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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with David Herzog. And David, there’s some new things that are happening in the Glory Realm, people with metal rods in their back and other things. Tell me what’s going on.

DAVID: Yeah. We’re seeing quite a few people now. They got metal plates, metal rods, screws and pins, nails that the doctors put in their body, completely disappear, dissolve or turn back to bone where it’s just not there. Just creative miracles like that that God’s doing.

SID: And blind people?

DAVID: Yeah. Blind eyes. Blind eyes opening. People that could not see, either one eye or both eyes, completely eyes opening up. We just had a trip to Asia last year, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, each of those countries, we had blind eyes open up.

SID: Now David’s father is Jewish. And David tried and tried to share the Messiah with him. No success at all. But one day when David had pretty much given up, you had an encounter about your dad. Tell me about it.

DAVID: Yeah. I was at this youth camp and the man there said, “Let’s pray for a burden for souls. How many would like a burden for your relatives?” I said, Oh that’s me. I’m tired of praying for my dad, eight years. He doesn’t want it. I don’t want to bother him with it. I don’t want to have pray and have it be a burden. So I come up to pray anyway. Okay, God, give me a burden, a bigger burden for my dad. And then I get taken to Hell. I see Hell. I see him burning in Hell, flames burning his body, non-stop, but he doesn’t die. He looks at me in the vision and says, “David, why did you stop praying for me? I was almost there.” I was weak. I felt so heavy. And then a voice said to me, “Pray for him right now because he may not have long to live if he doesn’t get saved. The Devil will try to take him.” So begin weeping and crying for his soul. God, please save my father. You know, Dad, come to Jesus. Come to Yeshua. You know, every word I was praying it was like an intercession, travail, groaning. That hour, a lady, a little lady, knocks on the door of my dad’s house and leads him to the Lord. While I was getting a vision of him in Hell simultaneously, he received the Jewish Messiah.

SID: And speaking of his dad, David just had some meetings in Hollywood. And what happened to your father’s hair?
DAVID: My dad’s hair, besides the fact that he brought Jewish people every night of the three nights, Jewish people got saved, the ones he brought, he was bald on top, his hair began to grow and his white hair began to turn black.

SID: Talk about a sign and wonder. But, you know, I’m seeing the same thing that you just described. And when I was a brand new believer in the early ‘70s, I saw that. I saw genuine Jewish revival. I saw Jewish people coming to the Lord every week in our Messianic Jewish congregation. And then after a couple of years it just stopped. What do you sense is going on?

DAVID: There is a total shift right now in the spirit, worldwide, in the USA, in Israel, around the world. I’ve never seen Jewish people so wide open to the Lord. Even relatives that I’ve known for years that just never would budge, 30, 40 years, suddenly they’re wide open begging for God to visit them. And Yeshua visits them. They get saved. Jewish lawyers, people in Hollywood. There’s a huge hunger now to know the Jewish Messiah.

SID: And you know something else? That when David talks about the glory, many times people have visitations to Heaven. But the one that happened in Israel, I mean, with two people. Tell me about that.

DAVID: We had that several times. We went to Bethel. And the Bible says, Genesis 28, “This is the gate of Heaven.” So we go on over there because it’s an open gate. And we lay on the floor. Someone plays worship and we close our eyes, and just see if God will visit us or show us a picture, or a vision, and many people began to weep, and they had been taken to Heaven corporately in the spirit realm. Their bodies were there but they saw Heaven when they were closing their eyes as if they were there. And two people said, “I went to Heaven, too.” And I talked to one girl, “What did you see in Heaven?” “Oh Jesus talked to me. In fact she, that girl over there was with me.” “And what did you talk about together in Heaven? What did Jesus tell you?” I said, “Hold on.” And we interviewed the girl and same exact story. They hadn’t talked to each other and it was a real thing. They both went to Heaven, both had visitation with Jesus, and they both came back. It was amazing to hear that people could not just get a heavenly encounter, but corporate heavenly encounters.

SID: Now I’m going back to your dad with his hair. I think that is so phenomenal. I know this happens often. Have you ever seen hair grow almost before your eyes?

DAVID: This week we saw it Sunday night. Hair began to grow right there in the meeting, in Florida. A guy comes up and he’s crying and he can hardly talk, and you can see a little bit of hair that had begun to grow. And the guy runs up and shows me his before picture. Someone actually took a picture of his head as they’re looking to see if he would get hair, and it was bald, I mean the scalp. And all of a sudden afterwards, he runs, and as we’re watching, oh yeah, we can see some hair, we’re watching it grow more and more, and more, and more. Everyone starts screaming, “Oh my gosh, look! The hair is growing!” And everyone just freaking out in a good way. He had a hair growth and we got to watch it while it grew. It was amazing. This man, and I have a before and after picture. It’s just amazing. No hair at all on his scalp and hair begins to grow.

SID: You know, David, I believe that if David prays for you right now wherever you are, because there is no limits in this Glory Realm. There’s high, medium and low, and low, low, low. But wherever you are right I’m going to believe that you are going to take a mega jump. David, would you pray for people to experience the glory of God?

DAVID: Sure.

SID: And then if God directs you maybe even to physical healing.

DAVID: Okay, great. Well I just pray for those watching right now. If you’re hungry for God’s presence, His glory, the supernatural, just close your eyes right where you’re at and just ask the Holy Spirit to come in. And as you do that I pray right now, God, open up the windows of Heaven over everyone watching, believers and non-believers. Visit people that are watching. Come God in Your glory. Fill them. Saturate every fiber of their being, their mind, their spirit, their body, their emotions. Just fill them right now with a thick, heavy, heavy presence of the glory and presence of God right now. Just open yourself to it and God will come. And as we’re in that glory I just see healings, miracles, body parts that need to be created, I release through creative miracles right now in Yeshua’s name. Teeth that are missing, grow. Hair that’s missing, grow. Cartilage that’s missing, grow. Cataracts being healed, blindness being healed, a right arm that’s paralyzed, I see strength coming back. Anything on our body that you need a healing just even lay hands on it right now. And I declare miracles in healing and start to move that body part and see if you can tell a difference. God is healing a lot of people right now, especially creative miracles on body parts, but healings as well.

SID: David, has you’re sharing about the glory, the presence of God is getting so strong I want to speak something to you. Do you remember David’s father where he had the vision of his father in Hell, and his father saying, “Why did you stop praying for me?” Well that vision could be for you. Do you know the Messiah? Do you know that he died for your sins? Do you know that if you ask for forgiveness your sins will be washed away? Nothing will be separating you from the love of God. Do you know that if you speak out loud that you believe in your heart that Yeshua, Jesus rose from the dead that his life will enter you? And he says, “I will never leave you. I will never forsake you.” There is a peace which is the opposite of what’s going on in the world that is waiting for you. It’s as if he’s knocking on your door through me right now and he’s saying, “I love you. I don’t want you to keep going through the hard things you’re going through. I want to take your burden. Give me your burden.” Make Jesus your Lord and Savior. “Yeshua, forgive me. I make you my Lord. Enter me. Live in me now.”

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