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SID: Now you see I believe everyone has a personal angel. But this is really stretching the envelope Jeff Jansen. You were in one city, and your angel was in another city, and this angel looks exactly like you explain.

JEFF: Wow, okay what happened was, shortly after I had the visitation from the two angels, which I alluded to before, I was supposed to be at a conference called the Engaging The Revelatory Realm of Heaven conference in Cincinnati Ohio. I was supposed to be there on a Thursday night. It started on Thursday and there were many, many, there were like four key, if I mention who they were you’d know who they are. Four key main speakers, and there were about fifteen hundred people in this  congregation, fifteen hundred people at this conference, that know me personally because I’ve ministered there quite a bit. I couldn’t make it there on Thursday night. I had a prior commitment, and I just could not make it and I was there in Nashville Tennessee, and we were in an um, we were in, on Thursday night after dinner, going out with this couple that are friends of ours in ministry, we went back to our house and we were having  communion, just sharing a wonderful time in the Lord, and something happened to me Sid, I felt the presence of God come on me as we were taking communion, and the Holy spirit came on me. And I felt this fire on me, something I’ve never felt before. And I remember telling the people there “There’s something going on. What’s going on, I feel like I’m there but I’m not there.”

SID: This wasn’t an angel, this was like you were in two places at one time is what it sounds like

JEFF: Yeah.

SID: Whoa, that’s, that’s even neater.

 JEFF: Well what happened was, I’d left that night. I went to bed for several hours, got up at two in the morning which was early Friday morning and drove to this conference in Cincinnati. I got there, signed in the ledger book, nobody was there, everybody was in the conference, I went through the whole day Sid, everyone was in the conference, in the end of the night, the host pastors where there, and they said “Hey, I thought you weren’t coming until today, we saw you last night at the conference.” I just kind of blew it off like I’m not sure what you’re talking about, and I said “Actually I got up early in the morning and I drove here and I’m tired now I’m going back to the hotel to rest.” They said, “What are you talking about, we saw you last night.” And I said, “No I wasn’t here last night.” They said, “Yes you were.” The MC who was MCing the event said “Yes you were here last night. Don’t you remember our conversation? You signed your name in the book, I put your name badge on you, you told me about this and this and this. You prayed for me last night.” Come to find out Sid, there were 40 people that I talked to that night, ministered to, touched and it was a supernatural event. Caught the attention of a lot of,

SID: Uh, let me tell you, you think that’s wild. He just got back from Peru, a little girl who had never walked before. People blind getting sight, deaf beginning to hear. Let’s take a look at that conference.

MAN: His ear popped open. He said he could hear completely clear. But not just that, he said he could barely see anything, that he was blind tonight, and he can see clearly. Look at this, he’s crying aw, look at this he’s crying. Jesus is so good. This is all worth it folks, this is all worth it.

MAN: Jennifer! Look at Jennifer, she’s never walked.

 MAN: Look at her, she’s pushing her wheelchair. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

SID: Did you see that footage?! I mean that person that was weeping, why was he weeping?

JEFF: That man was weeping Sid, because he couldn’t see. Actually he came up, he couldn’t see and he had an earpiece in his hand. He opened his right ear and his eyes at the same time.

SID: Okay, can you call on the release of miracles right now on those that are watching.

 JEFF: Yes I can.

 SID: Go for it.

 JEFF: There is no distance in the spirit of God, in the glory Realm. You can touch and experience the presence of God even right now as I’m talking. You can receive this impartation. I’m going to release miracles on you. And as an act of faith I want you to stretch your hand out towards my hand. It’s an act of faith, it’s how you engage with the presence of God. I want to release to you, miracle healing anointing. So Father now, in the name of Jesus Christ. Father I release miracle flow, miracle healing anointing through the television, into the lives, into the hearts of those who are out there now. There’s a man in a wheel chair, God, I pray for a healing in that man’s back. You haven’t been able to use your legs. Father I pray for a release of miracles out into this man. I pray for an impartation of release of miracle flow. Father for those who are reaching their hand out in  faith, for those that are reaching out to the camera and towards you, Holy Spirit I pray for a release of miracles. Ears open up, eyes, open up, tumors, fall off the body, cancer come off the body in the name of Jesus Christ. I’m seeing lungs right now. I’m seeing lungs right now. You’ve struggled with emphysema, lungs open up, pockets fluid go away, in the name of Jesus Christ. Father I pray for an invasion of the glory of God, I pray for the invasion of the Holy spirit, into the lives, into the homes of everyone watching, stretching their hand out, in the name of Jesus Christ, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

SID: Now what do you believe just happened?  

JEFF: I believe you’re going to start getting reports Sid, of people that have been engaged. See it’s important to get people to engage.

SID: What do you mean by engage?

 JEFF: By engage I mean to get out and move, do something. Jesus, many times said, do you believe that I can do this? Stretch out your hand, stretch out your hand. And as the man stretched out his hand he was restored. God wants us to engage with him Sid. He wants us to become parted and engage with him.

SID: I can feel, the presence of God. I heard some of those same words that Jeff heard for you. And I heard one more word. I heard that someone’s hip, has been totally restored. I know that pains of all kind have disappeared. Their most important pain, is the pain of not having personal intimacy with your creator. You were created to hear his voice, you were created to have sweet fellowship with him. If you know the story of Adam and Eve, before that fall, that separation between man and God. God wants to restore that’s why, as a Jew, I believe in the shmah, there is only one God. He is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I also believe there is only one Holy spirit. The Ruhr a Kohdesh. One spirit of the living God. I further believe that God tabernacles the coat among us, in the form of a man called Yeshua in English Jesus. And God, in human form, died as our kepora. As our atonement in place of us, just the way, just as the same thing happened in the temple, that was a shadow of the reality if you believe Jesus died for your sins, and tell God your sorry, and ask Jesus to become real. Ears open to the spirit of the living God. Experience this peace as the shows off right now. God. Experience this peace as the shows off right now.

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