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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Denny Cramer. So Denny, you get radically born from above. You have an encounter with the Messiah and you’re going to a nice church, and all of a sudden you start getting very specific dreams. Tell me about the first one you remember.

 DENNY: The first spiritual dream that I ever had I had been a believer for a couple of years, and went to be and had a dream. And in the dream there was a husband and a wife, a couple from our church, both of whom I knew, and in the dream this woman reports to me that she was having a physical problem, and it was sort of a personal private area of her body. But she said to me, “This part of my body is not working well.” And I woke up. So I saw her the next night at church and I said, “By the way, Bonnie, I had a dream last night. Listen to this. In the dream you walked up to me and you said, ‘Denny, this part of my body is not working well.’ And I just want to tell you, Bonnie, that God wants to heal your body. Does that mean anything to you?” She said, “Last night,” the same night I had the dream, “last night I went to my husband and said, ‘That certain part of my body is not working, honey. I’ve got to go to the doctor.’ It’s the very conversation that I had with my husband the night before.’” And I said, “You’re joking.” She said, “Oh no.”

 SID: Now you were as shocked as she was.

 DENNY: Absolutely.

 SID: So once that started you knew that those dreams were not pizza.

 DENNY: Correct.

 SID: Those dreams were God speaking to you. But when did it start that you could just put your hand on someone and begin to see as you explained to me snapshots of what God’s speaking past present and future?

 DENNY: Well as much as a gift is given, as much as it is an endowment, it is also a skill, and skills need time to develop. So everyone’s gift is going to start at a lower level, and through practice, practice, practice, become bigger and better. So I just began to practice. I began to have a dream and then another dream. I began to have visions. I began to know things and stuff about people. And as I gave those things that I felt God had given me for other people, the accuracy began to grow. Gifts are like muscles. The more you use them, the more you exercise and the bigger they become. So now after almost 34 years of doing this my gift has grown over the years through practice, practice, practice.

 SID: Well let me take you back a few years. And this gift starts operating and you are told a certain young woman is going to be your wife. Tell me about that.

 DENNY: Well I had learned–

 SID: Excuse me. We have a word from our sponsor. God has just told me someone is healed that is watching us right now. If you will move your neck, just move your neck if you have pain. Don’t bother doing it if you did. But move your neck if you had pain and you’re fine, and you’ll find that pain is gone. And if you had back pain just bend over and you’ll see the pain is gone. And if you really want to, you have a hip problem, just run around the living room. Okay Denny, you’re told about who will be your wife. What do you do with this information?

 DENNY: Well as I said, God had given prophesies for other people. I was relatively comfortable about that. But I had never really had God speak to me about me in this manner. I had dated this young gal. In fact, I had one date with her, one date. That date was four months prior. So after having one date and not seeing her for four months I was simply praying about her one night. And her name was Diane. So I said, “Lord, I’m not really interested in dating this gal, beautiful as she is, unless it’s your will.” So I said, “I just want you to know that I’m praying about Diane.” As soon as I spoke her name, words came out of Heaven in the form of a vertical teletype…duh-duh-duh-duh…right out Heaven, and they went into my head. I saw them. And the words said, “I’m going to give you Diane to be your wife.” Well I thought that’s all anyone would need to know including Diane. So I ran downstairs, called her up and said, “Hi, this is Denny Cramer.” “Oh yes. Hi Denny.” Now remember one date four months earlier. “How are you doing, Diane?” “Doing well.” And I said, “I just thought I’d call you to let you know that I’ve been praying lately.” “Oh,” she said, “what have you been praying about?” And I said, “Well I’ve been praying about you.” “Oh.” And then I said, “And God spoke to me.” “Oh,” she said, “well what did God say?” And I said, “Well God said I’m going to give you Diane to be your wife.” I fully expected her to say, “Yippee, halleluiah.” In fact she said, and I quote, “But I don’t even like you.”

SID: Oh my goodness. That had to be really crushing.

 DENNY: Crushing. I didn’t know then what I know now, that God needed to speak to her as well as me. I waited on that word. Three or four months later we ran into each other again. Then a couple of weeks later we ran into each other again. We had a date. We had a cook-out. We had a hike. We hung out. And this was now August of ’74. And I said on the 13th of August 1974, “I still feel that God spoke to me and I still feel that we’re gonna get married. What do you think?” And she said, “Oh yeah, God spoke to me two weeks ago.” We were engaged August 13th of 1974 and celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary this past November.

 SID: You know, Denny, if that had happened to me and the woman, and I said, “God just told me you’re supposed to marry me,” and the woman had said, “I’m not interested in you,” I think she said you’re not even her type.

 DENNY: Yeah.

 SID: I would have been so crushed I might never have prophesied again.

 DENNY: Oh I was crushed. I was devastated.

 SID: How could you prophesy any more?

 DENNY: I was crushed. I was devastated. But I had to learn a lesson, that the Bible says, “There is a time and a season for every purpose under Heaven.” And it says that, “There is a due season for everything God says.” I simply got ahead, way ahead of the due season. Right when it was the due season God spoke to my fiance, my wife, and we were then married.

 SID: Well Denny wants to mentor you in the gift of prophesy. How many people can prophesy that are watching us right now?

 DENNY: All born-again spiritual believers.

 SID: Any exceptions?

 DENNY: None.

 SID: None. We’ll be right back after this word.

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