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Sid Roth welcomes Charles Ndifon

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SID: Sid Roth here with Charles Ndifon from Nigeria. Charles, you’ve had, from what I’ve observed, such a childlike, simplistic, believing trust in the Living God, when you see all of these miracles do you sometimes just take it for granted?

CHARLES: Oh we can never take miracles for granted. Whenever you see a miracle, whether it’s a headache healed or it is the dead raised, we know that we are in His presence, so that is what always comes to my mind, I know that He is real, whenever I say‚Ķ

SID: What I’m reminded of is, in His presence all things are possible and for sure, for sure Charles, we are in His presence right now.

CHARLES: I know.

SID: What does God want to do right now?

CHARLES: See, His love is reaching out to the people, there are people that you might not be physically sick but in your heart, your heart is broken, Jesus still heals the broken hearted, just a story just back of my mind was in the Philippines, this man was a lonely figure, he was a lunatic in the corner of a street, and he was not very far away from the hotel we were staying in while we had the miracle campaign there, and there was something interesting that happened, for years people had seen him there, his whole body was caked over in mud basically, just covered with mud, and no one paid attention to him, but God had a plan for that man’s life, and he was probably in his mid-thirties, and all his life he has been like that, walking around eating out of the dumps, and so what happened was we went to the man and we told him that God loves him, that God wants him free, I mean people could not understand how we could talk to a lunatic, but the spirits that had been putting him in bondage knew that Jesus had come to that man that day and so what happened was in an instant we commanded that spirit to leave the man and he became sane. The whole crowd in the street was so shocked to see that miracle, and then we brought the man into the hotel, people was surprised seeing him in his right mind. And when the man came into the place, immediately the Lord spoke to me and said, go ahead, he looked about my size, he said go ahead, give him some of your nice clothes. Went upstairs, got some clothes, brought to him and I gave some of the people some money and told them, take him and give the man a nice bath and shave his hair and get him some new clothes, and that tells me that the gospel brings dignity to people, God has sent us today to bring good things to you, to let you know you might be struggling with some guilt, he says your sins are forgiven you, doesn’t matter what you’ve done, doesn’t matter how the situation has been, he loves you just as you are, you might have killed people, you might have been a criminal, today I believe God’s love is reaching out to you, no matter what you’ve been through, the doors of broken hearts have been rejected people, you have been abused by people, I believe today that God’s power is reaching out to you, that man, that lunatic that no one loved, all of a sudden I said to him, I said you are not alone anymore, you are my brother now, and Jesus has come with new life to give you. He came to the campaign in the evening, all dressed in his new clothing and nobody could recognize he was the lunatic that had been there for years, on the corner there. That’s what the gospel brings, life to people, dignity to people, it doesn’t matter what background you have, it doesn’t matter what religion you are, you might have no religion, but the scripture is for you, Jesus wants to give life to you, the Lord was speaking to me earlier today, He said, I’ve called them according to the promise of life, He wants to give life to people, life will come to your bones.

SID: Some are Muslim; some are Hindu, some Jewish,

CHARLES: Doesn’t matter.

SID: Someone is Buddhist.

CHARLES: Yes, he wants to give life to people, the thing is people think that oh, this is a Christian thing, oh this is a Muslim, no it’s not, people, it’s life for people, I love what the Bible says, it says Jesus comes to give life, life in abundance, not religion, people have religion, but life is what they want, what they really want from God, life will come to the bones and the bones are healed, life that will come to the blind eyes, in fact, somebody is being healed of blindness right now, light is coming into their blindness, and life is coming back there. The Bible says and this life was the light of people, light is coming back to those dead eyes. This dead optic nerves are being healed right now, miracles are already taking place, this is what the gospel is all about, the good news of all that Jesus has done for everybody, what good news, good news to the sinners, what’s the good news? He took your sins that you are forgiven, so that you are free, that’s the good news, to good news to the sick, He took your sickness, so that you don’t have to have it anymore, if you believe that you are free. Good news to those that have broken hearts, His heart was broken for yours to be healed, you know that is the good news we bring to the people, He wants to give life to people, and right now the miracles taking place are people being healed of conditions that sometimes you are looking at the symptoms on the outside, but hearts that have been healed that it effected your physical bodies, people with connective tissue diseases, people with glaucoma are being healed, people with cancer in the bones are being healed right now, there is a woman, you are actually on the last stages of breast cancer, God is healing you, because it has metastasized in your lymph nodes, God is healing them right now, the pain is actually leaving you, and the woman that has, you have a lump in your breast, it is just disappearing right now, there is another person I see, you have just had a brain tumor, two years ago, and right now God is healing you, because you have discovered another tumor on another side, God is healing you right now. There is a little child the parents have been believing for that miracle, the child has leukemia, God is healing the child right now, many things are taking place right now.

SID: You know Charles, one other thing I am so excited about is I have seen miracles for many years but there is something about the presence of God on Charles that causes everyone that sits under that presence to have similar faith, it is reproducible by looking at videos of miracles I believe that some of you have limited your God, don’t limit God, it’s not based on words of knowledge that a human vessel like Charles of myself have, God says that in His presence, and we are in His presence right now, in His presence all things are possible, you must tell God you are sorry, because He is too good, He is too loving, He cares for you too much for all of your sins, I’m sorry God, in Jesus Name, and believe that Jesus took your sins upon Himself, and by His wounds you were totally healed, God has wiped away every sin and you now can come into His presence and say Jesus I make you my Savior and my Lord, you may not understand what is going on, you don’t have to understand what is going on, just understand that you are so loved, you are so accepted, you have value, you have worth, you have dignity, in the Name of Yeshua, that’s Hebrew for Jesus, get to know Him, there is no other name given unto man in which we must come to God, the Name of Yeshua, the Name of Jesus.

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