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Sid Roth welcomes Gary and Kathy Oates

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SID: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Gary and Kathy Oates. Gary and Kathy are in Brazil and a simple act of obedience, take your shoes off, but it was God. And he was obedient. He didn’t want to, it was a dirty floor. He was obedient. And then all of a sudden the prayer of his heart got answered. He was praying God, open my eyes so I can see what you’re doing. And he saw angels dancing and it was magnificent. And then he felt himself growing, going up, up in the air, and he got afraid. What happened next?

 GARY: Well because of the fear I came back down, I started coming back down and I said oh God forgive me, forgive me, up is better, up is better. And right then I reversed and went straight up, this time right through the top of the tent way up into the sky. I could see the tent, the top of it, I could see people worshipping inside, and this time I really got afraid and I was resisting again what God was doing. I felt like God was taking me in the throne room, had I not resisted. I realized that God will take us as far as we’re willing to go with Him. There’s so much more out there available for every one of us that we can tap into in the realm of the spirit. But that fear gripped me again and as it did I came back down. This time, I was repenting again and I was crying out to God, I raised my hands in the air and as I was looking up like this I saw Jesus coming down and His hands were extended…

SID: So if you wouldn’t go up to Him, He’d come down to you.

GARY: He did, He did, He did. It was the grace of God. My hand, as I was raised like this I was looking up and I saw Him coming down, His hands extended, and He took me by the hands and I was completely overcome by His presence. It was awesome. My hand, my left hand began to burn. It was just a strong burning sensation. It covered the whole palm of my hand and I honestly didn’t think I could stand it a minute more. And right then He let go of me.

SID: That was from His touch.

GARY: Yes, we were holding hands, yes. And then He let go of me and my spirit came back in my body. My body was still standing on the floor just like it was when I left.

SID: No one would have know what was going on.

GARY: No, no. But my spirit, having been in the presence of God, when it came into my body, my body couldn’t contain it and I was just thrown backward. I was on the floor for about 45 minutes and I want to tell you, I felt so little and so insignificant in the presence of Almighty God. It was incredible. The next night, got to the meeting early, this man that had prayed with me earlier came in and the power of God hit me, I went down. I couldn’t move; I couldn’t do anything. God took me again. I saw the throne, I saw Jesus standing next to the throne with a scepter in His hand. The radiance, the glory of God was coming out of Him. It was so bright I thought I was going to die. I thought maybe I have died and gone to heaven, it was that real. And right then I came back into my body. I had the look of terror on my face, I was in agony, I was screaming but no sound was coming out of my mouth and people around were afraid. They were wondering what had happened to me.

SID: Were you watching him?

KATHY: I was.

SID: What did you think?

KATHY: I have seen God’s power move on people but I’d never seen him in a state of terror like that because he just was never anxious, he’s never been an anxious person. And so when I saw that look on his face I got afraid and I kept saying somebody help him, somebody help him. And they just said, they grabbed my shoulders and they said look the other way, he’ll be ok. So I did. And then later on that evening he told finally me what had happened and he told me not to tell anybody. He said don’t tell anybody, I’ve got to have time to process this. And he was in no condition to do anything. He was limp and just had lost all his strength. And I think that’s what happens when people have a holy encounter with the Lord.

SID: Well Gary, there came a point where the evangelist who’s a friend of mine, Randy Clark, invited you to, he knew something was going on. What happened?

GARY: Well he asked me to come up to explain what had been happening to me and I was not able to. I was sitting in the chair, I was shaking. They actually carried me up on the platform in a chair. And he came over and he tried to talk to me but I couldn’t talk and so he asked Kathy to come up and to tell what I had told her had happened. And as she got up there she took the microphone and as she began to explain what had happened, the Spirit of God fell on the place. It was just like the power of God swept through that room. People began to cry out, they were falling to the floor, there were spontaneous healings that were happening; it was amazing. It was like God’s glory just filled that room as she was testifying to that.

SID: You know what is so amazing to me is ever since this has happened, Gary and Kathy Oates have been, they’ve literally had their eyes opened. They’ve been seeing miracles and they’ve been praying for other people that have had the same transfer if you will. I’d like you to go to a video of Maria Lack. See what happened to her.

MARIA: My name is Maria Lack and I live in Leavenworth Washington. I always believed in angels, but after reading Gary Oates’ book “Open Up My Eyes Lord”, I really had the experience and the blessing and the privilege to really see angels and go through some angelic experiences. Last year we had a big forest fire in our area. The fire was growing day by day and faster and faster. After a few days the fire department announced there’s nothing they can do about it, the fire is so strong. So we were just waiting for a miracle. The fire went in every direction, north, south, towards our closest city, and one day, and it was a Wednesday, when I was praying one of my friends from Georgia, her name is Joyce Hoston, she called me. It was 2 o’clock in the afternoon and she asked me Maria, what can we pray for? And I said Joyce, we are in big trouble. We have the biggest forest fire ever. And so we were praying, she and me. After I hung up the phone I was walking towards our living room and something stopped me. I felt something physically and I looked toward our ceiling in our house and all of a sudden I saw the sky and five angels flying toward our area. They were all dressed in different colored dress; they were very close to each other, like they were connected to each other. They had golden hair. All of them had a bucket on their left arm and rain was coming out under their skirt. And they were coming in our direction. That was Wednesday, 2 o’clock.

Nothing happened Thursday but Friday morning, early morning, at 2 o’clock in the morning, my husband and I woke up and there was the biggest rainstorm you can imagine hitting our roof and raining all over us. And that particular rain totally put out the fire. By the next morning there wasn’t any fire, any smoke, anything, and I feel the connection between that vision and putting out that fire; it’s connected to each other. And I believe that five angels were the ones who put out the fire. And thank you Gary for this book.

SID: You know, we spoke to the fire marshal from the area that she’s talking about and had that rain not come, there was no way that fire could have been contained or even stopped. And all of those houses would have been destroyed. I’m so glad that Maria learned what Gary and Kathy Oates are teaching about intimacy with God, so that her eyes were open and she could see what God was up to and pray according to what God wanted her to do. I’m sure you’ve had an experience in your life. I’m sure that God has healed you or you’ve had a supernatural experience. Why don’t you put together a home video? And who knows, you may turn on “It’s Supernatural” and see yourself one of these days. Now Gary and Kathy, the thing that I’m excited about, because I’ve started doing what you teach, for just a few minutes, will you tell the average person how they can walk with an extraordinary God?

GARY: Absolutely. I believe these experiences are not just for us or just for a select few people at all. I believe that it’s for the whole body of Christ; that every person can walk in that realm of the Spirit. The real key to this, in my opinion, is developing an intimate relationship with the Father; experiencing the manifest presence of God every day in our lives. That’s the key to unlocking the heavens. We’re so busy seeking power and more of gifts and God give me this and God do that and God give me this and we’re not seeking His face. In fact that’s what I do; I get on the floor every day and I just pour my heart out to Him. I confess my sins, I ask Him to forgive me, I release all of that and then I go through a Romans 6:13, yielding my five senses over to the Lord, like transference of the natural for the supernatural. I give Him my eyes that I can see in the realm of the spirit, I give Him my ears that I can hear His voice, I give Him my mouth that I can speak His words, I give Him my nose that I can smell His sweet fragrance, and I give Him my hands that they might be used in serving Him. I even give Him my feet that I’m walking with Him every day. I give Him my heart that I can have a pure heart before Him. I want His heart, a heart of love, a heart of compassion. That’s my desire. I give Him my mind that I can have the mind of Christ, a pure mind throughout the day. And then I just wait and I just say God I want just more of you, more of your presence, more of your fullness in my life.

SID: You know Gary and Kathy, I have started doing this and when we come back I’m going to tell you what’s been going on in my life. Don’t go away. Be right back. 

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