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Sid:  When you see Jewish people turning to the Lord, two things are about ready to happen, the most important is Jesus is about ready to return, but the second most important is it will trigger the greatest gentile revival in history.  Now what would happen if every Christian operated like Jesus did in the New Testament?  My guest Bruce Allen says it’s possible.  And as s a matter of fact one of the things that I think about that excites me about Bruce’s teaching is he says that he was not a seer.  That he did not have natural gifting, extraordinary gifts of the Spirit but by faith he accessed these realms.  And Bruce what this says to me is if you can do it by faith I can do it by faith.  If I can do it by faith anyone listening to us can do it by faith.

Bruce:  Absolutely, the Lord is no respecter of persons if one has access everybody has access.  The pivotal point comes in is when we agree with what he says, that’s the changing point in our life.  We don’t have to understand, we just have to agree and believe.

Sid:  Now, before we went on the air I said to you if you hear something, if you see something I want you to say it and my first thought with the next thing that came out of your mouth was he’s kidding me.  But what did you say you saw behind me before we went on the air today?

Bruce:  Well, there’s a very tall angel, he’s about as tall as the roof, what‘s that about seven feet or nine feet?  He’s standing there with a scroll that is open and I see on the scroll that there’s letters like bright gold letters you see the light coming out of them.  And as far as I have been able to ascertain by asking the Father what he’s saying, because visions are language to me, he’s about to release to you some revelation that has been reserved for this moment, for this season in your life.  A revelation that’s going to revolutionize the way you do ministry and the way you walk in this hour.

Sid:  Well, I receive that gladly, but you know what I think this has to happen to what is called Christian media ministry period.  I’m seeing so much stuff that’s so religious, I just want to see the stuff that’s in this book called the Bible, that’s what I want to see.  Well Bruce, what if you were to pick a moment in your life where you transitioned from Joe normal Christian, from a religious viewpoint, to someone that does the things the Bible says what would that moment be?

Bruce:  That was in the year 1989.  I was going through a very difficult season a season of brokenness in my life and at that point I was still in the military so I had a thirty day leave.  I went to a small town called San Angelo, Texas where I have a pastor friend and I just spent thirty days just on my face before God or worshiping or listening to the word.  And one night, Saturday night at 1:00 in the morning as I was in the church by myself crying out to the Lord.  All of a sudden the Lord appeared to in front of me and in His hand he had what looked like an alabaster vase.  I don’t know what it was and he poured it over my head.  And there was a tremendous…

Sid:  It was like oil over your head.

Bruce:  It was like oil, it was sticky, the fragrance was other than anything I have ever experienced since or before and there was a great peace that came in my heart.  And I’ve got to say that first time the figure of Jesus; his features were not with great clarity.  But I was breaking through into a new realm and from that point on that fanned the fire of passion and hunger in my heart like nothing I had ever done because I had seen him once.  And I needed to see him more.  So I began to pursue through scriptures and study and prayer and all of that access back into that very same realm because I knew, I knew that he’s no respecter of persons and I knew he said that he’s the same yesterday, today and forever.  And if I’ve been there once I can go there again. 

Sid:  Well, what I found interesting is when you would be praying you would bring to remembrance that experience and it was almost like he was coming to you again.

Bruce:  Yes.  You know the Lord is out time of our concept of the realm of time and place that we have.  And so a moment here can be an eternity there.  And a eternity there could be a moment here it depends upon what the Father of the Lord wants to do at that moment.  You’ve had people on your show with testimonies that have had experienced that they have been gone for a minute but you know you understand what I’m saying so I knew if I could go back into that same place He was still right there.  And so I revisit some of the past experiences or visions I have and it’s like I just hit a pause button on a video.  And when I step back in it continues.  Now that’s not every case but I found out quite often if I have not received the full import of the revelation that I’m suppose to receive, I just step back into it and let it continue. 

Sid:  That’s pretty interesting.  Now, I have here your brand new book “Gazing into Glory” and the thing that I love about it is you believe that we can consistently see into the invisible world.  What is your biblical basis for that?

Bruce:  Well, we can start at Genesis the law first mention, the principal first mention when studying the Bible.  And that is the first time anything is mentioned in the word from that point on, every subsequent mention of the same subject matter you can go back to first mention.  The very first mention in the Bible of relationship with God was Adam and Eve who would daily in the cool of the evening walk and talk with Him face to face.  Now, that was His idea of relationship but we know sin entered in and that ceased.  But in the second Adam, Messiah who redeemed us with His blood we have access to that place of relationship once again.  And then in Genesis 28, Jacob at Pennell when he’s there for the night he picks a stone which he picks the stone that the builders rejected, his meditations in the night seasons are on the Lord.  He saw a ladder going from earth to Heaven, he saw the Lord face to face and the angels ascending and descending.  When he woke up in the morning he said this, this is the first mention.  This is done other than the House of God and the Gateway of Heaven.  If we understand the New Testament, you are the house of God 1st Corinthians 6:19.  So we should be living under an open Heaven where we speak face to face and see the angels of God ascending and descending.

Sid:  Well, you and I were discussing some scriptures of statements that Jesus made that I’ve often pondered.  For instance John 5:28.  Most assuredly I say to you the Son can do nothing of Himself but what he sees the Father do.  For whatever He does the Son also does in like manner.  Now if I believe this for literally what it says that I should be able to see everything and be like an actor on a stage of what God wants me to do, just act it out. 

Bruce:  A, in one respect, yea.  There’s and oral tradition that came out of the first century church that depicted Yeshua’s relationship with the Father this way that at times when He had the opportunity to go away into the desert place or under a mountain alone, what he was doing was reviewing what He had done the Father, when He was done with His review of what he’s just accomplished then the Father would say now Son this is where you are going tomorrow, this is who you’ll meet, this is what I want you to do and He would show him those things. 

Sid:  Now, He would show them those things and then it would happen so that’s what I meant by he would act out what he had seen.

Bruce:  Exactly, and that makes ministry very easy.

Sid:  It does.  Do you believe that everyone that’s a born again believer has the right to do this?

Bruce:  According to John 3:3 when Nicodemus came to Jesus at night the Lord said this, Nicodemus unless a man be born again and he cannot see the kingdom of God, so the inference was if you are born again you can see.  My understanding of seeing in the realm of the Spirit or in the Glory is the fact that it’s a facet of the voice of God because a picture paints a thousand words.  And if we read the Bible all throughout their prophets’ saw and this was what the Lord said.  So again, he’s said my sheep know my voice, it is just his voice.  We can develop an “ear to hear” by learning how to activate our gift of seeing in the realm of the Spirit. 

Sid:  Well, and that’s why I’m so excited about your brand new book and the special bonus CD were offering.  The bonus CD is a realm that so few Christians understand; it’s translation by faith and as I was telling Bruce at lunch.  I’m beginning to do this and I don’t even have control over it.  It’s happening when I go to sleep.  People are reporting that I’ve been somewhere and I know that I have never even been to the city.  But I believe as people hear your teaching, that same thing will start happening to them Bruce.

Bruce:  That’s what the Lord told me.  It will activate that seed of destiny within them and cause them to become.

Sid:  Now your book “Gazing into Glory” allows people to see consistently into invisible world.  You’ve been teaching this for years.  What feedback do you get from people you’ve taught this information to?

Bruce:  Oh my, we’ve had many that have been activated into this realm.  We’ve had whole groups at one time.  I think the largest to date, because I’m not going to limit God, was eighty-five people at one time.  Children, men women didn’t matter.  All had a visionary Third Heaven experience with the Lord.

Sid:  Now, if you’re saying, “I want that for me!” I want you to order immediately his book and the bonus CD the book is called “Gazing into Glory.” 

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