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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Janie DuVall, and we’re talking about supernatural languages. I believe that God wants to restore this gift for the last great push of God’s spirit. As I study the great men and women of God throughout history one ingredient is left out, but it’s in the record, Janie, and that is they all have spoke in supernatural languages. There was a one-eyed, uneducated African-American man that literally led the Azusa Street Revival.

JANIE: William Seymour.

SID: Most people don’t know this. If you had walked into his service the first thing you would see is a man sitting there with a box over his head. You wouldn’t be able to see his face. You would have run out. But you know what he was doing? He was praying in supernatural languages, and he would not take the box off of his head until God told him what to do.

JANIE: But you know, he’s not the only one. John G. Lake, Smith Wigglesworth, that was their key to walking in the miraculous. And all the guests that you’ve had lately, even in like the past year, I asked them, okay, what’s your secret? How come you’re seeing angels? How come you’re being translated? How come you see fast answers to prayer? How come so many people are getting healed? I prayed in supernatural languages a long time. That’s the key. And you know what the big key, but some people can still pray in supernatural languages and not have anything happen. And the reason is when you’re praying in supernatural languages you’re allowing the Holy Spirit to change you. You’re allowing him to have you walk in supernatural love and supernatural power. But if you don’t allow that change then you could be stopping it.

SID: Well you know something else? I’ve always heard all things work together for good. It comes from Roman 8. But the verse before that says, if you’re praying in supernatural languages all things work together for good. My favorite story about supernatural languages is I used to have a Bible study in my home. And we had a Filipino woman that came. She got radically filled with the spirit, loved the Lord, and she started bringing her husband. Her husband is very conservative, Catholic background. He would sit there with his hand like this. He was a medical doctor. Actually, he was professor of medical doctors at Howard University, and as far as he was concerned, he was okay with God. Well one day I put my hand on him, Janie, and I started praying in supernatural language, and you should have seen the expression on is face. He looks at me and he looks at his wife, and he looks at me again, and his first thought was, my wife taught Sid how to pray in the Filipino language.

JANIE: Oh interesting.

SID: His second thought was, “No, she couldn’t have done that because she doesn’t know my dialect. There are 40 different dialects in the Philippines.” And I spoke in the Filipino language in his dialect, and this is what I said: You must repent of your sins and believe in the Messiah. And that sign caused this sophisticated medical doctor to repent of his sins and have an encounter with the Lord. Let me tell you how changed he was. I used to live in Washington, D.C. at the time, and I went out to Georgetown. That’s where all the college kids hang out on the weekends. And I started passing tracks out about the Messiah. And I said, “Dr. Caesar, would you like to come with me?” He said, “Sure. Surprise me.” He’s out there passing tracks out. Some of his students in medical school walk up to him and say, “Dr. Santos, what are you doing here?” And he said, “I’m telling everyone about Jesus.” His wife said, he’s in Heaven now. His wife said to me, the happiest time of their marriage was after he became radical for the Messiah. And that all happened because I had chutzpah, that’s a Hebrew word, the nerve to speak in a supernatural language. Tell me about one time when you did that.

JANIE: You know, one time, and it’s come out in all different language. Sometimes Hebrew, sometimes Aramaic, sometimes even Chinese. But I was at church and I spoke out in French. And there was a woman who brought this man to church. He didn’t believe in Jesus at all. But he heard my words, supernatural languages, come out in French and he knew that I didn’t speak French. She told him and he the words, “Come to me now. Respond please. Respond please.” And he ended up believing in Jesus.

SID: Well you know, I believe one of the reasons God wants these supernatural languages restored is because they’re signs that are so amazing to Jewish people, and the Jewish person requires a sign. So that’s one of the reasons for the restoration of supernatural languages.

JANIE: And it’s a door to the supernatural.

SID: All the gifts.

JANIE: All the gifts of the spirit, yes.

SID: So it is actually your idea, Janie. You said, let’s approach our home congregation and have a special meeting. Explain.

JANIE: Well we invited a bunch of people and we just said, okay, bring people who are hungry who really want the power of the Lord, who really want to speak in supernatural languages. So the turnout was incredible.

SID: By the way, I was a little nervous about this.

JANIE: I know.

SID: I mean, we were saying if you don’t speak in supernatural languages and you want to, show up. I mean, there could have been two people that showed up. When I drove to the parking lot I was shocked when I saw all the cars out there. JANIE: It was really packed. And then you asked at the end for people to come up who really wanted their supernatural language. And you had from the really young to old. And there were some people. There was one couple, her husband came up. And for 20 years they used to argue about supernatural languages. And he thought, “What do I need this for?” Well he ended up speaking in supernatural languages that night. All of them did, from the children to the old.

SID: Oh and there was this one woman who was also of a Catholic background and her daughter brought her, and the whole way there in the car she’s saying to her mother, “I want you to pray in supernatural language.” In the whole way her mother is saying, “I don’t believe in that nonsense. I don’t even know why I’m coming, but I’ll go to the meeting.” Do you know what? She came forward and broke forth in the most beautiful language. Now she’s telling everyone, “You must,” she must be a Jewish mother but she doesn’t know it. “You must all speak in supernatural language.” Janie, I would like to hear, I want to take you back. You went to your Jewish mother who had now publicly made Jesus the Messiah, and you said, “Mom, I want you to hear this language.” Her mother took that as a strong sign and then became a bold believer in the Messiah. I would like to have you speak in a supernatural language just as you spoke to your mother.

JANIE: [supernatural language]

SID: Now I don’t speak French. But I have to tell you something. It sounded French to me. But at the meeting then after everyone got their language we started singing. What did it sound like?

JANIE: It sounded like angels. And I want you all to hear what it sounded like.

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