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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Aviad Cohen, and Aviad was in the traditional Jewish community. He wanted to be. Every fiber of his being he wanted to give to the Jewish community. That’s why he was a rap artist. 50 Shekel. He made international headlines over this wonderful thing he was doing for the Jewish community. But there was something. Dissatisfaction was inside of him. He wanted contact with God, and all he got was contact with tradition. He didn’t even know what he was looking for, but he knew this was not it. So one day, against what he was advised to, he got a video, and the video was “The Passion of Christ.” Why is a Jewish young man, in the traditional Jewish community in Brooklyn, New York, why would you get that video?

AVIAD: You know something? When you get to that point, you just, because it was Shabbat. I was in my Shabbat suit. I was on the upper west side at this time. And I looked around, “Do I know anybody in here?” And so I just went into Best Buy, went upstairs, picked up the DVD, bought Agent Cody Banks, put it on top. I didn’t want the cash register lady to even see that I bought it!

SID: What had you been told about that movie?

AVIAD: Oh, it’s anti-Semitic. I saw it. It’s not anti-Semitic. What is it trying to do? It’s trying to…

SID: Alright, you’re watching the movie. Tell me what’s going on inside of you.

AVIAD: I’m watching, I’m like, ok…

SID: Did you pull the blinds down, the shades down?

AVIAD: They were down anyway, but my door was closed, yes.

SID: Alright.

AVIAD: The thing is, as I was watching it, the first thing that came to mind was “He’s Jewish. What’s going on?” Because I’d already been reading the Brith Hadisha, the New Covenant, New Testament, online.

SID: I was going to ask you, where did you get it.

AVIAD: There’s so much information on the web. I was reading on the web, and it was amazing. I was reading that, and then this movie started to solidify God’s word. See, I didn’t make, some people say, “Oh, you watched ‘The Passion’ and you accepted Jesus.” No, I started reading God’s word. God was leading me to His word. But “The Passion” just made things so much more interesting and real to me. This Guy, this is Jewish, they’re calling Him Yeshua, we’re dealing with some Pharisees who look just like my rabbi. Yes, I’m for real.

SID: Ok.

AVIAD: But I’m praying they’ll come to know Yeshua. And then at the end, they crucify Him. My Yeshua. That’s our Savior, that’s our Messiah. That’s our Messiah. That’s the only one we’ll ever have, and they crucify Him. And when I saw that, I was like “That’s my Messiah.”

SID: Ok, so you finish that and you go home, and you have one of these clock radios
that picks up a little bit of a station, staticy. And all of a sudden, a Christian minister comes on, it wakes you up every morning, and you’re not supposed to be able to get this station. What did you think?

AVIAD: You know something, God moves. When you ask Him to move, God will move. So in this situation, it was amazing, because I set my alarm clock to just go off to beeping. And where I was living in Queens, I had no reception. But instead it went off to a radio in the morning, and I was like “This doesn’t make sense. How did it get that?” But it was a pastor speaking, and he was sharing Old Covenant and New Covenant, and it was just a lot more clear and not convoluted like the rabbinic’s were teaching me. And that was very important for me to see, that they were teaching the Bible. They weren’t trying to twist it.

SID: When did you publicly state to anyone that Yeshua is your Messiah and Lord?

AVIAD: I publicly stated it after… I had to get out of certain obligations, and I posted it on my website, and that was it.

SID: Now, if you were talking to an elderly Jewish woman right now, look in the camera and tell her why Yeshua’s the Messiah.

AVIAD: Yeshua is your Messiah, because He loves you like you don’t even know. You don’t even know. Life is so… You know how life can go by like that. This moment right now, He wants you to get to know Him. He’s everything you ever wanted. He is, He is… What can I say? He’s made me a Jew. He hasn’t made me more Jewish, Yeshua has made me a Jew. We’re chosen, but now I know what it is to be chosen, and now I know what it is to be a Jew, and now I know what it is to know God. Because wouldn’t you want to know God before your time is up? I do. And I don’t know when my time is up, but I just figured…

SID: Is it possible to even understand the Tanach, the Jewish scriptures, without knowing Yeshua? Is it possible?

AVIAD: Well, to understand it, I think you just have to open up, like my song “Hooked on the Truth.” “I came, I saw, I opened up that book, now look at me, I’m hooked on the truth.” That’s what I say. Just open up that book. We have an obligation. Actually I’ll tell you right now. We have an inheritance, ok. Some people say “Oh, I got 50 million dollars, I got an inheritance.” Ok, ok. We have an inheritance as Jews. We have inheritance. He is our inheritance. Salvation through Yeshua Hamashiach. There is no other way to be forgiven for sins. You can pay $200 for a temple, you know, to go and do this and ask God to forgive you for your sins. That’s not going to fly. That’s not going to do it. Why are they doing it every single year? $200 every single year doesn’t make sense to me. You ask Yeshua one time, that’s it.

SID: Look, the bottom line is this: Do you want intimacy with God? I’ve got some good news, you don’t have to be Jewish to have intimacy with God. You just have to know the King of the Jews. So if you’re Jewish or Gentile, your sins are separating you from intimacy with God. Why would you not want intimacy with God? It’s not equal weights. Tradition’s down here, intimacy with God is infinity. It’s everything. It’s the whole purpose of life. The only way that your sins can be forgiven is to tell God you’re sorry, and believe that God came in human form, in the form of Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah, and your sins were put upon him. And as Jeremiah says, “I, God, will remember your sins no more.” So you have a choice: to carry your sins, or have God say, “I, God, will remember your sins no more”, and give you the power. If you take Yeshua as your Messiah, ask Him to live inside of you, become real, that’s all you have to do. The rest is up to God.

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