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Sid Roth welcomes Mary Kathryn Baxter Part 1

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Sid Roth welcomes Mary Kathryn Baxter

SID: Hello Sid Roth here, welcome to my world where it is naturally supernatural. Heaven, hell, these are natural things, they are not fantasy. But you decide for yourself, I want to introduce you to my guest, Mary Kathryn Baxter, because in April of 1976, at 2 a.m. in the morning you had a surprise guest, tell me what happened?

MARY: Well I was in prayer and Jesus Christ appeared to me in human form, there was a brilliant light that came into my bedroom, and when the light cleared up, there stood Jesus and he said I have appeared to you for a reason and a purpose, that I may take you on a journey and show you the depths, degrees, levels and torments of hell. He said it is for the whole world; it is not for a handful of people, and he explained to me how ahead of me would be horrors and sorrows and grief because I would actually talk to some of the dead in hell and I would have to record it.

SID: Now when you visited hell was there a point where you experienced what people there are experiencing to a degree?

MARY: Yes I did.

SID: Tell me about that.

MARY: Sid, I did that twice, it was like the twentieth night into hell, I went to hell every night, three hours a night for thirty nights.

SID: Thirty nights? You must have been wishing this thing was over.

MARY: Oh yes, yes.

SID: Now we can treat it lightly now being it was back in 1976, however I have noticed that you really don’t even like talking about it that much, do you?


SID: Why?

MARY: Because it bothers me, because of people that go to hell, they are lost and their is no more hope for them.

SID: Okay, first of all, where is hell located?

MARY: In the middle of the earth, and it is in the shape of a human body that is on it’s back, and there are different levels, different degrees, different fires of torment.

SID: How does someone enter hell?

MARY: Through a gateway, there are gateways called tunnels, kind of like tunnels or tornados and they spin around and back again into the atmosphere and they are hooked to the earth. And they call them tunnels but Jesus calls them gateways to hell, and that is when they die and they have rejected God they actually descend down this gateway into hell.

SID: Okay, now back to that original question I asked you about what it feels like to be in hell as a person that is separated from God.

MARY: Well it was on about the twentieth night and the Lord told me, he said, “You may not see me but I am here.” He said there is something you have to go through for this revelation, because you have got to know that you know that you know that this is real, like John the Revelator said. And when he said that he was gone, I couldn’t see him, and an evil presence, an evil demon, came over and they touched me and they said your Jesus has left you. And when they did it was like a million razor blades went through my body. And I was in a spirit form but I had all my senses, you know and my body was at home on the bed. And I understood everything, I understood why people were in hell, the moans and the screams of the dead, and then another demon came up and they said we are going to put you in this compartment and Jesus has left you and they were laughing and mocking. And I was put in an area where the fire was racing towards my feet in a jail cell, and Sid it burned, I could actually feel it burning me and I was in the spirit. And it was burning my legs, it was burning up my legs and I was screaming and screaming, and I said Jesus where are you and I began to quote the word of the Lord. And as I did that the demons would scream and they would back up, and I would say the blood of Jesus, I’m redeemed, I saved, what am I doing here because it was like I was a lost sinner, it really was.

SID: Now from what you have told me, you were able to feel pain.

MARY: Oh my goodness yes.

SID: What were you able to smell?

MARY: The smell and stench of sewers, the smell of burning, rotten flesh, the air was so thin you could hardly breathe, and the awful part was the cries of the dead, the moans and the groans of the regret because they missed Jesus, and demons remind them that they could have had Jesus, they could have been born again and saved from eternity damnation.

SID: Could you tell me one person you spoke with there and what they said, or that Jesus spoke with and what they said.

MARY: Jesus spoke to many, but the main one that really was coming to mind was a woman, okay, she used to be a minister of God’s word and her husband committed adultery, he fell from grace and so he went to her and told her that he had been tempted and did this sin, would she forgive him and she told him no. And he went to the pastor and he asked the pastor and they all forgave him and prayed for him because he was tempted of the devil. And the woman got very angry, she said here I am preaching God’s word and I am so holy and he is so sinful. But what happened, she quit reading her Bible, she quit praying and she eventually let Satan enter her heart with hatred and malice and she took a gun and she killed the other woman and she killed her husband and then she killed herself. She ended up in hell. And the affair had ended a long time ago but she had such bitterness that Jesus spoke to her, he said you should have lived what you preached, you should have forgiven, you should have understood, that’s what Jesus told her. And he said instead you yielded to the devil and sin entered into your heart, hatred and sin. That’s what he told her.

SID: Let me ask you this, when he was escorting you through hell, did some of the people try to talk to him and tell me some of that dialogue.

MARY: Okay, many of them would, and they were in different nations okay, different languages, but he understood all of them. And when people go to hell Sid, it is a, whatever lifetime of sin they committed, they were liars, they are put with liars, if they were murderers…

SID: So it is like categories of people.

MARY: Yeah, like in the Galatians, we go to Galatians, the seventeen works of the flesh, if they were murderers they were put with murderers. And as Christ would walk they would reach their bony hands up, because they were skeletons, full of dead mans bones, they didn’t have hair, flesh, blood or organs, but they cold talk, they could turn, and they would scream, and they would say put the fires out, don’t let us burn anymore. And they would cry for repentance some of the, but some of them would curse the Lord, some would scream at him and say why didn’t my neighbor
warn me, why didn’t they take me to church, and you would hear the cries of the multitudes.

SID: Is there any reversal, I mean with someone that is committed to hell, can they ever got out of hell?

MARY: Absolutely not.

SID: We’ll be back in a moment, this is fascinating because when people die they go to one of two places, they go to heaven or they go to hell. Mary Kathryn Baxter went to both places, so you will have a little preview of what to expect, don’t go away, we’ll be right back.

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