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SID: Welcome to my world where it is naturally supernatural. My guest, Charles Ndifon, Charles, I am so intrigued by the fact that just healing of God in the Name of Jesus without you laying hands on people, without you even praying for people, just by being in your presence people are healed, let’s go to a montage of some of these healings, you will get a flavor of Charles.

§ Music: Somewhere tonight the lame will walk again, §
§ Somewhere tonight the blind will see §
§ I don’t know what all this means to you §
§ It’s real to me. §
§ Somewhere tonight the dead will live again §
§ Somewhere the prisoners will go free §
§ I don’t know how all this seems to you §
§ But it’s real to me §
§ Somebody’s setting all the captives free §
§ Is it real to you? §
§ It’s real to me §
§ Somewhere the lame can walk the blind can see §
§ Is it real to you? §
§ It’s real to me §
§ Somebody’s setting all the captives free §
§ Is it real to you? §
§ It’s real to me §
§ Somewhere the lame can walk the blind can see §
§ Is it real to you? §
§ It’s real to me. §
§ music §

SID: Sid Roth back with Charles Ndifon, Charles, that woman that was jumping
up and down, what was going on with her?

CHARLES: It was exciting what happened there, she had come and she had knee surgery a year earlier, and she had a big scar there, the surgery didn’t go exactly as planned, and what happened was, she had a lot of pain, she couldn’t go upstairs, and in a short time, in less than five seconds she was totally healed, and then she said I was believing that God would remove the scar, I said look at it. When she looked at it the scars were totally disappeared, that was why she was screaming and jumping like that.
It was exciting to see, in Canada.

SID: Now in Denmark according to our notes, there were a hundred thousand documented healings?

CHARLES: Yeah, that’s what the secular media in Denmark said.

SID: What about the television program, something like ours as a matter of fact, sent a plant to expose you, what happened?

CHARLES: It’s very interesting to tell this story because I had no idea they were going to do something like that, but that’s the story that changed the nation, they had brought a man, basically to the meeting that his optic nerve was cut off, from an accident, and the man had become very depressed, they took him to the doctors, they were actually doing five television programs on the supernatural, different kinds of you know, quote unquote, spiritualists, to see what worked,

SID: This was a totally secular deal obviously; it had nothing to do with the program or anything.

CHARLES: It had nothing to do with Christianity.

SID: Yes, but that’s wonderful, it means you got into, that’s where the one hundred
thousand healings came from.

CHARLES: Exactly, so what happened was, they came, they had heard about the miracles from other television stations and out of curiosity brought this man, they took him first to the doctors and had it well documented, and they explained everything that was going on, then they showed him coming to the program that night, and they had an interview with me and were asking questions like, how come it works when you are around? I said its Jesus, whenever I announce that he’s alive he always does what he did in Bible days, so they told me by the way we have a, we have somebody, but they didn’t tell me what it was but they just kind of said, well what is God going to do about it? Can you show us a demonstration? And I was, I thought it’s pretty easy stuff, it’s really easy, miracles are normal to God, and I said to them, I said just let him be in the meetings like any other person and let him expect to be healed. Well, they had a camera on me, they had a microphone on me, and then they had a camera on him and had a microphone around him just to see that there was no fishy business going on, but what was interesting the man while I was teaching, miracles were happening, and they had been ahead of me, interviewing the crippled, the sick, before I even came into the meeting, and said is this your first time here, they said yes, and sod what finally happened was the man that they brought in there he received Jesus into his life and all of a sudden his eyes were healed, it was a shock to them.

SID: So it was totally documented then?

CHARLES: Well documented.

SID: it was a plant exposure.

CHARLES: Exactly, exactly, and the man was completely healed and not only him, there were other people that it surprised them, so many people were healed.

SID: I’ll tell you what, lets take a look at a deaf mute being healed right now.


Deaf and mute all his life Jesus opened his ears.

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