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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. I’m with Pastor John Kilpatrick at the Mobile Convention Center in Mobile Bay and lightening has struck a second time. It’s so wonderful. How would you compare the difference between this move of God and the Brownsville-Pensacola move of God?

JOHN: Well revival basically is revival. It’s the same strain. It’s the same spirit. But what I would say makes this one different is the presence of God is it feels much the same. It’s like deja vu all over again, but the miracles are more numerous. And they’re not only more frequent, but I’d say magnitude, greater miracles that we’re seeing right now. And you know, I hadn’t been out really in the glory since Brownsville and while we’ve been here in this convention center I was out in the glory several times again.

SID: Just as he said that the glory has gotten so hard, so strong, so wonderful that I believe that you could pray for people to experience right now. Would you do that?

JOHN: Father, in the powerful name of Jesus I just speak, Lord, that the glory of God come in people’s homes, hotel rooms, hospital rooms, right where they are right now, that the weighty presence of the Lord will move in, that the heat of the healing presence of God would overshadow the sick right now, and Lord, that your presence would move in, strengthen your people, encourage your people, and Lord, revive your people in the powerful name of Jesus.

SID: There is a healing anointing connected with this particular move of God’s spirit. It is the same as Brownsville from the viewpoint of holiness and repentance, and soul, but the healing, the miracle anointing, I heard that people with pain of any kind like in the back, here, you’re from Missouri. I want you to prove me, right now. If you have a backache, bend over. If you don’t, don’t bend. Okay. But seriously, seriously, you have arthritis in your fingers and even ears are opening. This is a glorious anointing. But the last time I interviewed you, you had had an acronym of the word “resurrection”, of what was going to happen in the next three years. Now there’s two years left, and what you painted, what God showed you was a horrible picture for the United States of America of what’s about ready to happen, and I believe God showed you, he downloaded in your spirit how we will know mysteries. What did He say to you?

JOHN: The Lord showed me that in no uncertain terms that before his coming that he was gonna reveal mysteries. He said, “In Heaven there’ll be no mysteries. In Heaven everything will be completely revealed.” But before we get to Heaven, mysteries are not gonna do us any good if they remain mysteries. So his coming is close. So the Holy Spirit is in the process right now of revealing mysteries to His people, not just prophets, not just pastors or evangelists, but laypeople. God’s revealing mysteries, things that’s been locked up, things that’s had people stumped, things that’s been clogged. He’s just loosing. And people’s dreams.

SID: Wisdom for what to do with your children. You’ve got an impossible situation. What to do with your marriage. What to do about your finances. He’s gonna show, I’ve listened to his teaching that God downloaded. He is going to show exactly how to solve these horrific problems that are coming on Planet Earth.

JOHN: Well I believe that next year and the next year are going to be crucial years. I believe the church needs to get ready. I’ve never been a preacher that’s a doomsayer by any means. I try to move in faith. I always have preached faith and I’m a very optimistic person. But I believe the next two years are gonna be crucial. I would really recommend that people begin to put back some money, cash if they can, and to put back some food and water, and things like that. I’m not trying to make anybody nervous or afraid, but I believe that these next two years are gonna be that crucial economically and otherwise, that I think it’s wisdom to do that. Now the Lord didn’t tell me to tell people to do that. But I believe that it’s just wisdom to do that. Just today, I ordered food today, meals, you know, MRE type meals. I ordered some today, not only for my family, but for my staff, I ordered some to make sure that in case hard times come that we’re prepared.

SID: Now this maybe sound crazy to you, Pastor, but I believe that we are about ready to come into the greatest days of the move of God’s spirit on Planet Earth, and I believe that if you’re experiencing any fear you have to get closer to God, and He makes a promise to you. His promise is if you will draw close to Him I promise you, I can almost feel His passion for you right now. I promise you if you draw close to Me, I will draw close to you. And that is the answer. In fact, what you teach is that people have to move from being a servant to being a friend. And I think of Abraham. Abraham was a friend of God.

JOHN: The Bible says, “When two walk together accept to be agreed.” In other words, if you walk with the Lord He wants you to get out of that servant mentality. We have to have a servant spirit about us before we’re willing to serve people. But the Lord doesn’t want us to come to Him like a servant. He said, “I have not called you a servant. I called you friend.” And the Lord reveals his secrets to his friends. Servants take care of things. Servants serve, but friends, when you look at the Last Supper you see John with his head on Christ’s breast and you see his ear right up to his heart. And John is the one in his gospel, the Gospel of John, he’s the one that wrote the deepest of the gospels, and he’s also the one that recorded the Revelation.

SID: How would you like to be a friend of God? If you repent your sins, you tell Him you’re sorry, and you believe that Jesus washed away your sins, I know it sounds too good to be true, but it’s true, and you ask him to live inside of you, that is the doorway into the greatest adventure of your life. It’s time for you to walk on that adventure right now. Do something about it. You don’t need my words. You just need to be honest with God. Draw close to God and He promises to draw close to you.

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