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Sid Roth welcomes Charles Ndifon

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SID: Sid Roth here with Charles Ndifon, Charles is from Nigeria, he had an encounter in which Jesus walked through him, since that point wherever he goes, whenever people are in his presence healings take place. but the question that I have, and that many of you have is, we know about healings in Africa, we know about healings in India, what about the United States? What happened Charles, when you went to Miami?

CHARLES: We discovered that Jesus Christ is the same everywhere, that includes Miami, that includes in the city where people are watching, in the villages where they are watching, he is the same if they can believe that. We were in Miami just a few weeks ago, the pastor had met me in one of the meetings in Normandy, France, they invited me to come.

SID: By the way, did you have many miracles in France? That’s a tough place.

CHARLES: Marvelous place, I think it was very easy.

SID: It’s a tough place.

CHARLES: It is very easy in France.

SID: Very easy.

CHARLES: It was amazing to see the people that were healed in France, we had about 200 deaf people hear in about five minutes, glorious miracles and it was amazing. But back to Miami, what happened in Miami was absolutely amazing, the first meeting we had was a business meeting, with about 400 businessmen and women, at the end of the meeting it exploded in miracles. A lady came up with a grandson, and the grandson had a condition from birth, instantly he was healed, then the lady herself, I just look at her and said lady, there is something wrong, I said you have cancer don’t you, she said yes, and she was about to show me, I snapped my finger and instantly it was gone.

SID: Now do you know these things often about people?

CHARLES: Oh yes, that’s when the Spirit of God reveals to me what is going on in the lives of people, and it’s amazing, it’s like watching television, you can actually see it, it’s amazing, and this miracle proceeded so many things that happened, we didn’t have a meeting planned for the evening, but in two hours they announced that why wait till Wednesday to have a miracle campaign, and they said immediately why not invite the people to come tonight? Over a thousand people rushed to that place in two hours. I don’t know how the word got out about the miracles. In that afternoon business meeting, there were people that were healed with tumors, instantly the tumors disappeared, there was a young man, I mean he had something in his lower extremities and the doctors had not been able to do anything about it, instantly it disappeared and he was screaming and shouting, his whole family got saved just because of that miracle.

SID: Now is it true that they sent some buses from the hospital?

CHARLES: Yes, they did indeed, the hospital in Miami sent two busloads of sick people, these were people in wheel chairs, crippled, that had brain damage, all kinds of conditions like that, because of the miracles they heard, they brought them to the meeting and.

SID: That’s faith.

CHARLES: It was an amazing thing to behold; one after another they were getting healed. Those with HIV, those who were crippled getting up and walking; they went back and tested it.

SID: I tell you what, I want to take a look at a woman that had not eaten for four weeks, she literally was dying and this was her last hope, let’s go to that clip now.


SID: You know what is so amazing is this woman; she was so week because she didn’t have the ability to eat for four weeks, and look at the energy Charles. Now I understand that when people see miracles like on videos or go to a meeting that you are at, without you even having words of knowledge, without you even praying or touching them or anything, it’s the healing presence of Jesus saturates just all over the auditorium but this is a little outrageous, you actually have people that use their cell phone and call people that are sick and they get healed via the cell phone?

CHARLES: It’s amazing, there is no limit to the power of God, that’s why I am so excited you know by television you can be healed healing this good news, that God wants you well, wants you healed, it’s amazing what I have discovered around the world, that if it can work by television and get healed, what stops them from being healed over a cell phone? I told them call people around the world that you want them healed. So they were calling people from as far away as Africa, as far away as Chili, and all the places in Europe.

SID: Now they had to have faith to call these people?

CHARLES: When people trust that God can do something things do happen, and its amazing what happened as they called, an avalanche of miracles just hit the whole place, and the people were screaming oh, this one has been healed from Brazil, this one has been healed from Chili, this has been healed from Africa, it was amazing to see, just by the telephone. There is no limit to what God can do, people are saying, how is that possible? Faith comes by hearing, the gospel is the power, no matter how you transmit it, it could be by a book, it could be by television, it could be a tape, it could be by videos, people watch this and miracles still happen, so the cell phone thing has been like eight years now that we have been seeing these things happen.

SID: Do you see many people that are dead that come back to life?

CHARLES: Yes, Jesus does miracles like that, one of the cases…

SID: I know Jesus does, but have you seen it?

CHARLES: I have seen these miracles, some of the things that are absolutely outrageous to most people to hear that like somebody that had been dead for a long time been raised back to life, dead baby in the womb, doctors given up on the people and God raising them back.

SID: I’ll tell you what, I’m going to have Charles pray because the presence of God is so good, I mean I know that it’s coming through your television and through your internet and any way that you are looking at us right now but I’ll tell you it is so strong and wonderful in this studio right now, miracles, I feel fingers are being healed now in Jesus Name, don’t go away we’ll be right back, this is it.

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