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On “It’s Supernatural:” I heard this man say, “Look at that woman flying through the air.” Find out how this woman literally flew across a room, and at the age of seventy she was given the gift of writing to supernaturally cause children to love God.


Do angels exist? Are healing miracles real? Is there life after death? Can people get supernatural help from another dimension? Has the future been written in advance? Sid Roth has spent twenty-five years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid on this edition of, “It’s Supernatural.”


SID: Hello Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. What happens when you are a fine, dignified mother and you go to a church and all of a sudden the wind of God sweeps you in the air literally to another place in the church? This isn’t supposed to happen. And then you are driving your car and God speaks to you at age seventy and says, “I want you to write now.” Roberta Simpson, in addition to everything else I just said about you, you’re Jewish!




SID: So let me take you back a little bit, you are married, you have twins, and tragedy struck, what happened?


ROBERTA: Well I had two children already and they were quite young and I had twins. I didn’t know I was having twins and yet I felt so strange all through the pregnancy I kept asking the doctor what’s wrong? Nothing, you’re fine. And then when I was six months and a week pregnant I was rushed into the hospital, my water had broken and I delivered twins. And the strange thing was that when the first baby came, I still had a big tummy up in the air, and the doctor patted it and said, “There’s another one coming.” And all I could think about was I don’t have enough diapers for two babies and I wasn’t due anyway. But it was a tragedy, I wasn’t expecting twins, my husband wanted twins, I don’t know any other man in the world that wanted twins. And I had them just briefly because they had to rush them to another hospital, it was rainy, it was cool, and they had to put them in an incubator, and just when they got the incubator warm, the second baby died. The first baby was only two and a quarter pounds, and the second baby was three, so I have a miracle child. And she is now forty and has two wonderful children of her own.


SID: Okay, let’s take you back to a day, I think there might have been an insurance agent in your home, you have just gone through this tragedy of losing one of your twins, and the other is on the incubator and everything is going on in your life, but he invites you to his church. Why in the world did you go?


ROBERTA: Well, my husband was always a churchgoer, and he had an Anglican mother and a Catholic father, and on Sunday he had to go to both churches, but just recently in our lives he had made a commitment to the Lord to walk with Him and serve Him, but I didn’t know what that meant at the time. And our little girl, our twin girl had just come home the day before and we had been invited to go to church. And we went, because my husband wanted to go. And I was interested; I thought you know I had faith in God, I believed in Him, wasn’t too sure, I just thought Jesus was a man who was good.


SID: We Jews were taught that He was even a prophet but certainly not the Son of God. So tell me your first recollections when you walk into this church, did you like it?




SID: No? Tell me about it.


ROBERTA: No, they had drums, and I thought, I mean I didn’t know anything about churches, but drums? And they had…


SID: At the shuel we don’t have drums.


ROBERTA: No, and then they had a quartet that sang, and I thought they were pretty lousy, you know. I was just so critical. And my two other children were with me, and it was very hot and they fell asleep and one was asleep on one leg and the other was asleep on the other leg and I felt very uncomfortable. And it was a very kind of loud, ruckus church, it was a Pentecostal church and then the pastor got up to speak and I felt it was just, I did not like it Sid. But I was there because I loved my husband and I went with him.


SID: Well, you were a nice wife. But then the unexpected happened, what happened?


ROBERTA: Well at the very end of the message the pastor said, “Where two or more are gathered in Jesus Name, He is in the midst.” And I had never heard that before but my ears, I kind of, something stirred in me. And he went on to say He is the one that can change your life and you can be a different person and you know, things like that. It was a long time ago now. And something stirred in my heart and all of a sudden, it was a very large church, I saw Jesus come from one end by the altar walking right through the church, by the altar, and I knew it was Jesus, and I knew He was the one I needed in my life, and I knew that He, all of a sudden I realized I had a bitter heart, I was bitter over my baby’s death, I would every night cry out to God and say, “God, why, why did this happen to me, why?” But in an instant I knew He was the one I needed.

He didn’t look at me, but He had this beautiful smile on His face, He had a face of love. And His stride, you know the way He walked across the church, it was purposeful and it was just wonderful. It was something I didn’t want to tell anybody because I thought they would think I was whacko, but it really happened.


SID: Out of curiosity, it was wonderful, but what did you feel inside when you see Jesus? We Jews have been taught He is not our Messiah. You had revelation knowledge, you knew He was. What did you feel inside?


ROBERTA: Excited, I just knew that my life was going to be totally different.


SID: For sure, now out of curiosity, tell me what happened when you – who was the first person you told about this experience?


ROBERTA: My husband, I didn’t dare tell anybody else, I didn’t tell him either for a couple of days.


SID: So how did he react?


ROBERTA: Well I think he was a bit startled, I don’t think he had ever heard of such a thing happening before. But he knew it was real because I was different and I was hungry for God and you know right away I started reading books and God began to bring people into our lives that knew Him and would help us and teach us. But you know from the very beginning I wanted things, the church wasn’t Jewish enough for me, the first book in the Bible I read was the Book of Revelation and that’s pretty frightening.

SID: That would do it to most people.


ROBERTA: And then the first book I read was, “Tortured for Christ,” by Richard Wurmbrand, and then I read “Why Revival Tarries,” and “The Cross and the Switchblade” all one after the other. And I believe looking back now God wanted me to be real, He wanted me to, you know I had wasted a lot of years in my life, I think the one regret when this all happened to me was why didn’t this happen when I was younger?


SID: Well why won’t it happen when you are younger? It is going to. Don’t go away, you are going to find out how a seventy plus year old grandmother is given orders to write from God.

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