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SID: Hello. Sid Roth right here, and I tell you I love genuine miracles. And many of you say oh yes but they’re phony. Well you can’t have a good counterfeit unless it’s a counterfeit of something authentic. And I fancy myself if you will, as your coach to help you move from that visible realm to that invisible realm; to capture the miracle that God wants you to have. Now, last week I interviewed Jan Aldridge. What an amazing miracle! I mean she was born – she should have died at birth. Her tongue was twice the size; she should have choked to death. They wanted to abort her before she was even born. But her mother knew better. And so she grew up, but she was grotesque, her tongue was twice the size of normal, and she even went to the point of considering surgery. The surgery would make her beautiful.  Cosmetically, however she would never be able to say a word again. And one night she received a word from God. What did God say to you Jan Aldridge?

JAN: I was being prayed for, the Lord spoke to me in an audible way; and he reinstated to me that he was not the author of this but he would be the finisher and he was.

SID: And then a few months later, she was at a meeting and she was prayed for. And what happens to the tongue that the doctor said that the only solution was cut?

JAN: Well, as I had my hands raised and the tongue was burning and shaking, Diane Ard just began to pray and she spoke to the tongue and she said I command that this tongue line up with the way God created it; and I command that this string of the tongue be loose. And I remember just standing there thinking, okay I can’t do this. I can’t fake it or anything. And in the time frame probably between five and ten minutes of just standing there, I began to feel the tongue move a little. It was not just like a zip up but a little movement; and the whole time I remember just telling myself, I probably just turned my head. I probably was just shaking or something, but in a matter of moments when that tongue went over in my lip; the doctors later confirmed that in that moment, it had to shrink and the length and the width and the thickness and here I am (sticks her tongue out).

SID: (laughs) I have to laugh every time that happens. Now, there are two more things you have to tell me. Number one: when you went home and you said mamma for the first time without slurring…

JAN: Right; without an impediment.  The whole way home I kept the light on in the car and kept looking at the tongue. I thought that the Lord had made it too small because I had never felt it fit in my mouth. And when I walked in the door and my parents had already gone to bed that night, and when I got to the end of the hall I cried out mamma! And it was the first time that I had said it plain. And my mother had come out of her bedroom and I remember she said, “The Lord’s has done gone and healed you hadn’t he.”

SID: What a feeling for your mom? What a feeling for you!

JAN: Amen! It was a healing for her as well.

SID: Tell me, as best as you can remember; what was it like realizing you were normal?

JAN: It was like, everything was like new. I remember even in reading the word of God that night; I had a Bible all of my life. I knew the Bible stories. But I remember opening the Bible to Ecclesiastes. And I remember reading it and to every time there was a season and I would just weep. Everything was just so precious. I was thinking you know, to everything there’s a season. It was just like seeing the world through a whole different, a whole different view. It was like something that never should’ve happened – it happened

SID: Okay, someone needs a miracle right this second –

JAN: Yes.

SID: besides praying for them what advice would you give to them?

JAN: Well number one: the greatest thing is it’s great to have a prayer of agreement, but we don’t have to have them, because the Lord says ‘what would you have me do?’

SID: What do you mean by prayer of agreement?

JAN: Well I mean, if you can find somebody to agree on a scripture and pray for you great; but you don’t have to have ten people on your side. If you call upon the name of the Lord in the day of trouble he hears your cry. If you believe with him – even an ounce of faith – your faith and His faith.

SID: Yes, yes, yes but I’ve prayed before and nothing happened!

JAN: Well pray again! It said that the lady bombarded the king until she got his attention. Be persistent and remember, hey this is a battle for you. You’re the one having to deal with it. Nobody else does but God hears your cry; and it said that he passed the disciples on into a storm and they were fighting in their own strength and it said he would’ve passed them by until they called out to him. And Jesus sees’ your situation right now, and he sees’ people lost and he wants to heal them, but we have to confess our sins to be saved; but the greatest thing is ask and ask believing.

SID: Now you’re just someone special that’s why God healed you.

JAN: No. No, trust me I have lived with myself all of my life. It’s mercy. It’s mercy, I mean even after I got healed I messed up, but he didn’t take it back. I mean he died that we would be saved he took strikes so we would be healed.

SID: All right now we know exactly why the devil tried to do this and it was the devil why the devil tried to get your tongue cut so that you would never be able to speak again. You literally can hear from God and speak into people lives and tell them about themselves. Give me one example.

JAN: Well I remember one time I was speaking at a conference in Tennessee, and I just felt led to share a tape, a set of my testimony tapes with someone to take to someone who had already been taken off of the donor list for a liver transplant. And he began to listen to the testimony, and the testimony, I prayed over this that if he would see if God did it for me, he would do it for him; and he began to confess I’m going to be healed. And the nurses told him your cancer is just too far gone; we’ve even taken you off of the donor list. And He said “No…”

SID:  That’s bad.

JAN: Right, but he said no the Lord is going to heal me. And they got a call at the nurses desk and told them prep him that he is receiving a new liver; a donor had. And they said that he is not even on the list he is too far gone. And they said all we know is we have a liver being flown in to do a transplant. And they opened him up, and as the opening up the cancer was gone. He got a new liver, but if they would’ve never opened him up, they would’ve never seen that the cancer was gone.

SID: Tell me about another healing

JAN: We had a lady in Virginia, probably five years ago, at a state lady’s conference. The lady was legally blind, came in with a cane with a red tip. I didn’t even know that the lady was there; and the Lord just told me to speak to the right. And there was about 600 other women there and I’m not embellishing. And the Lord said ‘there’s someone blind to my right.’ And I called out and this lady came forward and the Lord said ‘this time next year you won’t need that cane, you won’t need a guide dog. You will be healed.’ And we got a call eight months later, that sitting in her church in an evening service, the Lord reminded her of that promise and she received her sight.

SID: And let’s suppose you got a phone call and she did not receive her sight. Would you stop saying God is saying this?

JAN: No.

SID: And why would she not receive this?

JAN: First of all, I’m not going to judge. I think too many times we try to defend ourselves and say our ministry they didn’t have enough faith. That’s not my part to judge a person’s faith. That’s not me I’m not in their shoes, but as long; I would rather leave this earth knowing I spoke everything he spoke to me to say and have the critics, then to be a naysayer; worried about how I looked. Because I trust the Lord, that if I’m listening to his voice, that His words won’t return void and his time his season; not that I get the glory, not that everybody hears that I hear from God, but that God be lifted up.

SID: One last miracle.

JAN: One last miracle: we had a lady in Alabama that had multiple miscarriages and the Lord just spoke to me and told her to be at peace that if they tried again; and I think that they have two kids now and doing great.

SID: Okay, let’s go to the telephones right now and have Jan and perhaps – I’ll even do some praying too; but even more important than that – I want to see God show up. How about you? I’m ready to see a miracle and even now, even at the beginning, right now some of you are beginning to feel the peace of God. That’s called the Shalom of God; just penetrating – going right through your television set; and there’s some of you, you feel like you have been beaten down so bad. Well I’ve got some good news for you, I’ve got some great news for you; there’s a victory – music I’m hearing; I’m hearing victory for you. There is, listen! Believe God; believe his word that he has provided for every one of your needs. We’ll be right back with these telephone calls don’t go away

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