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Sid Roth welcomes Brian Adams

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Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Brian Adams. Brian heard one sentence from God. It changed his life and everyone’s he connected with forever. And God has been expanding this Word and expanding it that has made such a dramatic change in his life. What change has it made in your life, Brian?

Brian: In my life personally, Sid, I remember the scripture as when God gave me this revelation: Faith moves God, but forgiveness releases His power. One of the scriptures that always stays in my heart is, “You must first have brought your own self to obedience before you can bring others.” So I knew that before I could teach or preach this revelation that God wanted me to walk it out myself. So when I would get in my private time, my prayer time, and I would just want to spend time alone with God and talk to Him, I began to say, “Holy Spirit, please show me where I have some unforgiveness.” And remarkably enough, He’d begin to bring to my remembrance two or three at a time, and I would begin to release these people. Some of them, Sid, I even had to go back and communicate with them and repent, and say I’m sorry, and get these issues. And as I did, I started noticing I could hear from God better. The power of God would begin to flow through me, just preaching everything. I’d always learned that Christ had died for us and that the healing power of God was available for us. So I started saying, I don’t think God wants me to get sick, get healed, get sick, get healed. He wants me to walk in Divine health. So using the Word and quoting the Scripture, I just began to do this. But now it was a fight and a battle. But once I got this revelation, it’s just almost like you become like Teflon where sickness is repelled and it can’t stick to you because now you’re walking one with the Father in Heaven, because when He looked out on the planet and He saw it was a mess after Adam sinned, He said, how am I gonna fix this? He said, I’m going to release forgiveness, which begins to take care of the problem that was here on the planet.

Sid: But it’s not just sickness.

Brian: No.

Sid: It’s every arena.

Brian: Yes.

Sid: Okay. Tell me about the person that had polio.

Brian: This was just recently. I was preaching down in Texas, and God had me teaching on the message of the power of forgiveness, forgiving from the cross, different aspects of the revelation He showed me. The prayer line, people just came flooding up, because Sid, so many people have this bitterness and unforgiveness in their hearts where they had been done wrong. And as the people came up I noticed this one boy, he had on metal braces on his arms and with the canes. He would drag his legs. He could not even pick them up. When I got to him in the prayer line, I said, “Son, what is it that you want from God?” He said, “Sir, I’ve got cerebral palsy,” and he says, “It’s too much for me to bear. I’m just a teenager.” And he collapsed in my arms weeping and crying. And I said, “Pray this prayer with me.” And he had unforgiveness toward God and he actually was mad at God and mad at his parents, ’cause he said, “You guys brought me into this Earth and this is what life has given me.” Well I said, “You have to forgive them. It will begin your healing.” He said okay. He prayed with me, Sid. Forgave God, forgave his parents and anybody else. And when I prayed for him the power of God came on him and he was released. He went down under the power. He was laying there weeping and crying, prayed for a few more people, came back, we got him up, and he began to walk. Remember, he had to drag his legs. Now he’s lifting his knees, and God’s Holy Spirit was flowing through him, and he ended up walking all by himself. At the end of the service, he brought up an offering saying, “I want to bless God and thank Him for restoring my life.”

Sid: But you know what? Brian is seeing amazing creative miracles. For instance, tell me about the person that had his whole ear removed, inner ear removed.

Brian: Yes. We were having what was called a citywide church meeting. Three or four churches had come together. We began preaching the services, the Word was going forth, the worship was done. We called for the prayer line. A gentleman came up in the prayer line, Sid, and when I saw him, you know, you can tell when someone is excited. I’m like, this guy’s got faith, for whatever it is. He was kind of dumping around and excited. And as I went to him, I said, “What can I do for you, sir?” He says, “God spoke to me, Pastor Brian. He’s gonna heal me today.” “What’s the problem?” He said, “Twelve years ago I got an infection in my ear.” He said, “It became so bad they surgically removed the anvil, the stirrup, the eardrum, took everything, removed it.” They actually took some fat from his side and put it inside there. He had nothing to hear with, and he was totally deaf. He said, “I believe.” And so I said, “Well according to your faith,” and I put my finger in his ear and prayed for him. Nothing happened. I said, “Well at first if you don’t succeed try, try again.” I put my finger in there again, and Sid, nothing happened. I’m beginning to sweat now. The line is getting longer for more people. I prayed one more time. Nothing happened. I said, “I’m going to have to go to these other people.” And I said, “You stand there and worship God. You’ve got the Word, now believe.” As I started to go off a couple of other people got healed, the Holy Spirit spoke to me, Sid, and said, “He has unforgiveness.” I went back to him. I said, “Sir, the Spirit of the Lord just spoke to me and said you have unforgiveness and bitterness in your heart.” Now he immediately, when God’s presence was there to bring to his remembrance, he fell on his knees and began saying, “I hate my old pastor. He hurt me. He belittled me.” And he began to weep. And I said, I took his hands and said, “Come on. Let’s forgive and release him.” And when I did, you just see his countenance change. I said, “Let’s do it again.” I put my finger in his ear and I prayed for him. Sid, instantly God did a recreative miracle and he hears to this day.

Sid: Now what explanation are you going to give me? His whole inner ear was removed and now he can hear normal. God is so wonderful. But Brian mentioned something. He talked about a man that had to forgive God. Why would someone have to forgive God? Because you have judged harshly. You have judged unlimited knowledge. If you had full knowledge, you would not judge against God. And people have to forgive themselves, and people have to forgive others. And when the Holy Spirit reminds you of things of the past, layer after layer, after layer will come off of you. There is such a presence of God on this revelation, as Brian shares. I’m gonna have him teach a little when he comes back. Don’t go away.

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Our Guest Joel Richardson

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Sid:  As I was saying earlier in this week, many people read the book of Revelation and they say, well, it’s too symbolic it’s too hard for me to figure out, I’m just going to live my life and not understand the end times, because I’m not sure we can understand it.  But I have an individual that God has handpicked, groomed and taught; he’s lived in the Middle East, he has a passion for studying end times and he’s come up with answers to questions some of you have never even complicated.  And why is this so important?  You must understand the times that were living in.  And I believe that God does not want you ignorant in these areas.  So he’s put together four teaching sessions on two DVDs so that you can understand the times, in fact that’s the name of these four teaching sessions “Understanding the Times,” and when you finish this you will have a clear perspective of what is going on at this moment in history.  Now Joe Richardson there’s some terms that we read about Mystery Babylon, Great Harlot, and you’ve connected the dots in a way I have not seen before.  Tell me who mystery Babylon is?  Is it Rome, New York City?

Joel:  Well, Mystery Babylon is probably one of the identifying this mysterious woman in Revelation 17 and 18; is really one of the greatest mysteries of Bible prophecy and as you said, Rome, New York City, the United States these are all suggestions that have been put forward as theories.  Some people have said that it’s the summation of all false religious systems down through history.  But really the key to unlocking the identity of mystery Babylon is found in a really strange place it’s in the last chapter of the first epistle of Peter.  And the clue that we find there is that Peter, who is actually in Rome at the time that early church history is thoroughly consistent universal with the idea that Peter was in Rome and writing from Rome he said, the church that is in Babylon; and he used the word Babylon and applied it to the city of Rome.  And what we learn from that is that when we see really, and I call this the big picture, it’s a very simple picture.  And when we understand the simple story that’s laid out in Revelation 12, 13 and then 17 and 18 it’s a story of seven world biblical historical empires that have literally been empires that have all carried a satanic anti-semantic later and a anti-Christ spirit.  And each one of these empires have been the primary empires; and again down through a biblical and world history that have sought to destroy the Jewish people.  And that story is told where this beast is sitting before the woman in the book of Revelation and the woman is Israel; She’s about to give birth to a male child that’s the Messiah and then this beast again, which is satan wants to devour Israel, it wants to devour the Messiah to thwart God’s plan for the ages through the Messiah.  And satan’s primary tool down through the ages has been this series of world pagan empires these anti-Semitic empires and so of course Babylon was the city that was the, it was the spiritual and financial capital of ancient Babylonia;  that was one of these beasts, these satanic empires of history.  But in the first century when the Epistle of Peter was written, of course the Roman Empire was the beast empire of that time.  And in Revelation 17 we see that Rome was the empire that was, it was the sixth in this list of empires and the city of Rome was the spiritual financial capital of the Roman Empire.  So we have this pattern which is simply to say that mystery Babylon is the reigning spiritual and economic capital of which ever beast empire is dominate in the earth at this time.  And as I just discuss in the DVD series, the empire, the beast empire of our day that follows after the pattern of all of these previous pagan empires is the empire of the Islam, the Islamic empire as it has existed down through the past fourteen hundred years in various Islamic dynasties.  The Umayyad, the Abbasids, the Ottoman Empire, this is the primary anti-Semitic, anti-Christ; in fact it is the most significant anti-Semitic anti Christ empire that the world has ever seen.

Sid:  Now now, in your teaching you explain why it can’t be a lot of the other places that people have said from scripture; but now the question is, where is the capital of that empire?

Joel:  Exactly, exactly.  And this is really, you know this is a…it comes across as novel to most people when they first hear it, but I think that you’ll agree after its expounded and this is how I felt, it made more sense than anything that I have ever heard.  And the reason is Sid is in Revelation 17 & 18 it gives us numerous criteria to identify mystery Babylon.  And of the different suggestions that you mention that have been popular in the church and in recent years down through history, all of them have some or they meet some of the criteria, but none of them meet all of the criteria; and all of these theories have a few significant problems.  However, the identification that I’m going to mention, it doesn’t have any of the problems; it matches all of the criteria to a tee.  So if we agree that the primary anti-Semitic-anti Christ Empire of the earth today is the Islamic empire.  Then we ask, what is the spiritual and financial capital of that empire?  And the question that I like to ask people is “Where do 1.7 billion people throughout the earth pray five times a day toward a particular city in the earth and that city is Mecca.”

Sid:  One point seven billion?

Joel:  On point seven billion, it is actually 1.69 billion but that growing rapidly with the birth rates.  That is, Mecca is the greatest city of idolatry.

Sid:  That’s in Saudi Arabia.

Joel:  That the world has ever seen.  Beyond that, of course that, that’s the spiritual capital beyond that;  Saudi Arabia, unequivocally is the greatest financial source of terrorism and radical Islam throughout the earth beyond any other nation, Saudi Arabia is the nation that has funded this spread of Osama Ben Laden and Elcata and all of these various groups.  They pay for the Islamic centers and the mosques and the mid drosses.  They raise up the radical hate preachers, they send them out as missionaries.  They fill the mosques and the libraries with the radical Islamic anti-Semitic literature, pro Jihadee literature that has the Saudi Arabian government seal of approval in the books.  The city of Mecca is historical is the womb from which Islam burst forth into the earth; and today Saudi Arabia is still the spiritual and financial womb of all of the radical Islam throughout the earth.

Sid:  Now out of curiosity who would you say these one and half billion people praying to, who are they praying to five times a day in Mecca, facing Mecca?

Joel:  Well, there’s two ways to answer that, first of all I would say that if you are worshiping any other God other than the God of the Bible, then you are committing idolatry, you’re worshipping…

Sid:  Yes, but they say Allah is god, it is just the Arabic name for god.

Joel:  Well, the fact of the matter is Sid, is that nowhere in the Bible is God ever referred to by the name Allah.  However the Bible does tell a name of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and that is Yahweh, it is very clear when he appeared to Moses in the desert, he said, Yahweh is the name that you shall tell them.  I am the one that sent you, the fact of the matter is that that Allah, the god of Islam is just one more manifestation of ancient near eastern astral and ward deities and there are numerous.  There is Zen, Mar duke, these are all the gods that were worshipped by the pagan peoples of the desert the day the god of Islam known as Allah is just one more manifestation.   And if I can be so bold as to say manifestation of satan, this time around who is trying to masquerade as the god of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  The god of Islam is not the god of the Bible.

Sid:  Joel, I’ve often pondered why did someone like President Bush, who I believe is a born again Christian constantly feed us a lie that Islam is a peace loving religion.  As I study its history, I don’t see anything peace loving about it.  I see it as the opposite of peace loving, but then as I started watching you’re four session two DVD’s on understanding the times and I saw how the long family relationship of both Bushes with the Saudi royals and I began to understand how the great harlot, the whore of the whole earth.  You list scripture by scripture by scripture and you prove that it is the great harlot is Saudi Arabia.  And then how you point out masterfully in your… teaching about people like President Obama and the amount of money he got from the Saudi’s and Jimmy Carter and the amount of money that he got from the Saudi’s and it’s outrageous about the cleans…oops our time is up.


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Sid Roth welcomes Bruce Allen

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Sid:  When you see Jewish people turning to the Lord, two things are about ready to happen, the most important is Jesus is about ready to return, but the second most important is it will trigger the greatest gentile revival in history.  Now what would happen if every Christian operated like Jesus did in the New Testament?  My guest Bruce Allen says it’s possible.  And as s a matter of fact one of the things that I think about that excites me about Bruce’s teaching is he says that he was not a seer.  That he did not have natural gifting, extraordinary gifts of the Spirit but by faith he accessed these realms.  And Bruce what this says to me is if you can do it by faith I can do it by faith.  If I can do it by faith anyone listening to us can do it by faith.

Bruce:  Absolutely, the Lord is no respecter of persons if one has access everybody has access.  The pivotal point comes in is when we agree with what he says, that’s the changing point in our life.  We don’t have to understand, we just have to agree and believe.

Sid:  Now, before we went on the air I said to you if you hear something, if you see something I want you to say it and my first thought with the next thing that came out of your mouth was he’s kidding me.  But what did you say you saw behind me before we went on the air today?

Bruce:  Well, there’s a very tall angel, he’s about as tall as the roof, what‘s that about seven feet or nine feet?  He’s standing there with a scroll that is open and I see on the scroll that there’s letters like bright gold letters you see the light coming out of them.  And as far as I have been able to ascertain by asking the Father what he’s saying, because visions are language to me, he’s about to release to you some revelation that has been reserved for this moment, for this season in your life.  A revelation that’s going to revolutionize the way you do ministry and the way you walk in this hour.

Sid:  Well, I receive that gladly, but you know what I think this has to happen to what is called Christian media ministry period.  I’m seeing so much stuff that’s so religious, I just want to see the stuff that’s in this book called the Bible, that’s what I want to see.  Well Bruce, what if you were to pick a moment in your life where you transitioned from Joe normal Christian, from a religious viewpoint, to someone that does the things the Bible says what would that moment be?

Bruce:  That was in the year 1989.  I was going through a very difficult season a season of brokenness in my life and at that point I was still in the military so I had a thirty day leave.  I went to a small town called San Angelo, Texas where I have a pastor friend and I just spent thirty days just on my face before God or worshiping or listening to the word.  And one night, Saturday night at 1:00 in the morning as I was in the church by myself crying out to the Lord.  All of a sudden the Lord appeared to in front of me and in His hand he had what looked like an alabaster vase.  I don’t know what it was and he poured it over my head.  And there was a tremendous…

Sid:  It was like oil over your head.

Bruce:  It was like oil, it was sticky, the fragrance was other than anything I have ever experienced since or before and there was a great peace that came in my heart.  And I’ve got to say that first time the figure of Jesus; his features were not with great clarity.  But I was breaking through into a new realm and from that point on that fanned the fire of passion and hunger in my heart like nothing I had ever done because I had seen him once.  And I needed to see him more.  So I began to pursue through scriptures and study and prayer and all of that access back into that very same realm because I knew, I knew that he’s no respecter of persons and I knew he said that he’s the same yesterday, today and forever.  And if I’ve been there once I can go there again. 

Sid:  Well, what I found interesting is when you would be praying you would bring to remembrance that experience and it was almost like he was coming to you again.

Bruce:  Yes.  You know the Lord is out time of our concept of the realm of time and place that we have.  And so a moment here can be an eternity there.  And a eternity there could be a moment here it depends upon what the Father of the Lord wants to do at that moment.  You’ve had people on your show with testimonies that have had experienced that they have been gone for a minute but you know you understand what I’m saying so I knew if I could go back into that same place He was still right there.  And so I revisit some of the past experiences or visions I have and it’s like I just hit a pause button on a video.  And when I step back in it continues.  Now that’s not every case but I found out quite often if I have not received the full import of the revelation that I’m suppose to receive, I just step back into it and let it continue. 

Sid:  That’s pretty interesting.  Now, I have here your brand new book “Gazing into Glory” and the thing that I love about it is you believe that we can consistently see into the invisible world.  What is your biblical basis for that?

Bruce:  Well, we can start at Genesis the law first mention, the principal first mention when studying the Bible.  And that is the first time anything is mentioned in the word from that point on, every subsequent mention of the same subject matter you can go back to first mention.  The very first mention in the Bible of relationship with God was Adam and Eve who would daily in the cool of the evening walk and talk with Him face to face.  Now, that was His idea of relationship but we know sin entered in and that ceased.  But in the second Adam, Messiah who redeemed us with His blood we have access to that place of relationship once again.  And then in Genesis 28, Jacob at Pennell when he’s there for the night he picks a stone which he picks the stone that the builders rejected, his meditations in the night seasons are on the Lord.  He saw a ladder going from earth to Heaven, he saw the Lord face to face and the angels ascending and descending.  When he woke up in the morning he said this, this is the first mention.  This is done other than the House of God and the Gateway of Heaven.  If we understand the New Testament, you are the house of God 1st Corinthians 6:19.  So we should be living under an open Heaven where we speak face to face and see the angels of God ascending and descending.

Sid:  Well, you and I were discussing some scriptures of statements that Jesus made that I’ve often pondered.  For instance John 5:28.  Most assuredly I say to you the Son can do nothing of Himself but what he sees the Father do.  For whatever He does the Son also does in like manner.  Now if I believe this for literally what it says that I should be able to see everything and be like an actor on a stage of what God wants me to do, just act it out. 

Bruce:  A, in one respect, yea.  There’s and oral tradition that came out of the first century church that depicted Yeshua’s relationship with the Father this way that at times when He had the opportunity to go away into the desert place or under a mountain alone, what he was doing was reviewing what He had done the Father, when He was done with His review of what he’s just accomplished then the Father would say now Son this is where you are going tomorrow, this is who you’ll meet, this is what I want you to do and He would show him those things. 

Sid:  Now, He would show them those things and then it would happen so that’s what I meant by he would act out what he had seen.

Bruce:  Exactly, and that makes ministry very easy.

Sid:  It does.  Do you believe that everyone that’s a born again believer has the right to do this?

Bruce:  According to John 3:3 when Nicodemus came to Jesus at night the Lord said this, Nicodemus unless a man be born again and he cannot see the kingdom of God, so the inference was if you are born again you can see.  My understanding of seeing in the realm of the Spirit or in the Glory is the fact that it’s a facet of the voice of God because a picture paints a thousand words.  And if we read the Bible all throughout their prophets’ saw and this was what the Lord said.  So again, he’s said my sheep know my voice, it is just his voice.  We can develop an “ear to hear” by learning how to activate our gift of seeing in the realm of the Spirit. 

Sid:  Well, and that’s why I’m so excited about your brand new book and the special bonus CD were offering.  The bonus CD is a realm that so few Christians understand; it’s translation by faith and as I was telling Bruce at lunch.  I’m beginning to do this and I don’t even have control over it.  It’s happening when I go to sleep.  People are reporting that I’ve been somewhere and I know that I have never even been to the city.  But I believe as people hear your teaching, that same thing will start happening to them Bruce.

Bruce:  That’s what the Lord told me.  It will activate that seed of destiny within them and cause them to become.

Sid:  Now your book “Gazing into Glory” allows people to see consistently into invisible world.  You’ve been teaching this for years.  What feedback do you get from people you’ve taught this information to?

Bruce:  Oh my, we’ve had many that have been activated into this realm.  We’ve had whole groups at one time.  I think the largest to date, because I’m not going to limit God, was eighty-five people at one time.  Children, men women didn’t matter.  All had a visionary Third Heaven experience with the Lord.

Sid:  Now, if you’re saying, “I want that for me!” I want you to order immediately his book and the bonus CD the book is called “Gazing into Glory.” 

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Sid Roth welcomes Retha & Aldo McPherson

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Sid:  God has directed us to so many wonderful mentoring tools for you, but I have to tell you what is quickly becoming my favorite is a book that I’m holding in my hand.  The title is “A Message from God.”  You see on June 19th 2004, Retha McPherson from South Africa her life was picture perfect.  A Hollywood story; she’s got a wonderful family; she is voted Mrs. South Africa; she’s got a wonderful business; things are perfect and she on the day everything changed.  Retha what happened?

Retha:  Yes, Sid this is exactly my life what you’ve explained and we had a motor car accident and my children fell out of the car and we couldn’t find them.  And eventually we found my older son.

Sid:  By the way, how did you happen to have the accident?

Retha:  There was a mobile in the road without its lights so as we entered on the highway the vehicle was standing without lights.  So my husband hadn’t had a choice, he just tried to swizzle out for this vehicle and then our vehicle starts rolling and my children fell out.  My elder son had a head injury and he was in a coma right away.  So we took him to a hospital, the helicopter took him and they said that the prognosis was very bad and that eventually there wasn’t any hope for him.  He had a mid-frame brain stem in the right and the left side was blood and he was damaged very, very severe.

Sid:  But I understand that God’s hand was working in this situation even at the worse, even when you found your son.  How old was he at the time? 

Retha:  At that stage he was twelve years old and as I found him in the bush and I was lying over him a car came out of the bush to try to avoid the accident and I jumped up because I knew, if I did not do that the vehicle would hit us.  And as I looked into this vehicle’s lights my whole body starts shaking.  And not as if you are cold but like really shaking.  And the next moment there was a heat on my whole body.  And I could feel the heat coming from my head and it went right through to my whole body; and after the heat there was the peace what God spoke in the word about.  And that peace stayed with me from that day until today.  And what I had there was eventually what I found out after a couple of months that this is moment that Jesus came and He picked my son up and He took him to Heaven.

Sid:  It’s now your other son, Josh I found this fascinating in the book; he was okay, just a few cuts, but Josh he said Jesus caught him in the air?  Explain that.

Retha:  The first weekend after Aldo was in a coma so he was in a coma in the hospital, the first weekend I went home and for the first time and I held him very close.  He was at that stage two and half years old, very tiny boy.  And his words to me he was explaining how the vehicle rolled and he kept on rolling and he says the next thing he says, Mommy and then Jesus caught me when I fell out the vehicle.  And I was like in my thoughts, this is cute you know, this is how we taught our children; Jesus is with us all the time, but I didn’t realize the seriousness in this.  Today, I know that that was true.

Sid:  Now, help me out.  There’s this accident; they don’t offer much hope; your son has brain stem damage.  He’s now in a coma; what does the doctors say once he went into the coma what should you expect?

Retha:  They really said we could expect the worse and that the organs normally give in and it was a long time until we had help on the scene, accident scene.  So for a brain injury that is very very bad.  So they said you know this is a question of time.  So the first week past and I stayed opposite ICU in this room and the first week past and I went this weekend to Joshua home and I came back and I was really looking for a hope in people’s eyes in the doctor’s eyes and there was just no hope.  Today, I know that there is just no other hope than Jesus.  If you still have another plan and a b c, I tell you are wasting your time.  The only plan is Jesus Christ and Yeshua because He is so alive you see.  And I didn’t know, well I knew Jesus cause, I don’t know here but in Africa you’re born in a Christian house, so you’re a Christian. But, there’s such a difference than being a Christian and having intimate love, passionate relationship with a living God.

Sid:  You know that is the thing that I got most out of your book.  I mean the miracles, how God is using your son to communicate literally with the world his heart.  But the thing the book did for me is I understand about passionate intimacy with God; but that’s the norm and not the exception.  Here in America we give someone their own television show if they have intimacy with God.  But everyone is supposed to have it and I think we’ve been lied to.

Retha:  Amen, for years and I was really crying about that.  The day came when they said to me they were going to put off the machines, there’s no hope.  Now I ran up opposite the ICU, I stayed in a room and I fell on my knees and I cried out to the living God.  And I’m forty years and I tell you for the first time in my life I realized the Word of God says you want people who call Him in Spirit and in Truth.  And that is so true so that wasn’t my flesh, it wasn’t my heart.  It was my heart crying out to God and He spoke to me in a hearable voice, you could hear him.

Sid:  In an audible voice?

Retha:  Absolutely audible.  The first thing and you know I did a strange thing.  I took my coat and I put it over my head and today I know it was like my Moses.

Sid:  Oh guess what?  Jewish people take the tallit or the prayer shawl and we put it over our head and many people believe when Jesus said when you pray go into your closet and pray; what He meant was take the prayer shawl and put it over your head and pray.  So you’re just being Jewish and didn’t know it!

Retha:  Yes, I know and Sid I can tell you so many things after wards what God told me about that.  So this is the way I do it today.

Sid:  So you put your coat over your head so that you would have privacy to pray. 

Retha:  Yes.

Sid:  Okay, and what did you do?

Retha:  I called out to God and then He answered me in a loud voice and He says, take off your shoes you’re standing on holy ground.  And then after that, He said to me, do you believe that Jesus Christ has paid the full price?  And as a normal Christian I just said yes.  But Sid, I can tell you today, I move around the country and around the world; I see, well this is me saying this, that I believe only 10% of the Christians, calling themselves Christians understand the blood of Jesus.  You see, because people are so in bondage, people don’t understand the blood.  People don’t understand what Jesus did for them.  And God saw my heart and understands that I don’t understand the blood of Jesus.  So what He did is He showed me in this vision how Christ was on the cross and how He took, you know all those beats for me.  And I cried out to Him, I said Lord, this could not be for me do you know who I am and all my iniquities and this crook church just came in front of me and I did not know the word that well.  And He says, 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He sent his only begotten Son for those that believe in Him.  And I was devastated; I knew that this was for me.  And my life changed the day I found out how much Jesus loved me and how much God loved me and the faith that I’m walking in today, the only reason why; because I know the love they have for me.

Sid:  Tell me the revelation you got from the vision about the crucifixion of Jesus.

Retha:  Yes, after that Jesus took the last stroke and He shout out He says it’s done.  And after that and I saw out of Heaven it came the veil came down and it was very very very big.  No man can ever tear that apart.  No man can ever and then it was torn open.

Sid:  This was the veil in the temple that they said was rent and it was rent from top to bottom and it was too thick for just a man to do that.  And so I understand what’s you’re saying by my study of scripture; you understand from the vision God gave you, go ahead.

Retha:  Yes, no man can ever do that, which I know today.  And then I was standing on a place where I exactly knew where I were and for me that is strange because I didn’t know the Bible that well, but today I know.  Whenever you are in God’s presence you always have first hand revelation.  That is why the moment I stood there I knew exactly where I was.  I saw the article of the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies and then God spoke to me.  He said my child; He says Jesus paid the full price for you so that you can enter into my presence.  Hebrew 4 “Come to the throne throne of grace to receive grace.  He says, Jesus Christ is the way, He’s the truth and He’s the Life.  And no man will come to God if it’s not through Jesus.  And I could see the outer court is the way and the truth and then the life.  And then the scripture came to me, John 10:10 which says, the devil did come to steal, but Jesus came so that you can have life and life in abundance.  The amplified says until it overflows.  You see this is what Christians don’t understand today.  They are seeking God for their hand and they don’t understand the abundant life.  The abundant life’s got nothing to do with your bank balance.  It’s got to do with the streams of living water. 

Sid:  You know you hit a real area that bothers me.  Here in America seems like the gospel is only give to get rather than give to have intimacy with the King of Kings.  Listen, were out of time right now, will pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.  But she had a revelation on the blood of Jesus that you’ve got to hear.  This book “A Message from God,” God Himself said this book should be published.  It will give you the hunger to take that next move to have intimacy with God.

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