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SID: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Ricky and Dot Roberts. And this is such fun. I hope you’re having the fun. When I see God show up, to me that is fun. Now Dot, we were talking about, here your son is, 300 pounds, can’t hack it in special education. They literally said “Take him out.” And a prophet says “You tell those people to move him to the 10th grade.” They think you’re mashuga, that’s a Hebrew word for crazy. You’ve been praying and fasting, you’re persevering. Did it cross your mind that maybe, maybe…

DOT: Not one thought.

SID: Not one thought. You knew it was going to happen. Ok. Today, tell me about your son’s accomplishments.

DOT: Right now, he has 5 doctorates and 2 PhD’s.

SID: Did you get that? 5 doctorates, 2 PhD’s; Now Ricky, are these all honorary type things?

RICKY: Oh no, I earned every one of them.

SID: Tell me what one or two of them are.

RICKY: Well I have a doctorate in ancient Greek, doctorate in ancient Hebrew, doctorate in Theology.

SID: Well listen, that is a wonderful miracle. But there’s something better. You went from three points above a moron to brilliant. You told me, Dot, that he was tutoring the students in the 10th grade.

DOT: That’s right. In about three weeks he was tutoring the students that called him moron.

RICKY: It’s not my ability; it’s the ability that God gave me. What’s so interesting is, God warned me. He’s warned me many, many times. He says “The One that giveth can always taketh away.” So what He’s warned me about, if I ever fall, He would strip away all that He has given me. So I walk very carefully and I walk in the fear of God.

SID: You know what I notice about you? In most men of God that I talk to, I give an idea and they say “Oh, ok.” You will never do that. Every time I say something to you, you say “I will pray about it.” And you mean it.

RICKY: I do.

SID: Some people say that’s just a copout, but listen. Your heart must go out when you see young kids that are exactly the way you were.

RICKY: I do, I do.

SID: And you know, there are parents watching right now like you Dot, that are weeping. They’re crying right now.

DOT: I saw one last night in my spirit.

SID: They are crying right now for their children. And Ricky, if you will, look in the camera and pray for the parents.

RICKY: Amen.

SID: No. Dot, you pray for the parents, and Ricky, you pray for the children. Dot, will you pray for them to persevere and not give up?

RICKY: Gift of faith.

DOT: Precious Heavenly Father, we thank you today for this opportunity to come to lift up mothers and fathers that are in the same situation I was in at one time. I’m so thankful that the word of God says you have no special people, no special person. But what you do for one, you’ll do for another. Last night at 3 o’clock in the morning, you showed me a lady sitting. She was so mad and angry with you. She thought you had put this on her child, and she had no help. Father, I ask you in the name of Jesus to touch that lady right now, and let her get in the word of God and find out that you didn’t do this. This was a trick of Satan. And you don’t love my son any more than you love her child. And Father, all the people, when they come to our meetings and I see those children begin to get better and better and better, what a joy it is in our spirit that we know we serve a living God. And I ask you now to let the Holy Spirit go out into TV land to every person, every mother, every father that has a handicapped child. I ask you father to give them the gift of faith. You said one time I would lay hands on people and they would get the gift of faith. This is the faith that is needed for this kind of miracle. I ask you to send if forth now in the name of Jesus, and give them the kind of faith that they will stand firm and not give an inch. And Father, I ask you to blind them to the condition of their child, and let them to see that child as he will be when you heal him. In the name of Jesus, amen.

SID: Ricky, continue. Pray for those children right now. You see those children. You look at them.

RICKY: Yes, I see them. Father, in the name of your Son Jesus, not by might only, but by the word, the blood, and the cross, come in. Father, we invoke the power of Almighty God, that dunimis power, that will touch these children. I see Down’s syndrome being healed, mental retardation of various types being healed, and also I see learning disabilities instantaneously being healed. People begin to understand that God transcends the physical, and He can even heal the mental. Here comes the anointing! (speaks in tongues) Glory.

SID: I’m going to tell you something. If you didn’t catch that faith, if you didn’t catch that healing, go get a tape and listen to it again. I mean it was so powerful I was lifted up in the spirit, and I heard people being healed, especially of pain; because there are many mothers and fathers that were healed of pain when Dot was praying. I mean I saw the tears – I didn’t see them, I felt the tears. But people’s backs were just supernaturally healed. It was almost like – crack! – and the back came together. But the greatest healing of all, the greatest healing of all, is not religion. The greatest healing of all is for you to know the Creator of the universe loves you, that you’re not just a computer number, that you have a purpose, a destiny. You are special, you are loved, and God Himself is for you. And God has never stopped loving you, nor will He ever stop loving you, because that is His nature. But your sins have separated you from the love of God. And there’s something you can do about it. God can’t do anything. He’s already done it 2,000 years ago. He sent His best, His Son, to die in your place. And by His blood, your sins were not just covered, as was under the old covenant, but it’s a better covenant. Your sins, He says, “I God will remember no more.” As if they had never existed. And so you have an opportunity to start life fresh. No matter what you have done, this is your moment. And the choice is not God’s. You are called, chosen, purposed, loved, selected. And you could not be watching us right now if you had gone too far. The choice is yours. Are you going to turn from what you’re doing? You say you don’t have the power? Correct. You don’t. But if you turn from the sin you know you’re involved in – that adultery that you’re involved in, that pornography you’re involved in, that homosexuality that you’re involved in, that lying that you’re involved in, that addiction that you’re involved in – and turn to God and say “Jesus, help.” Heaven is closer to earth than ever before in history. Just one word away. The word is, in Hebrew – Yeshua, in English – Jesus. Tell God you’re sorry for your sin. You believe the blood of Jesus washes away your sins, and it’s as if you have never sinned before. God says “I remember your sins no more. And I want to take your hurts.” And say out loud with your mouth “I make Jesus my Messiah and Lord. Live inside of me. Become real. Give me the power to not have to do these sins. Amen.” 

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