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Sid:  My guest is more than red hot for the Messiah.  He literally was saturated with the “Fire of God”.  His name is Nathan Morris and he’s the Young Evangelist that God has called to team up with Pastor Kilpatrick in Mobile Alabama for a major, major revival.  Now Pastor Kilpatrick was involved in the revival in Pensacola Florida where over 4 million people came and had encounters with God.  And Pastor Kilpatrick tells me that this is different.  The same holiness is being preached; the same repentance is being preached that Steve Hill did at the great Brownsville Revival but the miraculous has increased to such a high level.  And I have Nathan Morris on the phone and Nathan people have to know where you came from.  Your father was a pastor but at about sixteen years of age you rebelled and you’re involved in alcohol and drugs and sex.  And just out of curiosity when someone knows what you knew, were you so hardened that it didn’t bother you or did it always bother you when you backslid?

Nathan:  I want to tell you that when you are brought up in the ways of the Lord, when you’re father…you’ve listened since you were a small child, your father preaching the gospel.  I want to tell you no matter, you can run to the ends of the earth but you’ll never out run God.  And even in my rebellion I never felt that I had run so far that God wasn’t dealing with my heart.  But there’s a lot of people Sid that run from God and I was one of them.  And the danger in that is that as you are running from God your heart becomes hard because you have to be that way to stop the conviction and the love and the presence of God from piercing your heart.  And there are many people that run away from God and God calls you and even in my darkest moments I would be in a place where, you know alcohol was being served and we call them in the United Kingdom night clubs and I would be in those places and I would go to the restroom and I just stood in the place and suddenly I would feel the love of God.  And I would feel God dealing with my heart like I…..

Sid: Listen, you had a secret weapon working for you.  Your parents’ prayers and I met your mother and I have an idea that she gave God no rest until you had your encounter. 

Nathan:  You know, Sid I want to tell all the parents out there that your son and your daughter may not be in the kingdom today.  I want to say don’t stop praying.  I was told story that my father would pace the church and he would cry out and he would say “God I cry out for my boy” and he say devil you are not having my son, you are not having him I have given him to God.  And you know I want to tell those parents that God hears your cry.  He’s already answered your cry and you must just persist like Daniel persisted for twenty one days.  I want to tell you the word is coming, the answer is coming.  And you know they didn’t know that when they thought I was the furthest away I was actually the closest to my salvation and it was a suddenly of God Sid.  I was in the house on my own, I’d come home to visit my parents it was my Birthday and just instantaneously I went to put a CD in the CD player and my father had a CD on top of his hi fi his audio system and I put it in and when the song began to play.

Sid: This was a CD from the Brownsville revival? 

Nathan:   Yes, my father used to play the Brownsville revival when I came home.  It just so happened when I came into the living room that he would be playing the messages of Steve Hill and all the Brownsville revival.  He didn’t know but there would be a tear in my eye but the time that God visited me it was an audio CD that I placed in my father’s audio system.  I wondered what it was so I pressed play and the song “Above all powers above all kings, above all nature and all created things like a rose crumpled on the ground You took the fall and thought of me above all.  And in that moment Sid, what I am about to tell you I can only describe in the way that it happened, but what I know to be the fire of God.  People say how did you know that it was God?  I want you to tell you, when God visits you when He comes in power upon you, you don’t need no one to tell you that it’s God.  I knew it was God.  And literally like someone dipped me in gasoline and just poof, lit a match.  Poof the power of God came upon me and the first thing that happened to me was that I fell into the floor and I was shaking under the power of God.  It felt like something was laid on my chest it was a weighty weight was on my chest and I knew the fire of God was all over me.  I didn’t know what was happening but for three hours I was under the Power of God and the Glory of God.  And the Lord spoke to me.  It wasn’t audibly it was in deep deep deep inside my inner man, my spirit man and the Lord said I have a work for you to do but if you go from me today I will never call you again.  For today I bring you out from underneath your father’s covering.  I right there and then..

Sid: What did that mean?  I bring you out from underneath your fathers’ covering?

Nathan:  See, I understand now that how God, when a parent when a Mom or Dad brings their child up in the ways of the Lord, the Bible says that they should not depart from it.  But there’s a moment in every man’s life that the prayers of the father and the mother, the prayers of the family, there’s a moment in a man or a woman’s life where they must take account for their own life.  And I felt like at that moment I was becoming a man and the Lord was saying Son you are going to decide today whom you are going to serve.  You can either walk down the road that will lead to destruction or you are going to answer the call and you‘re going to answer what I’m about to place in your life.  And it was my cross roads Sid.  It was my moment where I had to decide and the Lord was bringing me to that moment.  You see the gospel brings a man or a woman to the valley of decision and some people think that they can decide when and where they’re going to follow God.  And that is a lie from the pit of Hell.  The Bible says that today is the day of salvation and the Lord was bringing me to a cross roads where I was going to decide which way I was going to go.  Would I go down the broad way that leads to destruction or would I choose to answer Jesus Christ and answer the Call he placed on my life?

Sid:  Now, you were under the “Fire of God” as you put it “pinned to the ground for hours.”

Nathan:  Yeah.

Sid: You heard God speak in a way that you knew it was God.  So what was your decision?  What did you choose?

Nathan:  Right there and then with tears rolling down my cheek, with addiction in my life, with all the situations that I could have said look, let me just deal with this or let me just deal with that.  I can only tell you Sid and I can only tell your listeners I was in a moment where my whole life was hanging in the balance.  Some people say well let me just go and do this.  People said to Jesus, the rich man said well let me go and just bury my father, but right there and then I had to make a decision.   And I just literally was with tears rolling my cheeks I said Jesus I don’t know how, and I feel the anointing right now.  I said Jesus I don’t know how, I don’t know how you’re going to do this but I just give you this empty life.  I give you all my bondage, all the pain in my life, all the running that I’ve done.  Lord I don’t know how you are going to do it, but Jesus I yield to you right now.  Take this away God.  I don’t have any answers but I know that right now I just yield, I give in.  I lay at your feet.  Lord if you can do anything with this life, then Lord I give it to you now.  And Sid almost instantaneously I felt the weight of sin, I felt the weight and you know I didn’t know that I’d been carrying it but I felt the weight of sin just instantaneously lift from my life.  And I felt the life of God begin to flow into my heart.  I didn’t know how to work it out; I didn’t know what was going to happen the next morning.  I didn’t know all the situations and the things in my life.  It didn’t matter anymore.  I just had that encounter that new beginning that new creation.

Sid:  Tell me about the moment you told your mother and father, what was that like.

Nathan:  Well, I’m going to tell you something now.  That day I didn’t tell them. 

Sid:  Why?

Nathan:  Because I honestly, honestly it was so holy I didn’t know what was happening to me.  And my Mother and Father when they came home I dried my eyes, my eyes were swollen from the tears.  And my Mom and Dad said that they knew instantaneously when we looked at you we knew something had happened.   But it was the Sunday I decided I was going to go to church.  Now I was the prodigal son.  I had not been in my father’s church for years and I was in the House of God and that morning, it was a Sunday morning.  Normally in my Father’s church in those days, no one got saved on a Sunday morning.  It was the message to the body but in the middle of the service I was sat right at the back and I’m thinking Lord, what’s happening to my life?  And in a moment a dear old lady, she has gone to be with the Lord now, but a dear old lady stood up and she began to speak in tongues and the interpretation was this.  I’m calling you but if you go from me today I’ll not call you again.  And that same power Sid, that same fire fell on me on the back seat.  I began to shake and thinking Jesus, what’s happening?  And my Dad with tears rolling down his cheek he said listen, I got to open up the altar.  Someone is in the balance right now.  You’ve got to come to Christ and do you know Sid, I walked down that aisle and my Dad just stood and wept.

Sid:  Whoa, I can just picture that. Our time is out now, but let me tell you something.  I was at the meeting when Nathan Morris preached on the “Fire of God” and he prayed for an impartation for the people there and I got an impartation.  Did I experience fire?  No but I shook for over an hour and I had an encounter with God. When he prays for the “Fire of God” for you, you are going to change.  I want to get this DVD to you as soon as possible. It’s called “The Fire of God.”

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