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On It’s Supernatural: As a child, she could supernaturally fly. Today, God’s glory surrounds her as she prays for others.


SID: Welcome to my world, where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, as a child, used to fly. Really! Not only that, when she became an adult, the presence of God was so strong that, literally, truck drivers would veer off because they would see a cloud of God.  Diane, I want to take you back as a child. I know you didn’t understand these things that were happening to you, but you had what everyone wants, and you didn’t even understand it. You had a relationship with God. You would speak to God. Tell me what it was like back then.

DIANE: Well, I would spend a lot of time with the Lord when I could’ve been outside playing with friends. And I would sit with the Lord and just spend time with Him, and He would take me up in the spirit. I would be laying out in the front yard and looking up at the clouds, Sid, and all of a sudden, I would be on top of the house, on the roof. And I would be looking down at my body, and I would think that I could fly. You know, I’d think I could go over to the cottonwood tree by the curb of the street, but the Lord would just take me up, and He would release such love to me. And I just spent time with Him, just resting in His presence, just resting on His bosom. And He loved me.  He just released His love to me so much. It’s a mystery of God to be taken up by the Spirit of God.

SID: It’s so wonderful, Diane, as a child, and maybe that’s what the Messiah meant, we have to be like a little child to come to Him. But did people think you were strange?

DIANE: Yes they did, because in school, I would walk down the hallways talking to this invisible friend, and people would say, “Diane, who are you talking to?”

SID: That was before cell phones, ok.

DIANE: Yes, yes. And it was just so precious, because He comforted me.  And people thought I was crazy, they thought I was off the wall, but I had this Friend who was always there, and He would never leave me.  And He brought such comfort to me, Sid.

SID: Ok. Let’s fast forward. There was a horrible accident, and your parents went to observe what was going on. You went with them. What happened, what did you see, and what happened to you?

DIANE: Ok, what happened is a train wreck had happened, and we were going to walk across, it was like a valley the train tracks went across. And they were pretty wide apart, and I remember just kind of being afraid, because they were kind of far apart, but my mother and father assured me that I could walk across them. And as I did, I looked down, I saw what was a hand that had been severed, and immediately my body started convulsing. The left side of my body just started jerking, and I was having a seizure. And so, my parents took me to the hospital immediately.

SID: And then, this kind of began your entrance into the world of drugs.

DIANE: Yes, because they put me on strong medications for the seizures.

SID: And so, what I don’t understand, Diane, is, as you got older, you decided “I want to experiment with the world.” How could you walk away from that intimacy with God for the junk of the world?

DIANE: Well, what happened was I grew up in a real strict Southern Baptist home, and we couldn’t do a lot of things. You know, you couldn’t swim with the boys, the girls had to swim separate, you couldn’t dance, you couldn’t go to the movies. And what happened is me and the preacher’s kids snuck to the movie one night to see “Love Story”, and right down from us was our youth pastors. And that destroyed everything inside of me that I had learned and that I had been taught.

SID: And then once you stopped serving God, these nightmares disappeared. I don’t understand.

DIANE: They stopped.

SID: Why did they stop?

DIANE: They stopped because I was no longer a threat to the devil, to his kingdom. And what happened as I was growing up is I would lead people to the Lord, so I was a threat in the devil’s kingdom, and the enemy would come and try to kill me in the middle of the night.

SID: But that all stopped when you went into the world.

DIANE: It all stopped, and never came back again until I got pregnant with our first child. And in the third trimester, because I had decided that I was not going to live a life of doing the things that I knew was wrong; the drugs and alcohol and marijuana.  And so, what happened is the enemy came again in that third trimester, and tried to kill me once again. And so I cried out to the Lord that night, because I didn’t want anything to happen to my baby. And I said “God, please, save this baby, and don’t let anything happen to this baby. Let me die, but don’t let my baby die.” And that was the first time when I realized… You know, the Lord said “Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay his life down for his friend.” And I was willing to lay my life down. Well, that devil, it was the spirit of death that had been assigned to me, never came back again after that. But I did not know that it was the spirit of death until many years later, and then I learned.

SID: But then, how did you get into drugs again and get so heavy into it? Diane, Well, I was depressed.  I became depressed in my life because things were not going the way that I thought that they should, and I ended up with the wrong people.

SID: You know what?  Diane ended up becoming a full-blown drug addict. She was like two people. In church, she was a picture perfect family, but she was doing drugs big time.  Don’t go away, we’ll be right back after this word.

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