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Sid: I’m so excited about this four CD teaching series by Dr. Brian Adams “Called the Power of Forgiveness” Yes, you understand about what the Bible says about forgiveness but you have no clue what this entails.  What this opens up for you.  What have you found that this has done in your life Dr. Brian Adams and you understood forgiveness before you got this revelation?  But what changes has this made in your life once you started forgiving and as you explained the Holy Spirit many offenses had occurred even before you were a believer in Messiah that you had just forgotten about or buried or said well it’s under the blood?  But when you dealt with them what changes occurred in your life?

Brian:  You know Sid, since God began revealing to me the revelation that faith moves God but forgiveness releases His power it’s made me conscious that not only am I suppose to forgive people but I’m suppose to walk in forgiveness every day.  Putting it on like a cloak over top of my armor.  Now when I sat down and started saying Holy Ghost could you reveal to me and show me the different things that I’ve got blockages in my life?  When he did it was like, it actually got physically brighter around me; like a collar of depression was lifted off or some- thing.  The scriptures say that He hasn’t given us a spirit of fear but a power of love and sound mind.  I actually began to have a sound mind.  I can think, I can remember, I could be more Christ centered you know.  The scriptures says plainly think on things that are pure, that are just, that are holy.  And when I began to forgive, because now the demons didn’t have a legal right to be there I wasn’t tormented anymore.  I mean it even; I believe I can remember this one real clearly, I use to toss and turn all the time in my sleep and I never woke up rested.  But once my conscience was clean, it was clear now I was sleeping better which made it healthier for me.

Sid:  Alright what about something like you pray for the sick, but what about yourself did it have anything to do with you being sick?   

Brian:  Well, I was learning from the Word that the Bible says: submit to God and resist Satan. He started teaching me that oppression and sickness was from him so I was beginning to get revelation on my walking in divine health.  It was a struggle.  I was doing better than most people I knew around me but once I got this message and I immediately forgive and release forgiveness, now Sid, it’s been such a beautiful money saving adventure walking in forgiveness because I’ve not a missed a day’s work in twenty years.  And even though I’ve been fighting that good fight of faith with the Word of God, now this key on top of it, of the power of forgiveness it is become so easy because I’m not doing it by works anymore. 

Sid:  There’s some areas that there our people really struggling with and this is revelation knowledge on forgiveness I think every believer in the world should sit under this teaching.   And do you realize how families would change if every member of the family even extended children, grandchildren were to get this teaching?  I think it would revolutionize them, Brian.

Brian:  Yes, Sir it would.  You know, I was just reading the other day Sid, speaking about families in Matthew 18.  It talks about the Lord that had a guy that owed him 10,000 talents.  He forgave him and didn’t redo the payment plan but actually cleared him of all debt.  That same guy went out and found somebody that owed him but refused to forgive him.  It’s a picture so to speak of God forgiving us but us not forgiving others.  When they brought the gentleman back in, here’s what happened.  You should have forgiven them; he said you, your wife and your children will be put and released to tormentors until the debt was paid.  So you know Sid, people say, Well, if I have unforgiveness it doesn’t affect anybody else.  But, here we see it did the wife and the children, opened the door up for the tormenting spirits where there’s sickness, poverty, whatever it might be.  It opened up the door to them so we need to take responsibility release and forgive so our whole family can be free.

Sid:  Tell me, what kind of counsel you would give a wife who is being verbally abused by her husband and she has forgiven him but it’s happening every day.  What does she do?  She wants to walk in forgiveness but that’s kind of hard when you have a wound and it’s poked at every day.

Brian:  Yes, what I believe the scripture plainly tells us is that when there are strongholds that are bad.  We got to tear those down and begin building godly strongholds.  So what I tell people is, say you have forgiven somebody you see them again, it rises up like you are saying in this exact situation.  I say I pull every thought captive to the obedience of Jesus Christ.  When that anger comes up say, I’ve chosen to forgive them and release them.  And then every time we can get into our private prayer closet, like Jesus did on the cross.  They were killing Him, mocking Him, she should begin to say Father, I pray that you forgive him because see, you’ll also see in this revelation is that forgiveness can be used as a tool of evangelism because when forgiveness is given it releases God’s power, which is His Holy Ghost and the Holy Ghost begins to convict people and now the very first process of salvation is beginning.  So just like Smith Wigglesworth wife he would verbally abuse her, lock her out on the steps all night long.

Sid:  I mean if  she had been alive now in this generation she probably have left him but somehow she stayed with him over that and look at the man of God he became because she was trusting God.

Brian:  Yes, she had a revelation I believe the scripture says.  Bless those who curse you and pray for those that despitefully use you.  If we do kingdom tactics, here this woman is being abused every day.  He is despitefully using her.  That she prays under the power of forgiveness on him.   Gods going to heal her, the Holy Ghost is going to comfort her.  We see this all the time.  People say Pastor Brian, this is supernatural, I don’t hate anymore.  I’m not so mad now I see, just like Jesus said they don’t know what they’re doing.  Their blinded, their eyes are blinded by demon spirits, Sid so we need to break the power of that demonic forces on them because we don’t fight against flesh and blood.

Sid:  Well, you talk about people that literally get addicted to emotions such as hatred and bitterness.  Let me give you an example, someone has done something bad to me and I’ve done the right thing, I choose to forgive, I’ve said a prayer and then I’m going to a grocery store and I see them right in front of me.  I don’t want to see them and all my emotions bubble up and all those emotions I thought that were gone.  What do I do about them?

Brian:  Well, I always say this saying; repetition is the mother of all learning.  Sometimes whether it’s fifteen to twenty times a day you might have to say, I pull these thoughts captive I’ve made the conscious decision through Christ I’ve chosen to forgive them.  Devil you’re not bringing this back up.  I love them.  See faith cometh by hearing.  I believe God showed me that a soul was created to respond to the sound of our voice.  We will get greater faith hearing ourselves speak the Word of God than any preacher.  We need to here ourselves say I forgive them.  I release them and you might have to do it fifteen, twenty times a day but as the weeks go bye you…

Sid:  So, what do you do in the case I used, you bump into the person, they don’t even see you and so you are in a grocery store so you go down a different aisle, so that you don’t have to confront them.  What would you do?

Brian:  Well, what I do, I’m a little ornery, Sid I would probably walk by and say praise God and say how you doing?

Sid:  Hahaha

Brian:  Faith without works is dead and so if I by faith have forgiven them, then I’m going to say devil, you have tried to rip me off with this relationship with them.  I’m going back to take what the enemy has stolen from me.  This is my sister; this is my brother, now I understand not every situation because there are levels of degrees that we can rebuild that relationship because of murder or rape or something.  But in most situations we can at least get to a place of repetition taking our thoughts captive, praying these prayers.  I make a conscious decision to forgive them and I’m stick with it.  Devil you can’t take my power to forgive because it’s a gift from God that He’s given me.

Sid:  Now you teach on not only forgiving others but two areas that most people forget about; forgiving them self and forgiving God.  Now you would think no one would have to forgive God but there’s so many misunderstandings.  I mean we look though a mirror dimly we don’t see it so clear so we come up with false conclusions about God.  Do you have any testimony about someone forgiving them self?

Brian:  Yes, you know the scriptures says that you must love one another as you love you self.  Well, I’ve met some people I wouldn’t want them loving me because they don’t treat them self very good.  Cause they’ve made bad decisions in their life.  I know a friend that he ended up with arthritis and it was turning into crippling arthritis and he was so angry at himself how he made wrong decisions and lost jobs and not treated his family right.  And he’s like I don’t deserve forgiveness and the devil had just lied to him after counsel and after prayer and encouraging and hearing these similar type messages he with help and prayer said I make a conscious decision to forgive myself and he was able to let the pass go, rebuild the relationship with his wife and kids and he’s back in school.  Got a better job and what the devil was using to chains and binds to keep him down, he doesn’t have the arthritis no more.  He doesn’t have the low self esteem anymore and all that the devil was using to torment him had to leave because the price had been paid through Christ in forgiveness and he applied that price.

Sid:  I am overwhelmed at how many people are getting healed once they get this supernatural teaching and revelation on forgiveness.  God has raised Dr. Brian Adams up dealing with the subject it’s not just physical healing better than 80% when he teaches this that need physical healing are being healed now.  It’s not just physical healing it literally will get rid of demonic oppression, rejection.  It will give you a shield of supernatural protection, allow you to walk in the love God wants you to walk in.  The four CD series “Called the Power of Forgiveness” when Dr. Brian Adams prays over you strong holds will be …you’ll get revelations of things that you needed to forgive that will literally give you a open heaven.

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