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Sid Roth Welcomes John McTernan

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with John McTernan. Fascinating. The shortest book in the Old Testament, Obadiah, has the key to End Times. By looking at Obadiah and then looking at Ezekiel 38-39, you can tell what’s going to happen to certain nations. Explain.

JOHN: Sid, Obadiah is the key. I call it “Obadiah’s War.” And I also tie it in with like Psalm 83. But in Obadiah, it talks about an all out war coming, which we previously mentioned, between Israel and the Palestinians. Obadiah describes Israel as a flame of fire and the Palestinians as kindle wood, and they’re going to burn in them. And it says, “None are going to be left on the land.” But it doesn’t end there, Sid. It talks about the Plain of the Philistines being under Israel’s control. That’s Gaza, Sid. And you know what’s going on in Gaza right now. It talks about Gilead. Now these names, when you read the Plain of the Philistines, most people, well what’s what? But modern times, that’s Gaza. And you read Gilead. Well what’s Gilead? Gilead is the east bank of the Jordan. It’s Jordan, Sid. That is, Obadiah clearly says that Gilead is going to become a part of greater Israel. Then it talks about Ephraim and Samaria. That is the West Bank, Sid, the mountains of Israel. That is all a part of greater Israel, as it approaches the Day of the Lord.

SID: What’s going to happen to the West Bank, according to Obadiah?

JOHN: It’s going to be united in one country with Israel. It’s not going to be a Palestinian state.

SID: Now you said to me that if the United States divides Israel, God will divide the United States.

JOHN: Well Sid, that’s that principle under Obadiah that what you do to Israel will be done to you. So if the United States, through President Obama, starts to, because there’s a danger that he may unilaterally recognize a Palestinian state and force the issue. That could very well literally happen here, Sid. In the center of the United States, there’s a massive fault called the New Madrid fault, and it ruptured in 1811 and 1812. It was the greatest prophet earthquake.

SID: Well isn’t it interesting that you’re the one that first pointed it out to me. That it was the Madrid Peace Conference–

JOHN: Right.

SID: –which was to divide the land of Israel.

JOHN: Yes, Sid.

SID: And we showed you the pictures of first President Bush’s home being just devastated by those waves, and now today, we have this new, it’s called, it’s spelled the same, as a matter of fact.

JOHN: It’s spelled the same, Sid.

SID: New Madrid fault. And so what does FEMA say about this?

JOHN: Well Sid, it has the potential of literally like ripping right through the center of the country. It will be the greatest disaster ever to hit America. It would ruin everything. It would level from Memphis all the ways up to St. Louis and over to Cincinnati. It’s a massive fault. It ruptured in 1811. Actually, there were three massive earthquakes that occurred over a two-month period of time. It sent the Mississippi running backwards, Sid. It rang church bells in Pennsylvania, and it was felt in New Orleans and in Charleston, and in central Pennsylvania. That’s how massive this fault is.

SID: How many square miles did this originally affect?

JOHN: I don’t know. But it affected like, you know, east, from Arkansas, Tennessee, northern Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Southern Illinois it would affect, up into Ohio, Kentucky. Sid, it’s just an awesome, and it sits right in the middle of the United States, and it’s the New Madrid, you know.

SID: Will it happen soon?

JOHN: Sid, there is speculation that it could happen, you know, very soon, because this ruptures periodically and it’s overdue.

SID: And you know, John told me something else that is so fascinating. That the blessings on the United States really come from our forefathers’ love for Israel. Tell me about, was it George Washington?

JOHN: George Washington. Sid, George Washington, in his writings, literally linked the creation of the United States with the God of Israel who delivered the children of Israel from Egypt. He made a direct link. And then he said, “Blessed is that people whose God is the Lord.” And George Washington, in his writings, specifically said that the God of Israel was the God of the United States, and He is the one that created the United States, just as He created Israel and took the children of Israel through the Red Sea and created them from Egypt.

SID: And how soon do you see this war that Obadiah speaks of occurring?

JOHN: Sid, it’s right on top of us. Because you look at what’s going on in Iran, with Iran on this rush to build nuclear weapons. They are forcing Israel’s hands, Sid. Israel cannot wait until Iran develops nuclear weapons. So with Hamas in the Plain of the Philistines, with his block to the north, with Syria, who is a vicious enemy of Israel, and Iran building nuclear weapons, Sid, Israel’s hand is forced. And I believe once Israel attacks Iran, it’s going to set off a chain of events that will lead to what Obadiah has written about.

SID: Obadiah 1-15, “As you have done unto Israel, God will do unto you.” And when is that really going to come into play? It’s been the whole history since Israel. But the significant point is just before the Day of the Lord there will be devastation if we divide the Land of Israel. I believe what FEMA is talking about, of this Madrid fault, it’s about ready to happen. But here’s the good news. As you have done to Israel, God will do to you. You could be in the midst of judgment. I mean, this fault, John, has going through so many states. When the earthquake finally hits you could be living right in the center of that fault, and no weapon formed against you can prosper. I believe that Obadiah 1:15, coupled with Genesis 12:3, John–

JOHN: Yes, Sid, very good combination.

SID: God says, “I, God, will bless those who bless the Jewish people, and I, God, will curse those who curse them.” It’s the same verse, really, Genesis 12:3 and Obadiah 1:15. So you can be in perfect peace as you are a blessing to the Jewish people, as you are a blessing to the Land of Israel. And I want you to know that I believe in helping Jewish people get to Israel. I believe in humanitarian efforts. And God will bless you for those things. But there’s a blessing that’s so far beyond that. It says, “He who wins souls is wise.” What is the greatest blessing you can give anyone, Jewish person or gentile person? Not religion. We’re Jewish people. We have a corner in the market on religion. Intimacy with God. God is saying, “I am your friend.” You know, John, you know if there’s ever been a time, if there’s ever been a time for you to pour your heart out to God and tell Him you’re sorry for your sins and you want to know Him through Jesus, it’s now. There’s only one name that you can know God, through Jesus the Messiah, the King of the Jews.

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