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SIDHello Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Hank and Brenda Kunneman and we are talking about the most important thing; I mean with what we are facing on planet earth with all the things – I mean you can’t open up a newspaper without seeing things that your candidates for a spirit of fear. We’ve got to hear God’s voice, I mean to survive, to function, to fulfill destiny, to be satisfied. I mean there is no satisfaction if you don’t have intimacy with God. If you, I mean, most Christians I know have greater intimacy with their own religion than they have with God himself. Hank, I wonder if you would give us some keys that God has shown you in hearing God’s voice.

HANK:  I think that the first thing that I have learned is, again set a time, set a place and not an agenda. You know sometimes we set an agenda and then we expect God to conform and adjust to what our agenda is for the meeting; you know the meeting time and the meeting place, and what I have learned to do is, I have times where I just go in and I talk to the Lord and I say “Lord the Bible says let the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all.” So I go in and I say Lord what is on your heart? That is the first thing I do is I ask him what is on his heart and then I wait. The second thing I do is I always take in a journal most of the time because it is very important. You know we want to hear from God and the Lord rebuked me one day in a gentle way. He said “do you really believe that I am going to speak to you?” And I said “Well yes” and He said “Well then why do you never document or write down what I speak to you is your memory that good?” And of course, I know it’s not and so I write down what I believe that I’ve heard. The other thing is I think hearing God is an obedience too, sometimes we don’t realize we hear God or sometimes we hear God like this – with our fingers in our ear, or we are selective in our hearing. I have two children and sometimes they are selective in their hearing.

SID:  We only hear what we want.

HANK:  That is what I am saying. Now you heard something very powerful about Samuel that maybe we could share also, I think would be a great key.

BRENDA:  Well sometimes I think we make, we as human beings we make hearing God difficult. I think the most important thing is that we have to remember that God wants to talk to us. You know we are his church we are his kids and so He loves us He cares about us He wants to speak to us. You know as a parent I want to speak to my children. You know I love talking and communicating with them. And I think that so many people feel like well you know, God isn’t interested in me, or I sinned today. So you know now He is mad at me and He doesn’t want to talk to me, and we forget that God is interested in talking to us. And I think the important thing is that we need to make it simple. When God spoke to Samuel when He was laying on his bed at night, it’s interesting that the voice of Samuel or the voice of God came to Samuel and it sounded a lot like the priest. In fact, so much that he ran to Eli and said “did you call me?” It sounded to him like what was familiar – what He could hear. And God will speak to us in ways that we can hear him. He doesn’t always speak to, you know, the way that He speaks to you may not be how He’ll talk to me. But He will communicate to me and I think the reason sometimes we don’t hear him is not because He is not talking, because God does talk to us. I think it is more sometimes that we are not believing that He wants to speak to us and that his voice is coming clearly. I think that it is more often that we are not listening and that up here we think that could not have been God, or that was just me, or I have heard that somewhere else. Or boy that just sounded like my own thoughts and a lot of the times that is not the case it is the Holy Spirit, coming to us.

SID:  Hank, you could have easily done it, but remember the time that you prophesied a woman that had a hysterectomy was going to have a child? If you had only known, I don’t know if you could’ve prophesied that.

HANK:  I didn’t know that, in fact how it happened is the Lord called this woman out, and I began to tell her, I said “Ma’am, God is going to give you a son, and you will see within one year from now the Lord will reward you with a son. Well she stood up and said “but, but, but” and I said “no, no, no, sit down.” And I didn’t really realize like you said that she had a hysterectomy. Well then her husband begins to stand up and He says “But you don’t understand.” But I heard it so clearly, down inside of here. You know a lot of people are in mental institutions that say they have heard God, and they have gone out and done something horrific or something that is totally against the character of God. It’s not a mental thing I don’t hear God in my head; I don’t hear voices I hear the Lord down inside of my heart. Sometimes it is a knowing sometimes it is an impression sometimes it is a still small voice that I hear and in this case it was very loud with this woman. What the Lord was wanting and He literally wanted to tell this woman that she was going to have a baby, within a year. And what is funny about this, and you will appreciate this (speaking to Brenda), is this woman about a year later came running up to us and said “Look what you did, look what you did.” I said “Look what I did?” And she was pregnant; this pregnant lady was running up to me I said “Ma’am’…”

SID:  You did this.

HANK:  I didn’t do this – I am a very faithful man and a very faithful husband to my wife. And I said what are you talking about?

SID:  It’s a good thing that Brenda wasn’t there look with this pregnant woman look what you did. (laughing)

HANK:  And of course, I wanted this story because everybody around the book table they were listening. Then she said you prophesied you spoke to me. She said that I would have a son, and she said the ultrasound proved it right, and then later on I did see the baby. But it was a son, but had I known ahead of time that information, it probably would’ve pulled me completely away from the place of faith. And expectancy and it could’ve maybe hindered her receiving.

BRENDA:  Because sometimes you know we get in our head and listening to the voice of the Lord coming to us you know and we just can’t trust you know that is God.  He does talk He is there and He is speaking clearly. And you know that our human side gets in the way you know.

HANK:  Well how many of us have always grabbed our Bibles to get a word from God, so we reach down we grab our bibles we put our finger in it, we open up to the first scripture and it’s the one about locust’s will come out of your face or something.

SID:  We’ll try it again.

HANK:  Right. And we have tried that and there have been powerful times though, that if I stay in the word, not just those times where you hope God will speak; even though by his grace many times He has, but if you will stay in the word. And another thing that I have learned and people say, well how do you get in the spirit? How do you see in the spirit? You know what I tell them pray in the spirit.

SID:  Did you do that a lot?

HANK:  I do that a lot. Not just in the past but I do it a lot, I pray in the spirit.

SID:  Okay when you have a pad and you are writing down what God says, you are there and you are saying God what is on your heart? What else: do you play music, do you sing do you what so you do during this time?

HANK:  That is a great thing, I do a lot of different things a lot of times if I feel sleepy sometimes I will put on worship music, other times I have done this before, you know I want to spend time with God and so I am going to lay before the Lord only to wake up disappointed an hour later and I had a good nap. So I try to keep myself very active when I am in prayer, in other words there are times when I am real tired and I get up and pace and pray.

SID:  By the way has God showed you anything about Israel?

HANK:  Not really, not really, I have not been one who has been called to that great nation. At this point, so no.

SID:  Are they going to find oil there?

HANK:  That I have actually yes, the Lord has shown me.

SID:  Look we’ll be right back I want to find out other things, that God has told Hank. I want to see what He has told him about you. Be right back after this word.

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