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Shalom Mishpochah, Shalom family.  Mishpochah is a Hebrew word.  It means family and we’re the Mishpochah.  The family with a Jewish heart made up of Jewish and non-Jewish people where the middle wall of separation between Jew and Gentile it’s has finally come down to form One New Man. Getting ready Mishpochah to blow the grandest shofar , oh the grandest trumpet in Zion.  We want everyone, everywhere to hear the good news.  We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah.  My guest is red hot for the Messiah.  His name is Dave Hess.  He goes to the doctor to get rid of  flu type symptoms that are just hanging in there and the doctor says we’ll give you a blood test.  He gives him a blood test and it comes back with a report, you have acute myeloid leukemia, which is the most aggressive kind of leukemia and you have a month to live.  Out of the blue, how do you handle that?  Well, God had been teaching Dave how to handle that. And some of the keys, well when you bump into a tragedy or when you have a disappointment, or when a promise of God has not come to pass.  Or when your  just feeling plain discouraged, and let’s face it to be human is to have all of those emotions.  And when I listened to his teaching over and over again joy just bubbles up within me.  Now Dave explain to me how dancing helps when your in the battle.

DAVE: There are things the Lord calls us to do that bless Him but they also hugely beneficial to us and I had been facing a moment where my body had a very violent reaction to a platelet transfusion. When you get a blood transfusion you get the blood of one or maybe two donors.  But, when you get a platelet transfusion they may harvest platelets from thirty to thirty-five people and after treatment of chemotherapy your platelets are depleted and often they need to give you this transfusion.  My body did not want thirty-two different kinds of platelets in it and my body went ballistic and my fever went up over 105 degrees and with my wife beside the bed in the room and my nurse there, they called the doctor.  I blacked out.  And they had to work to revive me but while that was going on in the hospital room in the natural I went to another place.  People talk about going to a happy place.  I went to a real happy place.  I went to the presence of the Lord and it was as if He was standing right in front of me.  Somehow shrouded like seeing someone behind the shower curtain, He was there and it was the most amazing place.  I felt like I was in the presence of vibrant  love and powerful peace and contagious joy and everything inside of me wanted to jump into Him, to plunge into Him.  It was like He was a vacuum cleaner just sucking me into His presence and I wanted to be there.  And within a moment it’s like that..He didn’t  say a word but it’s like within a moment the shower curtain went dark and I began to wake up and saw my wife.  So there in that room I looked at my wife and she said “David it was horrible, I thought we lost you.”  And I said well, I was here and described what I had just encountered and then I heard the Lord say.  Stand and get up and dance.  Right there in the hospital room and I said Sherry, pull the bars down on the side of this bed, I’m getting out of bed.  We have got to stand and we’ve got to dance.  She said you are not supposed to do that.

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