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Sid Roth Welcomes Billy Joe Daugherty

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Sid Roth Welcomes Billy Joe Daugherty

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, Billy Joe Daugherty, has prayed for people all over the world. He is a teacher’s teacher of the supernatural of God. And I am so excited because I just finished his book called, “You Can Be Healed.” And I think I might change the title, Billy Joe, to “You Are Healed.

BILLY JOE: Thank you Jesus.

SID: But I’ll tell you, it’s so outrageous. He was in Mexico and a man, 52 years blind, got his sight back. And then the Dominican Republic, a little six-year-old boy, who had been blind for five years gets his sight back! Let’s take a look at that.

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SID: Billy Joe, it’s got to be worth it all to see that little six-year-old boy singing and praising God and getting his vision back. Do you realize how his life is going to be transformed?

BILLY JOE: Wow. When you think about that moment when you reach that microphone.

SID: I know.

BILLY JOE: That was really the thing for me, and hearing that mother talk about how she had gone to doctor after doctor, all types of treatment, every type of thing that she could. But he was no better. And he was standing out in the middle of that field in Santiago in Dominican Republic and he heard that message. And it was amazing at that age to hear him talk with the interpreter sharing what had happened to him, and that he understood that he was there to receive from God, which tells us about childlike faith. And that moment then, he wanted to sing a song about Lord, you deserve the glory and to give Him praise.

SID: You know, your life has been so hand-picked by God. For instance, you had several visions in the early years that dramatically changed the destiny of your life. Tell me about that.

BILLY JOE: I got saved in1970. And shortly after that, I had a vision of this girl in my youth group, who was the daughter of the pastor, becoming my wife. And now we’ve been married since 1973. But I saw us together before masses of people talking, preaching, sharing, ministering to people. And I didn’t even aspire to be in the ministry or preaching, but I saw it. And I hadn’t even had the first date with her. So it really was. I didn’t know what a vision was. I didn’t ascribe–

SID: Did you believe it was God, though?

BILLY JOE: Well I saw it. I couldn’t even talk about it.

SID: Like on a TV screen you saw the vision?

BILLY JOE: Well we were driving down through North Louisiana. My family was on the way to a vacation. My brother lived in Florida and we were heading in that direction, driving through the night, and I just looked at the window and there’s trees and darkness going by. And then all of a sudden that happened. And I didn’t tell anyone for years. You know, it just was something I couldn’t describe. I didn’t grow up in a background where people talked about visions or even described God showing you things. So I didn’t even know how speak about it.

SID: But you had a second vision that was even more dramatic. No, I shouldn’t say more drumatic, but had such a profound affect on your life.

BILLY JOE: Just about over a year after that I was playing ball in college, and I was standing on the field and I looked out during a break. The offense was in a huddle. I was playing defense, and I saw this vision of millions of people, and in it, I saw people that I knew right in my own community, living for one thing after another. They were living to get a job, to get an education, to get a house, get all types of things, getting married, having kids, retire, get a house on the lake, a boat, and die. And it went just like. And millions of people. And then I heard, now I know the voice of God. I heard this voice, “Nothing they have done will go into eternity.” And I began to cry. I mean, I’m standing there in my helmet. It happened just like that. And I saw them, I saw people that I knew. They had given their whole lives for things, for accumulations, for achievements. And at that moment God said, “You can make a decision to live for me, to go where I tell you to go, to touch people with my love.” And it wasn’t like I wouldn’t have a house, you know, we do, have a family, and we do have all those things. But that would not be what I lived for. I would live to touch people. And He said, “You will come to the end of your life and you’ll look back on the people your life has touched and they will go into eternity.” And that was a pivotal point in my life. And as I contemplated on it later, the Lord said, “This vision is not just for you. It’s for other people.” One time I shared it in a situation and an older gentleman came up to me and he said, “I’m the guy.” I said, “What?” He said, “I’m the guy in that vision.” He said, “I’ve lived my whole life for things. I am on the lake right now waiting to die.” And he said, “But I’m gonna make a decision to live the rest of my life for the Lord.” He and his wife, in retirement on that lake, started a small group meeting and bikers started coming to it. Out of that whole region, I mean, a rowdy gang.

SID: So what you’re saying is it’s never too late.

BILLY JOE: Never too late.

SID: And what did they do with these bikers?

BILLY JOE: Well they began to tell them about the love of God, that God cared about their life, they were important. And they began to get delivered from their drugs, their alcohol, their lifestyle, the criminal activity, violence, all those things. And to this day, that man and his wife are still alive, still doing things for God, up in their 80s now. But that’s why I say it is never too late.

SID: Okay. You heard it. It is never too late. But you got to do something about it, and do it now. I believe that God worked with Billy Joe Daugherty in the former Soviet Union. He was one of the pioneers when the communism came down and you could have freedom of religion. And he witnessed and experienced so many miracles. We’ll find out about it.

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