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Sid:  Now my guest is red hot for the Messiah, I’ve known him for many years and he’s a man that walks in the glory that releases such miracles that I want to pick his brain so that you can walk in those miracles, so that I can walk in those miracles, but let’s get to know Mahesh Chavda a little bit better.  Mahesh I understand you came from 800 years of ancestry of Hindus and at age thirteen for the first time in your life someone spoke to you about Jesus and gave you a Bible.  What did you think?

Mahesh:  It was awesome, it was really at the age of sixteen and I was in Kenya, Africa.  I was born in Mombasa, Kenya of Hindu parents from India.  My parents were both from India and my father worked for the British government there so in Kenya and India in those times were colonies of the British Empire and so they would have a lot of people go back and forth from work in these places.  So my father use to worked there and I was born and raised up in Kenya, Africa.  But we were very devout Hindu’s and very proud.  I came from a Raipur tradition that means, sons of kings.  We use to own I think my family would say, remember now that they were one time rulers of you know a territory in India until someone came and beat the daylights out of them.  And but they still had the proud tradition of royalty and everything.

Sid:  So that had to be very hard when a Christian started witnessing to you, coming from such a tradition and such a heritage.

Mahesh:  Yeah, the offer see what she did, the wife they were both missionaries, but it was the lady who came and was doing a kind of little program somewhere up there, playing guitar or something for the kids in the neighborhood.  And then my niece was with her and she said, “I’m thirsty where can I go?  My niece invited her to come to my house; so she knocked on the door she was a little girl but the missionary knocked on the door and then I open the door and she said hi, may I have a drink of water.  And I said, of course and invited her in and she ended up giving me a New Testament in English and I said, thank you and just got to know her a little bit, but that was it.  But when I started reading this book, that’s was the most amazing thing.  I had never read a book like that and part of it was the fact that, you know of course I read the Geeta and the ———- and the Mad bar these are the words from the holy books of the Hindu faith and it is all about goodness and all of that.  But when I read the Bible, it was so unusual Sid  the thing that was so unusual for me was I tell people it’s as if the author Himself is standing right next to you telling you what it’s about because the words started leaping out at me.  And especially the Chapter in John 14, where the Lord says, “I Am the Way the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except by Me.”  And that’s where my own religious traditions of the centuries of what the faith of my ancestors and my Fathers came and said no we have our way, there are many ways to God and here is Christ claiming “I Am the Way the Truth and the Life no one can come to the Father except by me.”  And so that’s where the struggle came.

Sid:  And you did what the Bible talks about, you started counting the cost and you came to conclusion, you said no.  But, then you were kind of like half asleep and an amazing thing happened to you.  Correct.  I was still struggling and it’s true what you’re saying is; I knew what this meant; I knew what it meant was that I would have to turn my back on all my tradition and how we had thought of God and…

Sid:  I can relate, I’m Jewish and we went back more than 800 years, but go ahead.

Mahesh:  True, now I could trace back my ancestry about nine hundred years, but that was of course the end, faith has been far longer.  But when this came it was very hard because I said,  you now even if I did so what would my mother and my brothers and my sisters and my father had passed away when I was five.  But all my loved ones, what would they say and they would turn against me and there was a great fear that rose up.  And so I was really struggling and I decided, in fact the struggle, the fear was so much that I made up my mind well I’m not going to be thinking about this anymore; I am not going to be thinking about Jesus anymore; I’m not going to read the Bible anymore.  And I had the Bible open before me and it was around 9:00 in the evening; I so remember it clearly in the Mombasa in Kenya because mosquitoes were all bussing around my head and I had a little blanket over my head.   And I was reading the Bible and I said that I’m not going to read this again, it was too challenging and so I was crying.  I remember I was thinking well I’m not going to think about Jesus anymore.  And suddenly I felt my head go down and I became, I lost consciousness to a degree in the sense of my head hit the table and yet my consciousness was right there.  I could see myself part of me is like my spirit emerged from me and I could see myself and then I found myself in this place of the most…immediately almost I was in another dimension and I was walking on these wonderful streets of gold and the atmosphere was just astoundingly joyful and wonderful.  And the beauty of it was beyond any kind of words I can imagine or can describe in human language.  And a joy started bubbling out of me that I had ever experienced yet in my life.  And it was things were alive, more alive than I ever realized in this realm.  And I heard the most wonderful sounds and I saw light and living rainbows all around me.  The light, but I still, I’m still affected by it. It was living and it was singing light, it went and penetrated every ounce of my being and put every cell in my being in the purest ecstasy.  There’s no word to describe it.  I guess in the Bible it says its joy unspeakable and full of glory.  So I was being filled with joy unspeakably, it’s hard to describe it; nearly impossible to describe in language that…in human language.  And I saw colors I never imagined existed and flowers and grass but they were all alive.  It was almost like the flowers were singing in joy!  The grass was waving in ecstasy and all of this joy and the living beams of light all around me and then it thickened around this one form.  There was a light brighter than all of the other lights; it was brighter than 10,000 sons put together and yet it did not hurt my eyes, you know where very bright light it would want sun glasses.  But this was like living light that my eyes brightened and responded to it and it was the light, concentrated light 10,000 times brighter than anything else came towards me.  And in that light I saw Jesus, I knew that it was Him and a portion of His face was hidden, but I could see His eyes.  And I just did like the concentration of joy and victory was coming towards me; Triumph was walking towards me.  And as He came the joy just started increasing in me and He came and He put His hand on my shoulders and said my little brother, then oh, it just…I knew I had found the One who loved me the most; more than anyone in my family, whether my own mother, I knew that I had found love and it was in the eyes of the Lord Jesus.  And as I remember these eyes it was as if He had taken every bit of suffering and hurt and pain that exist in the world and yet from His eyes streamed out love and victory and triumph.  And it is different it’s hard to describe all of these things really happening in that moment and so I stayed in that ecstasy.  And the next thing I remember was the roosters crowing at 5:00 in the morning all around and there we some roosters around and chickens where I lived and they were crowing and I woke up.  And all that time I had been in this pure joy and place that I now can see that I was in the Heavenly realm in the glory.

Sid:  The light beams that you saw in Heaven, they were actually singing, tell me about that.

Mahesh:  Yeah, it’s like they had vibrancy that of vibration.  They were picking up from the presence of the glory; I guess in the Hebrew it is called the Shekinah there was a part of it, they would just come and my heart and my being responded to this song.  And the light beams would sing like I love you – I love you I’ve always loved you – I love you – I love you – I’ll always love you.  It was you know one time I tried to tell my children what I’d seen that was the song.  It was almost like how you would sing a lullaby to your sleeping kids.

Sid:  Mahesh, our time is slipping away.

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