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SIDHello, it’s Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Jose Santana. This is an unusual show.  I tell you it is not going to be just, T.V., as normal.  It’s interactive; you are going to experience the reality, the presence, the tangible presence. Many of you are going to be healed, right as you are watching. My guest, Jose Santana, is a modern day seer, a prophet. Tell me the first time this gift started working with your brother?

JOSE:  Okay.  I would be praying in my house, and all of a sudden I finished praying and I am going up to the second floor and the Lord gave me like this video tape, and I saw these two guys planning to kill my brother. And they said when he comes we are going to put him in the front seat, and I’m going to go in the back seat and I am going to put the bullet upwards so it will not hit the windshield. So I said let me call my brother and warned him that they are going to kill him. So, after the phone rings for twenty times, he picks up the phone, he was using drugs at that time, at that season of his life.   And I said, “Tony, Tony, what ever you do, there is going to come these two friend of yours in a brown car, and they are wearing these shirts

SID:  It wasn’t a symbolic thing.  You literally saw this happening?

JOSE:  I saw the plan and I saw them going to his house to pick him up and the purpose was to kill him.  I just saw the whole thing.   So I warned him and he did not go out of the house.

SID:  This happened a second time too.  Tell me what else happened.

JOSE:  The second time I went out with my wife to this restaurant and we just sat down. Within a minute of sitting down the Lord spoke to me, “Get out of there and go to your brother’s house. So after talking to my wife for about a minute and a half she decided to come with me. We went to my brother’s house, we knocked on the door and five or six minutes later he comes down and I asked, “Tony, are you okay?” He says, “Yes, I am.” “Tony, are you okay?” He said, “I am.” The third time I asked, “Tony, are you okay?” He says, “No.” I said, “What’s up with you?” He said, “I was just this close to killing myself.”  And I said, “The Lord just sent me here to stop that.” And of course he received the Lord and committed his heart to the Lord at that particular time in his life.

SID:  Now, sometimes, you’ve told me, that you see bad things like sin in people’s lives or around them.  Tell me about one pastor that this happened with?

JOSE:  Wow.  This particular pastor as very dear to my heart and I loved him and would pray for him daily, of course. And the Lord showed me there was sin in his life and I when started to confront that area, he said, “You know too much.  Get out of my face!  I don’t want nothing to do with you.”  And he literally stopped speaking to me because I just shared what the Lord

SID:  Now, did you see the exact sin?

JOSE:  Absolutely, absolutely

SID:  Did you tell him?

JOSE:  Yes.

SID:  Could you tell me, since I don’t know who it is?

JOSE:  Okay, good, good.  And we’re not talking about his name so. It was some sexual immorality going on in his life at that particular time.

SID:  What, Jose, what makes someone that is a minister, or what makes someone who says they are a Christian, be involved in sins of that nature?

JOSE:  I believe it is an issue of people’s heart.   If you have an area, for instance, if you don’t like liver, no matter how much liver they put in front of you, you are not going to bite into it. But if you have an area that connects with sin, whatever the sin might be.  It could be finances, it could be pride, could be sexual addiction, you are going to bite into it.  And I believe people have not learned to sanctify themselves completely unto God, and there is an opening, and so the enemy comes to them with these things.

SID:  Tell me about one time you literally left where you were and went somewhere and saw things you had no way of knowing.

JOSE:  Right.  Again, one day I was in my office doing some study, and all of a sudden I am taken out of my body into this place of decision making; and all of the big shots were at this table putting a date for war to take place, and I saw the whole thing.

SID:  A date for war to take place?

JOSE:  Yes, yes, they were planning this particular time and season; a date, and they spoke like November is no good as this is a holiday. Christmas is no good because of this, and they were going back and forth setting a date to war.

SID:  My goodness, what did you do with that information?

JOSE:  I was so scared thinking God would trust me with that information and I said, “Lord show me Your ways; teach me how to pray when You show me these things.” But you know, my first reaction was, “Oh my Lord, war is coming down.”

SID:  Now when you left where you were and went to, was this another country?

JOSE:  Yes.

SID:  And went to this other country and saw the plan for the war, were you a little afraid?

JOSE:  Absolutely.

SID:  That’s a pretty supernatural event.

JOSE:  Yes, but the peace of God was with me.  I was afraid with all that information that I was receiving by the Spirit. But the peace of God was all over me when I was looking at it.

SID:  We’ll be right back, after these words.

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