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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with David Herzog. We’re talking about entering the most wonderful realm, the glory, the manifest presence of God. I love that realm. It’s more important to be in that realm than anything this world has to offer. And so David, despite all the wonderful things he was seeing, he was hungry for more of God. That’s what happens when you get into this realm. You just can’t get enough of God’s presence. And so a mutual friend of ours, Ruth Heflin, was known as someone that would sing and get people to enter the glory. So you went to her camp to learn more. What happened?

DAVID: Yeah. After the six-month revival I was so hungry for even more of God’s glory. And God told me, “Go to Ruth and go to her meetings.” So I show up there on January, I think it was the first or second, 1999. And I’m there to receive, and she says to me, “Oh David, glad to meet you. I’ve heard about you. I want you to preach tonight.” I said, “Oh no, no, no. I’ve been preaching for six months straight. I can’t. I want to receive what you have.” She goes, “No. I’m a prophetess of God. God told me you’re supposed to speak tonight.” I had no desire whatsoever to speak. I wanted to receive something fresh. So I go and I obey. I mean, she’s a prophetess of God. God tells her. So I go to speak. And when I’m on the pulpit to preach, the power of God hits me. The glory of God hits me in a way I’ve never had before. I end up singing two chapters of the Bible.

SID: Did you read it and sing it?

DAVID: I was singing, my message was Isaiah 60. I end up singing Isaiah 60 and 61 as my message. As I was singing in the power of the Holy Spirit, completely in this euphoric glory, the power of God started hitting the place. Healing, deliverances, signs of wonder started happening. It was like, and I felt like I was on Cloud 9, like I had died and went to Heaven. The level of glory I felt that stayed with me all week from that one night was just so out of this world. I said, “God, I’m going to do whatever it takes. I’m going to go for the glory of God. That’s going to be my main message above miracles, above anything else. I want Your glory because this is like I feel so close to You.” I had known the glory, but I didn’t realize that level of the glory. There’s different levels of it. Where I thought I had known it, okay, the glory, the anointing, goose bumps, electricity and fire, but this was different. There was such intimacy. It’s like I was in Heaven on Earth. I can’t explain it.

SID: You’ve explained it. You know, David, I’ve been in your home and I’ve met your wife, your daughters, and you are a blessed man.

DAVID: Thank you.

SID: But one of your daughters, who happens to be at this TV shoot, her name is Glory. And there was something very unusual about her when she was born.

DAVID: After that Ruth Heflin thing, about four months later, my daughter was born. And the word was, “She will be a sign and a wonder.” So we kept that word. And God gave the name “Glory” to my wife for her, Shannon Glory. So we’re in the hospital and the baby comes out, and it’s amazing. I didn’t feel a thing when that baby came out. I had no pain whatsoever. That’s a joke. You can laugh.

SID: Okay. Sorry about that. I’m thinking about what you’re about ready to say.

DAVID: And my wife was so faithful at every birth, at every child she was right by my side. She was so good. So we’re there.

SID: Are you changing your profession and you’re going to become a comedian? Are you poet and you don’t even know it? No, I’m just teasing. Go ahead.

DAVID: So the baby comes out and they clean the blood and they look, these French doctors, and she’s covered in gold, whatever you want to call it, glory dust, gold dust. She’s covered in gold and she had no makeup kit in her womb at birth. She didn’t have a makeup kit in her pocket.

SID: Of course.

DAVID: She’s born covered in gold. And at that point I was kind of like I’m not skeptical about the gold, but I’m not excited about it. I just want souls. I don’t understand it. What does it have to do anything? Where is it in the Bible? All I know is my daughter was full with gold and the glory of God was so thick in the operating room, not the operating room, in the maternity ward. And the Lord began speaking to me saying, “Don’t limit any of My signs and My glory because I want to touch people with signs and wonders.”

SID: Speaking of signs and wonders, he was recently in Sri Lanka. And what happened to that Buddhist priest?

DAVID: Well we had a lot of people come in Sri Lanka. You know, they had a 30-year war. The war ended. And this is one of the first meetings where so many souls unsaved came into the meetings. And we had every kind from government leaders, mafia, underworld people, a lot of religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Muslims, kind of gurus that move in the supernatural, other supernatural.

SID: Sounds like a picnic.

DAVID: It was really exciting. And this guy, a Buddhist priest, front row. Buddhist priests do not go to meetings where Jesus is preached. It just doesn’t happen.

SID: So why did they come?

DAVID: Because they didn’t know it was Christian meeting.

SID: Oh okay.

DAVID: Because the billboard we put up just said, “Do you believe in miracles? Come.” That’s all it said. Nobody knew. So they all come. Front row. He’s just excited. And I forgot what his sickness was. He was sick with something and he had gotten ill. And when it came time for the altar call, people rushing to be saved, he received the Lord, and that caused quite a stir in the city. Everyone started talking about the Buddhist priest came up to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. So it caused some controversy. But it caused a lot more people to come that were Buddhist and Hindu to check out what God was doing.

SID: I want to take a look at a Buddhist woman that had a great miracle. And you watch this and tell me whether you feel in your heart this is authentic. And you have to be a bisa meshuga, a little crazy, not to realize how authentic this is.

WOMAN: Two months back there was something in this eye. When I look at things there also a white splash or something.

DAVID: A white flash. Was it like a cataract?

WOMAN: All the time–

DAVID: Some kind of spot?

WOMAN: Yeah. It was like a spot or something.

DAVID: A cataract or something?

WOMAN: Yeah.

DAVID: Something was blocking your vision.

WOMAN: But my husband wanted me to go and check it, but I was too scared to go to a doctor because I don’t want to know the bad news or something, I don’t know.

DAVID: Yeah.

WOMAN: But now when you were saying the eye, I think my husband was praying.

DAVID: Wow. And it opened up.

WOMAN: And when I opened it up it was gone.

DAVID: She opened her eyes and the spots are gone.

WOMAN: And I am Buddhist.

DAVID: You’re Buddhist. See, God loves Buddhists. She’s a Buddhist who follows Jesus now. But her eyes have been healed tonight.

WOMAN: I believe in him. I have to admit that. It’s his miracles.

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