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Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah; he wasn’t always red hot for the Messiah, because he was facing a two year death sentence.  He was going to die in two years, his body was allergic to over a hundred different substances; his vital organs in process of closing down.  And he got a hold of some teaching on forgiveness, he forgave, he commanded the spirits of fear that had bound him his whole life to leave.  As a matter of fact Art Mathias, it sounds too simple.

Art:  That’s one of the biggest complaints we have about our ministry, is that it’s too simple.  But when you study what Jesus did, everything that Jesus did was brilliantly profoundly simple.

Sid:  Well, if someone just reads to the section on an unloving spirit, or just reads the section on forgiveness, or just reads the area of getting control over their thoughts and overcoming fear it’s going to change their life.  Forget the physical healing; they’ll just be walking in such freedom they won’t even have to worry about… As a matter of fact what’s better than being healed physically that’s never getting sick.

Art:  Well, living in peace is better than anything else having God’s Shalom in our hearts.

Sid:  Well, let’s go to an excerpt, I interviewed a pastor by the name of Mark Biltz and his wife read your book “Biblical Foundations of Freedom” and she lost a great deal of weight.  Let’s got to that excerpt.

Excerpt of Vickie Biltz:  This was me two years ago next November; I’ve lost ninety-five pounds since that time. (applause) The reason I got this way was to make myself safe, I had a lot of things happen to me as a young girl that shouldn’t happen.  Things my parents didn’t know about and I was lied to by the enemy and by a predator about things and so I held things in secret until I was thirty-eight years old.  And as a result even though I was a normal weight in high school, food and sweets were a comfort and nurtured me I thought, it was the enemy, it was the lie of the enemy and so as a result I blossomed to this size.  About six months before this, my brother who was forty-four years old had committed suicide and left behind two boys who were sixteen at the time and eighteen year old daughter; he had lost his house, his family, his wife, his business all within a year.  So that was on Valentine’s Day three years ago this coming February, so that whole next year I was very very angry and bitter at my brother and I ate, and I gained twenty pounds in that one year.  And after this trip I came home and I saw this picture and I just thought, “You know I like food, I’m just going to eat and I don’t care anymore.”  But then in January, the Lord spoke to me in as clear a voice as almost audible where He told me, He said, “What right do you have to be angry at your brother for committing suicide because you’re doing the same thing in a different way?”  And I had to come to grips of all the self hatred, with all the loathing of myself, the anger at myself.  It wasn’t that I hadn’t forgiven those that had hurt me, because I actually had worked through a lot of that, I hadn’t dug deep enough, but I made a choice that day.  I forgave my brother for committing suicide and then I had to start working on forgiving me, and it was a process and as I worked on the forgiveness of myself, working through the book, “Biblical Foundations of Freedom.”  And through the other books and getting prayer ministry this is the result I am no longer that person, this was the bondage, this was the old me and I’ve been set free, I can honestly say “I love myself.”

Sid:  So Art, when Vickie decided to forgive her brother, even though he had already committed suicide, she was set so free she lost ninety-five pounds.

Art:  Hallelujah.

Sid:  Now that’s quite a testimony, ninety-five pounds, but you have I mean that it’s almost every time you teach the course of “Bible Foundations” or people read the book you get testimonies of this magnitude.  Tell me some diseases people have been set free from; just list them that have followed the principals of “Bible Foundations of Freedom.”

Art:  I’ve got a testimony here from Barbara; she talks about the chronic fatigue and the chemical sensitivities that she was healed of after just reading the books.  A friend of mine last summer had cancer that he was healed of; we have that testimony from the doctors before and after ministering to him and the cancer left his body.  We had seen in the last year and half six blind eyes healed as we ministered to people; more than eighteen deaf ears healed in the last year and a half as people have read our books and ministered to them in some cases.  I have a testimony in front of me from South Africa, a person that was suicidal for four years and knew that the way they were living with was not what God had intended for them.  In your book “Biblical Foundations” was the only book that had in writing the thoughts that I had and I was able to apply the principals and the knowledge that your book spoke about and how the devil lies and how to apply the power of God’s promises.

Sid:  And by the way, you just triggered something that I have found in reading your book, I am so much more aware of my thought life and getting on top of something before it has a chance to get on top of me just from reading your book it made me more aware.

Art:  That was the intent of the book because we don’t know our thoughts; we’re so use to them.  We live in that, in our reality that’s really not God’s reality and we’re living in sins that we don’t understand, or we’re living in negative thoughts that we…

Sid:  And by the way that’s another thing I’ve found, I am so much more aware of sin of things I just didn’t give a second thought.  And now I’m not talking about the big sins like, adultery or you know things like, but I mean little sins that I would classify as little, but they could stop someone from being healed.

Art:  Well, the Bible says that just hated is speaking against our brother is like committing murder.

Sid:  You are not talking about gossip are you?

Art:  Well yes, I am.  Speaking against our brother is murder and that curse that we speak to someone else comes right back upon us when we don’t hold our thoughts captive, when we don’t do what Philippians 4:8 tells us to do.  To dwell on the positive things, the things of a good report and of those negative thoughts that start that feedback loop in our bodies that leads to the “Fight Flight Responses” and those fourteen hundred different chemical and neurological reactions that according to the American Medical Associates leads to 80 to 90% of all of our diseases.

Sid:  Let me ask you a question about forgiveness.  Let’s suppose your brother offends you, you got to them and they don’t even see it, should you wait until they see it and repent before you forgive them?

Art:  If you do that, then you’re just held in bondage and God doesn’t want us in bondage, we don’t have to have acknowledgement from anyone else that they’ve offended us.  We’re free in our relationships to be set free by just forgiving.  And when we really understand that when we’ve become offended it’s our fault because we did not forgive.  We have an obligation to forgive and becoming offended is always a sin; it’s the absence of forgiveness that leads to the offense regardless of what somebody else does.

Sid:  You know I’m reminded “He that dwells in love; dwells in God” and how can you dwell in love?  How can you love God if you hate your brother?

Art:  Well, we learn that the power of God, the protection that God has for us and His love for us in His provisions are forgiveness.  We don’t have to be offended; we don’t have to get hurt.  We can only become hurt or offended when we don’t do what the Bible teaches us to do.

Sid:  And then I love the prayers you have in the book, it’s basically a work book where you spot things that no one’s every shown you before and once you’re spot these things then you actually have a prayer to proper repentance towards God and then getting rid of the spirits that have attached themselves to you.

Art:    Amen, the model of Well Spring that we teach all the time is nothing happens until we pray.  Nothing happens until we actually do what the word of God teaches.  We can have the Bible memorized, but if we don’t do what it says we have wasted our time.  So that’s why we’ve made the book a very practical hands on workbook so we can ask.  The things in life and the issues are brought to the surface, they are not just stirred up but they’re actually dealt with and closure is placed upon them and then freedom and healing follow that.

Sid:  But you know we look for the shortcut; we look for just one blanket prayer to take care of everything, why do we have to deal specifically as you suggest in your book?

Art:  Well, Hebrew 11’s teaches that bitterness is a root and roots have to be dug out and every memory, every experience in our life that has pain in it is a separate individual root of bitterness.  And just in ministering to 1,000s and 1,000s and 1,000s of people we’ve learned that unless we pray through that very specific memory the pain does not go.  We can say, I forgive this person that offended me for everything they did, and it doesn’t really help until we get down to the specifics, I forgive this person for what they did in this specific memory, we lead them through our prayer and then we measure that forgiveness being completed by the going back and looking at the memory to see it still hurts or not and if the pain is gone then the forgiveness is complete.  If the pain isn’t then there’s more issues, more fascists to that memory.  So we start working with peoples earliest memories in their life and take them through every memory.  And this is what we would call an applied course in personal sanctification, finding every spot, every blemish, every wrinkle.

Sid:  It’s freedom!  I want you to be free!

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