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SID: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Ricky and Dot Roberts. So, at age 16, RICKY is close to 300 pounds, he’s in special education, the doctors say there is no hope to be any more than three points above moron, and another prophet prophecies over Ricky. What did he say Ricky?

RICKY: He basically said that this night, that God had filled in seven grades instantaneously. That’s how I understood it.

SID: Now Dot, what did you think about that?

DOT: Well, I didn’t quite understand it like that. He came back there and asked if he could pray for him. He said “The Lord had heard his cries as he lay awake at night crying, ‘Why can’t I be like other children?’ ‘And if your mother will stand on faith and put you in the 10th grade, I shall fill in the foundation.’ Thus sayeth the Lord.” And he just went on singing, and I didn’t get it.

SID: Ok, so you get home, you’re pondering all of this. In the meantime, you get a phone call from the school, and they say “Special education? He’s nothing more than a baby sitter.” There is nothing they can do for him. And you have this prophetic word that they have to move him into the 10th grade. What did you do?

DOT: Well, he’d also prophesied that within three days they’d call me, so it hit me then that God really healed him. If I would’ve known it that night church it was this kind of miracle, they wouldn’t have had a service. They would’ve had to throw me out. I’d have walked benches and everything else. But anyway, I screamed on the phone and said “Ms. Sanders, God’s healed my son. Put him in the 10th grade. I’ll be over there in a few minutes.”

SID: Did they have the men in white coats ready for you, and the ambulance?

DOT: Yes they did, they were really upset when I ran in that school screaming “Ms. Sanders, God’s healed my son. Put him in the 10th grade.” She had her husband ready for me. She didn’t want to deal with me at all. They thought they were going to have to call and have me locked up. But they carried me to his office, Mr. Sanders. And that verse you just quoted, “With God, all things are possible”, on another show, that was their logo for that year, and I looked up and saw that. And he said “Mrs. Roberts, you can’t put Ricky in the 10th grade. That would be jumping seven grades. You will destroy him. We’ve done all we can do.” And I looked up and saw that sign, I said “If you can’t believe that God has healed my son, take it down you hypocrite.”

SID: The sign that said “All things are possible” was right in his office. So what did he do?

DOT: Well, I felt in the spirit he wanted me to have him analyzed, send him to another doctor. And I said “Call your doctor. Have him analyzed.” He said “I don’t want you to have to spend that money.” I said “That’s my million dollar boy. That’s no money to what we’ve spent on him with all the tutors and the special doctors and the money we have spent trying to get him to learn just 125 words.” And he called his doctor and made an appointment. And I went to the doctor and he told me right quick he didn’t believe in that junk.

SID: But they did test him?

DOT: Oh yes.

SID: And what did the test show?

DOT: That he was doing trigonometry, algebra…

SID: Wait, wait, wait. You couldn’t even learn simple vocabulary.

RICKY: Right.

SID: How did you know trigonometry?

RICKY: The answers and all this information came into my mind instantaneously, Sid, instantaneously. God filled in seven grades instantaneously.

SID: Ok. So, speeding this story up, he goes into the 10th grade. And when you went in there, were you a little nervous?

RICKY: Oh yes, I was scared.

SID: Now you’re understanding things. You’re understanding.

RICKY: Sure, sure.

SID: I mean before, when a kid would call you a name, what would they call you?

RICKY: Retarded, dummy. That’s just some big, fat moron. That’s just some of the names.

SID: But you would understand it, but now you’re really understanding.

RICKY: Yeah, I really understood it. And really, there’s a time in our lives when God either must… He’s obligated to move for us or He will not move. And everything was held in the balance. If I succeeded, God would be vindicated. If I didn’t succeed, God would not be vindicated. And God was vindicated.

SID: Ok. Out of curiosity, Dot, what happened to him after a few days in class?

DOT: Well his teacher called me. There was only one teacher that would accept him, and he had a child that had a problem so he accepted Ricky. And he called me and told me that when Ricky came into his class, that the students went to giggling at him because they’d been call him these names. And Ricky began to tremble and shake all over. And he put him up front and went real slow and wrote out the lessons on the board. And then he called me back in a couple of weeks and said “Can I talk to you? We’ve had a test this week. Guess who made a hundred?”

SID: You made a hundred?


SID: Now I’m going to fast-forward you to graduation day. You wrote a book called “A Walk Through Tears.” And that was not just the title; that was your life.

DOT: That was a fourth of my life.

SID: Ok, graduation day.

DOT: Greatest day of my life.

SID: Describe what you saw with your eyes.

DOT: When we went to graduation, Ricky had went to the top of everything. And we had prayed that this one principal would be able to give him his certificate. And he went up to get an award, and the principal said “Just stay here. You’ll walk yourself to death going back to your seat.” He won every award but two that night. He was the top of everything. And she said the reason he won the most outstanding award was that he had started school in the special education class and his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ grew. And he said the Lord Jesus healed him, and that appears to be true since he jumped seven grades. We had a standing ovation.

SID: Dot and Ricky, and those that are skeptical, I have here my media officer in the ministry, who was in the same school that Ricky Roberts was in. He wasn’t in the same class, but I have his yearbooks. 1978, 1979. 1978, it says Special Education; there’s a picture of Ricky. 1979, it’s a picture of him – 10th grade. Today… No, hold that thought. I’ll hold mine. We’ll be back right after this.

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