prime Minister Netanyahu was coming, President Clinton was putting enormous pressure on him to divide the land, and there was talk in Israel about Netanyahu’s government falling if he went along with Clinton’s plan. So Netanyahu comes here. He meets with President Clinton. The president didn’t even go to lunch with him, nor did the Secretary of State.

SID: I remember they really snubbed him.

JOHN: They really snubbed him. The next meeting was with Yasser Arafat. Clinton was supposed to meet with Yasser Arafat. Yasser Arafat was literally waiting to meet with Clinton when the Lewinsky scandal broke. And the president’s government, his term in office was in danger. And we know that he eventually was impeached, although the Senate did not remove him. So exactly what was going to happen to Netanyahu and the Israeli government happened to Clinton and his government at the exact time.
Side: Now a number of these, of course we have this information from FEMA, the worse economic disasters occurred when the United States went against Israel. But kind of bring it up to date. Give me something that happened recently.

JOHN: Well Sid, I want you to think back when President Obama began to initiate diplomatic relations with Israel after he was inaugurated. What was one of the things he did? But he made a linkage between Israel creating a Palestinian state and dealing with Iran’s nuclear weapons. Do you remember that, Sid?

SID: Yes.

JOHN: He drew this direct linkage. Now Sid, I’m gonna jog your memory here. Do you remember North Korea shooting underground nuclear weapons off?

SID: Of course.

JOHN: And shooting weapons, and shooting missiles, and threatening nuclear war with the United States. Sid, this was happening at the exact time President Obama was making this linkage with Israel with creating a Palestinian state or the United States wasn’t going to deal with Iran’s nuclear weapons, which would put Israel under danger of a nuclear war with Iran. Correct?

SID: Yes.

JOHN: At the very same time, North Korea is shooting off nuclear bombs and threatening nuclear war with us, Sid, so happening simultaneously.

SID: Now the last few administrations have been pushing towards a two-state solution in Israel. President Obama appears to be pushing for it, too. Is there any difference between the way he’s pushing for it and the previous ones?

JOHN: Yes. President Bush was more, shall we say, soft-gloved about it. He was more, we want this, but there was no like direct arm-twisting of Israel. President Obama has come out with an iron fist and is treating Israel more as an adversary than an ally. It’s extremely dangerous, Sid. It’s extremely dangerous.

SID: Now if he continues this course, what is the spirit of God telling you about America?

JOHN: Obadiah says that if you try and divide the Land of Israel, if you try and divide Jerusalem, Sid, exactly what you’re doing to Israel is going to come upon us. And Sid, there could be a political division here or a literal, physical division through natural disasters and things. But it will happen. If President Obama continues this course, what he’s doing with Israel, the integrity of the United States is at stake, Sid.

SID: Now there are many Bible believers that get confused on Armageddon and the war that’s before Armageddon. They’ve merged them all together. Obadiah makes this very clear about a war.

JOHN: It does, Sid. Obadiah is 21 verses of actual power-packed information. And when you look at Obadiah, and again, I go into great detail.

SID: I know. You literally, he literally will show you what nations will be around, what nations are going to be nuked, where these ancient–Most people read these words and they don’t know who these nations are and who the people are. And Obadiah makes it clear.

JOHN: It does, Sid. It does. And Obadiah makes it clear that when Israel is a nation again. So the context is the Day of the Lord, and the Day of the Lord is when Israel is a nation again, and just before the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, which I believe we’re heading towards, that Israel is going to be a nation. And it said that there are going to be a “flame of fires,” Sid. In other words, “and devour roundabout.” And there’s an all out war coming between the House of Joseph and Jacob, and the House of Esau, which are the Palestinians. And none of the Palestinians are going to survive, Sid. None. And that’s because they violated Obadiah 1:15. They have tried to destroy Israel. They’ve tried to wipe Israel off the map. They’ve tried to destroy all the Jews off the land. At some point, Sid, that’s what going to happen to the Palestinians.

SID: Why in the world were you so interested in Obadiah? Most people skip that book. And all of the keys to the End Times are there.

JOHN: It is, Sid. Those words, “The Day of the Lord,” that’s what drew me to Obadiah.

SID: Okay. For those that don’t know, what is the Day of the Lord?

JOHN: The Day of the Lord, Sid, is the time before the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, when God recalls the nation of Israel back into existence, which we have now, and then all the world is going to come. And the classic we think of is Armageddon against Israel.

SID: I’ll tell you what, I want to find out some of the nations that are going to be nuked. I know you’re not going away.

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