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SID: Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. Is it possible for mere mortals to literally here the voice of God? We’re told in the Torah, the Jewish scriptures, that my Jewish people said to Moses, we don’t want to hear the words of God. You listen for yourself but I did an experiment, I went to the diamond district in New York city and I did some man on the street reporting and I just put a microphone under someone’s  mouth and I said, can you here God’s voice? Let’s look at that footage. Do you believe as a Jew it’s possible to her God’s voice?

 MAN: Hear God’s voice?

 SID: To hear God’s voice.

 MAN: No, no you can’t.

 SID: Why?

 MAN: Because you can’t.

 SID: I know your saying that, but is there a reason? Why can’t we hear God’s voice?

 MAN: The only time Jewish people heard God’s voice is on Mount Sinai for the first Ten Commandments.

 SID: Do you believe it’s possible to hear God’s voice?

 MAN: I’m not Moses so I don’t know. Moses is the only one that spoke to God.

 MAN: Hahahaha, I don’t think you can hear God’s voice. No way. You know why?

 SID: Why?

 MAN: Because God is always so sick and tired of us. We are always crying. We always say, “Please, please do this for me, do for me this. You know He is so tired he doesn’t want to listen to any one of us. If he was listening to something during the Second World War, if he was listening to the Jew, He wasn’t letting the six million Jew get killed.

 SID: Do you believe it’s possible to hear God’s voice?

 MAN: I have never had such an experience. But still I do believe.

 SID: Where did you get such faith?

MAN: Huh?

 SID: Where did you get such faith?

 MAN: That’s my feeling.

 SID: Would you like to hear God’s voice?

 MAN: No.

 SID: Why?

 MAN: Why would I not like to hear God’s voice? Well, for a number of reasons. When the Jews received the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai, they heard God’s voice and they were knocked unconscious for a number of minutes, hours since not known. And it was the scariest thing anyone could ever imagine.

 SID: Do you believe it’s possible to hear God’s voice like Moses heard God’s voice?

 MAN: Yes.

 SID: Have you ever heard God’s voice? Would you like to?

 MAN: Uh sure.

 SID: What do you think it would take?

 MAN: I don’t know. 

SID: Well I can tell you I’ve prayed for a lot of people that have heard God’s voice after I prayed for them.

 MAN: Okay.

 SID: Can I bless you and pray for you.

 MAN: No that’s okay.

 SID: Is that amazing? I’ll tell you what’s even more amazing. I have a guest that hears God’s voice to the point where he has prayed for people, and they have dropped in the matter of minutes, forty-five pounds. When he speaks, sometimes actual emeralds show up. Jeff Jansen, there was a time when another man heard God’s voice and started speaking to you thing he could have no way of knowing. And ever since then there was like a transfer of this gifting on you. You started hearing God’s voice. Tell me about that time. 

JEFF: Sid that’s right. Um, you know this man spoke to me in a meeting back in 1994,  but um, I guess to lay a little bit of a ground work. Um there was actually a man who prayed for me, in New York City back in 1982. I didn’t know what happened to me at that time Sid, but this man was uh, he was an international minister. He touched me, and he prayed for me, and it was a prayer for impartation. And as we were discussing with some of the other guests last night at dinner, the Lord reminded me of this. This man had me literally, he called me up on stage and I’d never seen God move in power before, and he told me to raise my hands. And as I raised my hands Sid, it was like I touched an electric 220. I literally had electricity going through my body. And I shook for weeks afterwards. I didn’t really know what happened but I really believe there was a major impartation that took lace in that time That was back in 81′ I believe. 1981, 82′. So back in 1994 I was sitting in a meeting. Actually I as invited to a meeting where there was a profit. And of course I’ve heard of profits before. But, 

SID: Well I’ve heard of non-profits. Ha, no im just kidding. 

JEFF: Right, a nonprofit. But uh, I’ve heard of profits before, and a lot of prophetic words I’ve heard had been my little children. You know kind of prophetic words. Well, pretty 

SID: Pretty safe. 

JEFF: Pretty safe prophetic words where it doesn’t talk about who I am, and where I’ve come from., and most importantly, where I’m going. So I went to a meeting with my wife because she asked me to go, and I was sitting in the meeting, kind of minding my own business and of course he was beginning to move out in ministry after he got done preaching the word. And what happened was he turned to me, and this was a group of two, three hundred people in Nashville Tennessee, and he said “Stand up.” And he asked me what my name was and I told him my name was Jeff Jansen. This man Sid, proceeded by the spirit, by the Holy Spirit of God, Jesus said my sheep hear my voice. But this man by the spirit of prophecy, he began to tell me who I was, where I came from. He told me who I was at that point. He told me my occupation at that time, what I was doing, my involvement in the medical community, and being involved in the medical industry. Some of the doctors I was involved with, he told me, 

SID: He told you their names? 

JEFF: Not their names but he described the types of individuals I was around. There is no way he could have known this, then he proceeded to tell me my gifting in music, and what I came to Nashville for. But more importantly, he told me Sid, that I was called for fivefold ministry gifted. He told me I was called to ministry. And that I would have a similar international healing type, prophetic healing type ministry. Sid I have to tell you, I was wrecked. I had never encountered, never encountered someone who knew where I came from, who I was and, where I was going. It ruined me, as you can imagine. 

SID: Not only did it ruin him, but recently he had two angels appear in his bedroom. He knows things about people, I believe he’ll know things about many of you. Don’t’ go away we’ll be right back.

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