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Sid: My guest, Charles Vance has been studying finances for many years from a spiritual biblical perspective.  He lives in West Virginia.  And for those of you that aren’t familiar with West Virginia, it is the poorest state per capita of all the states of the United States. And Charles Vance was raised with a   poverty mentality and one day the light bulbs went on because a Pastor was bold enough to teach him God’s principals involving money.  And not all of them, just a few Charles, but that was enough to get you started.  Am I right?

Charles: Oh, it wet my taste.  It was something just catapulted me to another level of hunting through the Word of God to find out proofs for myself.

Sid: Well, in 1970 your income, your personal income was what, below the government’s poverty level and today you and your wife are in the top 1% of the wealthiest people in the world.  And you hate poverty with a passion.

Charles: Loathe it. I hate it because I’ve seen so much of it.  And I’ve seen people act like its normal.  I believe poverty is anything but normal in the Kingdom of God.  I believe God wants us to prosper.

Sid: And the reason that I have you on the air this week is because our country is in an economic crisis.  Tell me some of the statistics your aware of.

Charles: Sid, our national debt is moving.  It’s increasing four billion dollars a day with a b.  It’s somewhere around thirteen and a half trillion dollars.  I don’t think anybody can even comprehend that. A trillion, a let me give you this real quick.  A million seconds is 11 ½ days approximately.  A billion seconds is 32 years, a trillion seconds is 32,000 years.  Our national debt is almost 13.25 trillion dollars.  Increasing four billion dollars a day and nobody has come up with any idea to do anything to stop the runaway inflation that is going on.

Sid: I have to tell you that the thing that is so upsetting to me is I’m watching what is going on and I’m watching the debt is being increased so dramatically and I don’t see anything to change that.  And I’m not very optimistic on the economy in the United States of America.  As a result of what I said.  I have a background; I was a stock broker at Merrill Lynch so I have a degree of a background.  And I mean it almost seems as if everything they are doing is going to cause us a problem rather than solve a problem.

Charles: I’m 100% in agreement with you.  The US only has about 1.2 trillion dollars in circulation.  There’s less than 2 trillion dollars in gold that is stored in the world.  The US gold reserve is just over 100 billion dollars.  We are living on paper promises in this country.

Sid: How long can we have white paper and green ink and a printing press and just keep printing this worthless money?

Charles: At some point, you know a lot of this they have this national debt several trillion dollars is to foreign countries and if the foreign countries decide that they want to call their debt in from the United States I do not what.  There is going to be some sort of economical chaos that is taking place in the government.  I know so many different things that the government does.  The one instance, they borrow money over night from several lending institutions, bunches of them and type checks which is against the law for us to do.  But they write bad checks.  I had a friend of mine that was the president of a large credit union and he said that they loaned the government every penny that they had electronically from five o’clock in the evening until nine o’clock the next morning.  I asked him what the government did with it, he said they wrote checks on in and then they put it back in the bank at nine o’clock the next morning or in the credit union and the following evening they took it back out again and wrote more bad checks on it to other people.  How long can that happen.  How long can it keep going until this country goes into some sort of free fall financially?  I think that the country, the finances of the country are headed for chaos for just utter chaos.  And if we are trusting the government me give you this statistic.  Over 50% of people that are American citizens are getting some sort of government check.  Not all of that…

Sid: Fifty percent?

Charles: Over 50%.  You know there’s retirement checks, social security checks, but there’s a lot of welfare checks.  What are those folks going to do if the economy collapse and the government says we can’t get any more money or print any more money because nobody in the world honors it anymore?  If we are trusting in the government, and you know what?  My wife was teaching one of our…

Sid: Forgetting trusting in the government, how many people trust in their companies and trust in their employers for being able to survive?  I mean unless there’s another system rather than the system that everyone is stuck in, were all in trouble!

Charles: Well, there is absolutely is another system and it’s the Kingdom of God.

Sid: All right listen, you’ve lived it, you’ve taught it, you’ve seen it reproduce, but don’t you have fear over all these statistics that just rattled off your tongue?

Charles: Oh, I’m not concerned about these.

Sid: You’re not concerned?

Charles: Other people, other people, I’m certainly not concerned about me.

Sid: Really.

Charles: Absolutely not.

Sid: If there is rapid inflation and you need a wheel barrow of money to buy a loaf of bread you’re not concerned?

Charles: I’m not concerned about me.

Sid: Why?

Charles: I know what my source is.  My source is not the government. My source is not paper currency that the government prints, but my source is Almighty God.  I have heard people talk about, oh gosh a few years ago there was a thing called the Jupiter effect and that all the planets were going to line up back in the ‘80s and pull the earth off its axis.  There is not any chance in the world of it happening ever, because God set it in order and the Bible said the same word of His power keeps it in place.  That’s a kingdom law. And if I operate by the kingdom principals God has made promises to me that cannot fail because God does not lie and His word is settled forever in Heaven.  In the midst of a mess, just like in the midst of a poverty stricken state, my life can be prospering when other people’s lives are going down the tubes.

Sid: For those that did not hear, and you actually had to stream line it.  You’ve been teaching your seminar for many years and we have the four CDs called “Prospering in the Hard Times”.  You were talking about one man that understood what you said.  Had a revelation just like you had a revelation many years ago and tell me that story, I had to cut you short.

Charles: Well, he told me one day, we’ve started this new business and I said, “What is it?”  We’re mowing utility lines. He said, we’re mowing the grass and the shrubs off utility lines.  I said, that is interesting, so you are cutting grass for a living now.  Well, it is a little bit more than that, but I always kind of joke with him about mowing grass but, he said we just clear the lines, if there’s trees growing, we cut the trees move them so that they have access to these utility lines.  Last year, there company became a million dollar company.  Another thing that is even more interesting is that one of the companies they were working for, the people that they were answering to actually called him in the office one day and said, we just wanted to let you know, it is not my position, this guy said, it is not my position to tell you this, but you’re not charging this company enough money.  Now, that’s the favor of God that is working on somebody’s behalf because that just doesn’t happen by itself.

Sid: Do you walk in fog?  What I mean by fog, it’s an acronym for favor of God.  Do you walk in fog?

Charles: Absolutely, there are some principals in the Word of God that cause that will, cause the favor of God to be activated in your life.

Sid: Can any one walk in fog?

Charles: Absolutely, anyone can.  God’s no respecter of person.

Sid: All right, but what about people that have been doing it wrong?  They’ve been kicking there foot against the wall not realizing it and they’re in a mess right now.  These principals take time don’t they? Is there any hope for them?

Charles: I’ve heard people say bad things can happen just in a jiffy.  Good things can happen just in a jiffy as well.  I’ve seen them happen in my own life and they can happen in other people’s lives, but you have to start somewhere.  You know a lot of people contemplate how bad things are and they’ll spend the rest of their life anticipating that they’re never going to be able to have anything different.  But if you never start you can never have a change.  We’ve got to make a change today.  I believe people need to make a change right now.  Use the information that you have now and start a change working in your life.

Sid: Well, if you just listened to this broadcast for the rest of this week and apply some of the principals we will be talking about, it’s going to dramatically change your life.  But how much more if you get this four CD teachings series titled “Prospering in Hard Times”.  If you listen to these principals and let the light bulb of operating in God’s Kingdom rather than a government kingdom you will change your destiny.  And do you know what they are going to end up doing Charles?  They are going to help a lot of other people too, that is the way the Kingdom of God operates.  It multiplies.

Charles: No question about it.  I really believe that when we learn things, Jesus said when you give, it will be given unto you good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over.  It meant you will give into your bosom.  Now running over needs to be our life all of the time.

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