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Sid:  My guest red hot is an understatement, normal is the correct statement. His name is Todd White.  He walks in amazing accurate words of knowledge and healing.  He expects everyone he prays for to be healed.  He was telling me about a homeless man that was in a wheelchair and pick it up from there Todd.

Todd:  Alright hear this guy’s name; they call him Mad Dog Mike, ha-ha.  I went out in the street and I was talking to him about his broken ribs and I reached my hand inside of his jacket and he told me don’t you touch me!  And I put my hands on his ribs and he looked at me with fire in his eyes; and I said Lord thank you for brand new ribs and his ribs healed underneath my hand.  And I told him to move around, and he was overwhelmed and he said, “All the said, all the pain is gone.”  I said, “God so loves you, you are so amazing He loves you so much Mike; He loves you so much man.” I said, “Come on man you got to let me pray for your knee.”  He said, “Well it’s not going to happen.”  Now he’s a little less angry because his ribs are healed.  Now I’ve giving him a God encounter that is enabling me to move on to his leg.  I said, “Come on man, you’ve got to let me pray for your leg.”  He said, “Alright go ahead do what you want, it is not moving, there’s pins and rods in there.” I said, “Mike God made metal,” so I prayed for his knee and nothing happened.  Now at this time my microphone is on inside the church and people are starting to come out of this church that I’m getting ready to do a service in.  So this is just a good set up by God to get the church open for what’s going to come.  And so now we’re praying again and he moved it just a tiny bit and he looked at me real weird because he hadn’t moved it since thirty three years.  I said, “Come on man,” we prayed it again and we hit it again and we hit it again.  We prayed about six or seven times.  And he bent his knee, and his knee was bent just like the other one.  I said, Mike what’s going on he said, “I don’t know,” and his body was trembling on the wheel chair and he was shaking.  See it’s absolutely impossible for rods to bend and its absolutely impossible in the world for rod to disappear, but God has made metal disappear and we’ve seen it before a bunch of times.  So now he’s bending his leg and he stands up and as he stands up his back is bent over and he’s hunched over.  And I said, “What’s going on with your back man?”  He said, “I broke my back,” and I said, “Is it fused?”  And it was fused so that his back was bent in a permanent position.  I said, in a seated position almost.  So I said, “Come on man we’re going to pray for your back,” we prayed for his back and in the midst of praying for him, he stood straight up and he looked at me. It was so almost impossible for him to cry, he had spent so long without even tears coming; But his eyes welled up, and I said, “Mike touch the ground and he bent over and he touched the ground right there.”  And the church has actually been in that place in Virginia by the BCU, has been actually in contact with him, talking with him and actually in fellowship with him out on the street man, because it’s the goodness of God that brings people to repentance.

Sid:  Tell me about the woman that had the knee cap broken in half.

Todd:  She, oh actually she had, this was in a place where we went up to a townhouse up in Camp Hill on a request from a lady that I had prayed for at a hotel that I stayed at up in Camp Hill.  And she got healed, her neck got healed.  She told me at the front desk that I told her, I said that “You have problems with your neck.” She goes, “No,” and I said, “Okay, I’m just hearing in my heart that you do.”  And she ended up coming up to my hotel room and slipping a note under the door and I caught it as soon as she did and I opened the door and here she gave me a note about her son that needed prayer.  And we prayed for her neck right there, she wouldn’t let me she wouldn’t let me, “Pray for my son.”  I said, okay I took her hand and prayed for her anyway.  And God healed her neck.  So now this is a follow-up appointment to pray for her son who was just really hyper and really just a real hyper kid.  So we went there and prayed for her son and her neighbors there and she’s in the house and these ladies are just cussing up a storm.  And the lady’s a chain smoker, the one that sits sitting on the couch.  Here she had broke her knee cap in half thirty years ago.  About the same time as this guy I just told you about before and her leg was solid, it was one it was just solid it was calcium the whole way through.  So I said to her, we got to pray for your knee.  She said, honey this knee ain’t bent in thirty years.  I said, I know, but God loves you and she’s like you can do what you want and she’s just cussing and smoking and I’m praying for her knee and nothing is happening.  I prayed for her knee probably six or seven times and nothing’s happening, but I know that it’s God’s will for her knee to be healed, cause Jesus would have healed it immediately.  And there’s no bad knees in heaven and He said, “Let His kingdom come.”  Let His will be done on this earth as same as it is in Heaven.  So if there is not a bad knee in Heaven there shouldn’t be one on this earth because it’s God will to be the same here as it is there.  It’s simple, so I’m praying and all of a sudden she starts to bend her knee a little bit and it’s cracking and popping.  So all of a sudden she’s down on her knees with a cigarette in her hand thanking God, because her knee has bent for the first time in thirty years.  And she said, “There is no way that I am able to do this; I said, “Well, you’re doing it.”  I said, “You are amazing God loves you so much.”

Sid:  You know Todd there is something I want to ask you and for those that are perhaps tuning in for the first time, you were set free of twenty-two years of being a drug addict at the point of suicide and Jesus spoke to you audibly.  And you were in Teen Challenge, but for three nights in a row He visited you.

Todd:  Yeah.

Sid:  Tell me about that.

Todd:   I will probably cry because it is so real.  Well I had these nightmares every night when I went to bed at Teen Challenge.  It’s the only time that the enemy had access to me cause I didn’t understand, I submit to God at night when I go to sleep I asked Him to teach me now, but I didn’t know then and I had these demonic night terrors they’re called.   And this night after I had the homeless man speak to me that day, I went to sleep and there was a, when I was in my dream and they’re was a valley and it extended as far as I could see forward and backward an there were two mountainside on the side of it with steep grades; there wasn’t any sharp edges, there wasn’t any rocks to climb so it was very smooth.  What happened was it started to tremble and it started to shake and there was nowhere for me to hide because in my dreams I could hide.  And this time it started to tremble and it started to shake and I couldn’t hide and I said, “God please help me!” and immediately I heard a voice say “Do not fear, I’ll never leave you nor forsake you.  And bang I woke up and immediately I went into my prayer closet up at Teen Challenge which was a room I could go to before the day started.  So, I open the Bible and it opened right up to Psalm 23 and I read “Though I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil.”  So I went throughout my day, I didn’t say anything to anybody.  I mean my nightmares were so bad that the guys that stayed with me and my roommates in my room were scared because I would literally run around the room screaming in fear and in terror at night and wake them all up yelling and crying.  It was horrible and now all of a sudden, I go to sleep the next night after my day didn’t say anything and the same exact dream happened again.  And in this dream I saw the same valley and the same side, and this time it shook a little more and I fell to my knees and I said, Lord I said help me.  And I heard this voice again and it sounded like a…I can’t even explain what it sounded like, it sounds like rapids like if you go beside a river and it sounded like just water off of rocks, just loud and booming and it went right through me. “Do not fear I will never leave you nor forsake you, I’m always with you.”  And it was a little more than the first night.  I went throughout my day and I told a buddy and I said, “Look man I have been having this dream and I think its God.”  He’s like “Man don’t leave,” he said, “You can’t leave; you know what happens when people leave early, because it is a year program.  That second morning I went and I opened up the same, flipped it right open to Psalm 23 again; read the same thing it’s starting to bear witness in my heart.  I had been sowing the Word up into my heart for two months in Teen Challenge, not understanding that sometimes when the Word goes in you don’t understand it, but when the Holy Spirit breathes on it it becomes revelation and all of a sudden it changes your life and it transforms you from the inside out and that was what was going on.  The third night I had the same encounter; but this time the valley shook really really like amazingly and I fell down and there was a light behind me and it shined down the valley in front of me and I was afraid to turn around.  And so this time the same voice came, but this time there was a hand on my shoulder, and it said, “Do not fear I will never leave you nor forsake you; you’re addiction will never touch you again, go home and restore friends and family; I’m always with you.”  And bang I woke up and when I woke up I packed my stuff and I called Dan, my buddy Dan Molher, I called him up and I told him what happened.  He said, “Is this God?  I told him, “I met Jesus,” he said “I’m on my way.”  He came and picked me up and that was Jesus and he totally just transformed my life.  Salvation works it’s self out with fear and trembling.  The Word of God gets in and all of a sudden it transforms you from the inside out and makes you a brand new creation to where your thought pattern is completely redirected and reestablished and you start thinking with the mind of Christ living with your mind set on things above and not things beneath.  Praying from a place called heaven praying towards the earth from a kingdom perspective allowing the light to permeate and destroy the darkness.

Sid:  On tomorrow’s broadcast I’m going to ask you to do something; I know that you’ve done this before because you prayed for one of my producers and she got healed just over the phone.  But I believe tomorrow you can pray for people over the airwaves and they’ll be healed.  Have you done that before?

Todd:  Oh yeah.

Sid:  Have you gotten results of people being healed?

Todd:  Do I have time for a testimony real quick?

Sid:  Yes, real quick.

Todd:  Okay, there was a man that called from California because he had seen a video and heard a teaching.  He is an Ex-Marine and he’s a nonbeliever; he is in the hospital with lung cancer and liver cancer.  He is in the hospital and I called out there to talk to him because he requested a call.  And I’m sharing with him and I said, there is a nurse in the room with you, he said yes; I said she’s got a neck problem.  He asked her the first time and she said no, the second time and she grabbed the phone because of the crazy guys on the phone.   So here’s she’s a Buddhist nurse with a neck problem that she wouldn’t admit to; so we prayed for her on the phone and she got healed and the presence of God was on her in the room.  I asked her if she would put her hand on him in the hospital room and she did and I had her pray in Jesus Name for the man with the lung cancer and the liver cancer and three weeks later we had a phone call that Bob was completely healed and there’s not a trace of cancer.

Sid:  Oh, I can’t wait for tomorrows broadcast.

Todd:   Amen.

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