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SIDHello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Jose Santana. This is unlike any show that you have ever seen before, it’s interactive; it’s supernatural. You’re not sitting back as a spectator, you are a participant. I have a man that in my Jewish scriptures is called a seer. He sees things from the invisible world, he knows things about people he had no way of knowing. He gets transported in his body to other places. He can’t do this at will; he can only do this when God shows him to do it. Jose, before we learn about this marvelous gift, I want you to tell me a bit about your background.

JOSE:  Okay, my background, I just came from Puerto Rico, moved to New York City, and I met some people there who wasn’t walking right with God.  They were dealing drugs, and I got sucked into this thing of doing drugs and selling drugs, and was doing good for awhile for a time and a season. But after a while the wages of sin caught up with me and I almost lost my life in a car accident and some people in my family was praying for me and my life began to turn around. After I hit bottom, they invited me to church and a regular guy in church gave me a word of knowledge. And the word of knowledge was that Jesus loves me. And I go “How can this Jesus love me after I have been so wicked and done such evil things to people’s life?” But the peace of God and the love of God came all over me and I shared it with my wife.

SID:  When you say the peace and love of God, do you really mean a tangible thing, I mean, did you feel this?

JOSE:  I felt it in my spirit and my mind, all around me. A peace that I never experienced before with no drugs that I ever did before, with no relationship that I had, no car that I drove, could compare to this.

SID:  So how did your wife react?

JOSE:  Oh, she thought I was crazy. She said, “Calm down, honey.” And three months later she was keeping an eye on me and saw a change.

SID:  Like what?  What kind of change?

JOSE:  I became more sensitive to her needs.   I began to help out in the house, I had never helped with anything in the house and she said “I don’t know what you have, but whatever it is, I want it.”

SID:   Now I understand that previous to this, you didn’t want to read much, but something happened to your reading.

JOSE:  Yes, I was a person who just read what I needed to know, and all of a sudden the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit of God drew me to His word, and there would be times, eight and ten hours a day that I couldn’t put the Bible down.   I was being sanctified by His word, I was being renewed by the word of God, and change took place inside of me.

SID:  That is an amazing change, for someone who doesn’t read just to want to read. For how many hours would you read the Bible?

JOSE:  Eight, ten hours a day.

SID:  Did you hear that?  Eight or ten hours a day; but then, he literally got caught up into heaven. Tell me about that.

JOSE:  Oh yes.  I was meditating in my bed about the word of God and being so thankful that He saved my soul. And suddenly, I’m up in Heaven, and I saw the streets of gold, and the angels of God in this big room but I met Jesus there for the first time. And He sat me in His lap.

SID:  Are you telling me you literally sat in the lap of Jesus?

JOSE:  Yes, Sir.

SID:  Okay.

JOSE:  Yes, and He put His hand around me, and the love of God was gushing out of Him towards me, but I felt like a filthy rag in His presence; a filthy rag.

SID:  Now, that’s unfair. How come He did that with you, and He didn’t do that with me?  I’ve never been up in heaven.  I’ve never been in His lap.

JOSE:  Well, He is

SID:  What great things did you do to deserve this?

JOSE:  Nothing; all by His love.  When I got saved, the only thing for two and one half years I said, “Lord, I thank you for saving my soul.”  That was my prayer, nothing else.

SID:  Then you started praying to hear God’s voice.  Tell me.

JOSE:  Yes.  After a while of being grateful for being saved, I asked the Lord, “Would you consider giving me this gift of prophecy?”  Would you consider? And He did give it to me. I began to see things, how people looked inside. I could hear the voice of the Holy Spirit

SID:  What do you mean, how people could look inside? You mean you could see what’s going on inside of them?

JOSE:  I could literally see how the spiritual condition was of these people around me.   Or I could go to a house, and the house was with sin, and I would be crying and sobbing to the point that I could not even walk.   People would have to carry me out.

SID:  Did you want this gift?

JOSE:  Oh, I asked the Lord for it, very much indeed.

SID:  Wait a second.  When you tell people when you see sin in someone’s life, that’s a tough assignment, Jose.

JOSE:  It is; specifically when they are leaders.  It is.  And the response from leaders is, “You know too much.  I don’t want to see you.”

SID:  I would imagine there are some people who don’t even want to be in your presence.

JOSE:  Absolutely.  Absolutely.

SID:  Well, I want to tell you something.  He is going to move into such a supernatural arena with you. Don’t go away, we are going to be right back, and you are going to have an encounter with the supernatural.

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