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SID: Hello. I’m Sid Roth your investigative reporter. I’ve been here with Jan Aldridge; and Jan just had the most wonderful miracle! And now Jan prays for people and she has supernatural words for, not all, but for those that God gives her. These supernatural words for from God that we’ll talk a bit about that and many people that she prays for are physically healed. For instance I have on the live line Nistka from, where is Nistka from? Nistka where are you from? Hi Nistka, this is Sid Roth. Where are you from?

Caller: Hello, I’m from northern Kentucky.

SID: Well Nistka, what happened to you?

Caller: One year ago to the date on May 22, 2003, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. A few days after that, on May 29th, I luckily enough to be where Jan was and had her pray for me. And she told me at that time that I no longer had MS. And up to this day; the side effects that I was experiencing from MS were numbness, and tingling in my arms, legs, and lips; and I had had them almost every day for six months prior.

SID: Nistka I have to ask you a question: I am told that many times MS symptoms go into remission. How would you respond?

Caller: That’s what they say. (laughs)

SID: That’s what they say…

Caller: Yes, but usually not over a year and mine have already, since the day Jan prayed for me, I have not had one single symptom for a year. Nothing!

SID: When she prayed for you, just out of curiosity; were you believing that you would be healed? Did you feel anything special?

Caller: I was caught off guard because I wasn’t expecting her to say that I was healed; I was just expecting her to say that I would be okay for the rest of my life.

SID: Jan why did you say that she was going to be healed? You were really putting God on the spot.

JAN: I was and that’s why if it was Jan on the spot, I would’ve never said it.

SID: But why did you say it?

JAN: Because when I prayed for her, that’s exactly what I felt the Spirit of the Lord said. The agreement that we had and the word and I would of never said that, but at that moment when I prayed with her, I remember the Lord saying ‘it’s taken care of.” And so his word will not return void. If it would of just been me, she would probably she would still be having side effects.

SID: Okay now Nistka when she said it was done what did you think?

Caller: I thought it was a miracle. I wasn’t sure; I was scared and taken by surprise and then; but when I got home I felt an incredible sense of relieve and calmness. And I believed in God, that he would stick with His word and heal me.

SID: Thank you so much Nistka. Let’s go to Emily. Emily you’re in Ohio. How are you doing?

Caller: I’m doing great.

SID: How old are you Emily?

Caller: I am eleven.

SID: My goodness. Well, tell me what happened to you?

Caller: Umm, Jan came to our church for a revival service, and she asked for the people that need a healing to come down to the altar; and I did and she prayed for me and I have seen single ever since.

SID: What was your vision like before she prayed for you?

Caller: I would see two of everything.

SID: Was this your whole life?

Caller: Yes.

SID: Only eleven years, but your whole life. What is it like to see single rather that two of everything?

Caller: I am more sure of what I am doing; like I would go and I would grab for something and I would be grabbing the air, but now I know I’m grabbing it for real.

SID: What do you think about God?

Caller: I know he’s real.

SID: You know 90% or 100%.

Caller: I know 110% He’s real.

SID: 110%.

JAN: Go Emily.

SID: I’ll buy that Emily, thank you so much.

Caller: You’re welcome.

SID: Let’s go to Dominique in is that Southington, Connecticut Dominique?

Caller: Yes sir.

SID: And what do you want God to do for you now? Not tomorrow, not yesterday but now.

Caller: I had a knee surgery and I am presently paralyzed from my knee down.

SID: Just one leg or both?

Caller: No, just in my left leg.

SID: Okay.

Caller: I had like nine surgeries. I lost my whole calf muscle, I had my ankle fused which it didn’t take; and I’m suffering – pain; I’m angry, I’m bitter; I feel like I was robbed.

SID: Let me ask you a question; so where are you with Jesus?

Caller: I’m falling out; I’m lost.

SID: Did you ever feel you had a relationship with him?

Caller: Absolutely.

SID: What was the problem? Because of your injury, that you have this estrangement from him or what would you say is the reason?

Caller: Yes, yes.  I have a two-year-old son and I can’t play with him. I can’t do anything with him, and it’s just you know, it’s very hard to accept what happened to me.

SID: Let me ask you a question in your heart of hearts: do you blame God?

Caller: No.

SID: Who do you blame?

Caller: The doc.

SID: Well let me tell you something: according to the Bible we have an enemy, and we are at war as long as we are in this earth suit. And the enemy is not flesh and blood, but the enemy is the spirit realm. Now the truth is that the spirit realm uses people with the flesh and blood, but if that doc did not exist, you would still have an enemy; and somehow blaming someone else releases – even from a physiological view point – releases toxins and poisons in your body. And that’s why the Messiah says -he literally commands us to forgive people. I believe that the beginning of your journey to being whole will begin with you making a willful decision; not based on the doctor deserving it, but based on your love for God, to forgive that doctor. And that’s a hard thing I’m asking. I understand that, but I tell you, if you will follow God, not me; but if you will follow God, I believe that this will be the beginning of a great miracle in your life.

Caller: (sniffles) I could do that.

SID: Would you do that right now with the two of us as a witness and with anyone that happens to be listening, but most of all because God is listening right now? Would you tell God that because you love God so much you choose to forgive that doctor?

Caller: Father, I just ask you to know that I forgive the doctor for what he done and I don’t think that it was him. I want to put the blame on satan; and I ask you to soften my heart in your name.

SID: I speak to your leg and I say just like in the book of Ezekiel, the prophets spoke to the dry bones; I want to speak to your leg and leg I command life in Yeshua’s name. I command – oh that’s it! There is a release – there’s some faith going on that’s inside of you Dominique right now. And that faith is drawing the presence of God into your leg from your knee down. I speak life. Is it possible to try to do something you could not do before? Even if it’s a very little thing Dominique, would you try right now?

Caller: I’m trying.

SID: I believe you, I believe you. Is there any difference?

Caller: Yes, I can move. I can move my foot a little bit.

SID: Could you do that before Dominique?

Caller: No.

SID: You know what – I am feeling such,

JAN:  Amen.

SID:  God really; did you know that God loves you Dominique?

Caller: Yes.

SID: You know, it’s so trite – the statement “God loves me.” “God loves you.” Talk is cheap, but you know what? Religion – if you don’t have an actual encounter with the living God is just a dud; it really is. I say to you that God wants you to experience him right now. Not just an intellectual thing but experientially there is, if you can imagine that God loves you so much that he want to wrap his arms around you right now; he wants to comfort you he wants to literally take you in his lap; he wants you to say and you may be 74 years old, but he wants you to say daddy, daddy. But your sins have separated you from your God. And if you will turn from your sins and say, just say this with me: “God I am sorry that I have sinned. Please forgive me. Give me the ability to stop. I believe that Jesus died in my place and by his blood I am forgiven, and now that I am forgiven I am clean; and now that I am clean, Yeshua come inside of me; take over my life. I make you Lord of my life. Fill me with your Spirit right now. Fill me. Let me experience your love. Hug me Abba Father. Hug me, hug me I need you.”

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