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Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah, but he says you don’t have to go to Heaven to be red hot for the Messiah, but it sure helps Dean, doesn’t it.

Dean:  It does.

Sid:  I’m speaking to Dean Braxton and Dean on May 4th 2006 his heart stopped and he was what is called prolong cardiac arrest for one hour and forty-five minutes.  He had an experience with Jesus, with God the Father.  He went to Heaven, doctors have said, he died.  Now, Dean on yesterdays broadcast we talked about some of the first people that you saw when you went to Heaven and the first was your Grandmother and your Grandmother wanted to make sure you did something when you got to earth. What was that?

Dean:  Well, after Jesus had told me the third time to go back, you know it’s not your time go back, this is what my Grandmother said…

Sid:  Wait a second, did you have a choice?  I hear many people I interview they say they have a choice, was there a choice in your life?

Dean:  You know I grew up in a military family, I went into the military myself, I wanted to do what my Lord wanted me to do and you could say I had a choice, but I wanted to follow His directions.   I was with the King of kings and the Lord of lords and when He was saying no, go back I felt like a soldier that was saying, yes Sir, and you know and left.

Sid:  Did you want to go back?

Dean:  I did not want to go back!  If He would have asked for volunteers that would have been a different story, I wouldn’t have volunteered I wanted to stay.

Sid:  But weren’t you concerning about the people that you had left on earth?

Dean:  You know one of the things I tell people everything is right there, it’s past peace it’s like the Bible says, it’s the peace passed understanding, it is in that realm and I wanted them to come there.  I wanted them to be with me there, you know we would never be separated ever again.  We were not meant to be separated as family and I came to understand that they would come there we they would never be separated ever again.  That’s you know.

Sid:  So God is really interested in the family?

Dean:  He is very much interested in the family and for me that was a box that was blown apart.  If you would ask me before this happened if I would have recognized my family there I would have said maybe, so so, I really didn’t have that down inside my belief system.  And so then when I got there and I recognized my family not just my Grandmother, not just my Aunt Barbara as I talked about earlier, but also some other relatives that I knew and even relatives that I didn’t know they were generation after generation of those that accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior came literally to greet me into Heaven.

Sid:   Out of curiosity, do you know how many generations back?

Dean:   I don’t, it was a multitude – a multitude you know.

Sid:  Okay, what did your Grandmother want you to tell us on earth?

Dean:  Well, my grandmother said to me a couple of things, the first things she said that to me when Jesus was saying that to me, bring as many of us back with you as you can.  She meant for me to go back and minister to my own family, I have three brothers.

Sid:  Bring as many as your family members that are not saved, get them saved that was what she was saying.

Dean:  Yeah, that’s what she was saying, bring as many of them back with you, my Mom was born again, but I didn’t know about the others so I concentrated on them plus other relatives, family members on both sides, my wife and mine to make sure that they really have heard about Jesus Christ.  The other thing that she said and Jesus also emphasized this so both of them; that you have to get that thinking out of your head that this is where it ends at.  It doesn’t, like you said earlier, you know there comes a time when we will shed this body and that we will either go to Hell or we go to Heaven and my Grandmother want me really to emphasize, along with Jesus that this is not your home!

Sid:  Why were you sent back, to get the rest of your family saved, but why else were you sent back?  Why wasn’t it your time?

Dean:  You know, I really believe that I was sent back to do what everyone else that knows Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is suppose to do.  What you’re doing on this radio program right now, what you’re doing in your life and that is to let other people know about Jesus as Lord and Savior so that they have that opportunity to make that choice of where they want to spend eternity.  Because it’s eternity, most of us think that it’s going to end, it will never end you will either choose one way or the other but either way, it’s eternity you will be there for eternity. For you know forever and that’s hard for us to realize sometimes that this life doesn’t mean that we are going to go on and were going to do another life and then we’ll end that life and then we’ll go and do another life and we’ll end that life and we’ll go do another life.  Once you’re done with this one you move on to the next one and that’s for eternity, period.  And I really believe what Jesus sent me back to do and I have had the opportunity now to go all over the place and out of the country is to share this testimony and to share what Jesus Christ has done so that people will know that there is a place that is set up for those that know Him as Lord and Savior that they will be there for eternity and that place is a life, it is not dead.  What I mean by that is that it’s life there.

Sid: But one of the things that you talk about in your book is that everything you saw in Heaven was alive.

Dean:  Everything.

Sid:  Explain things that were alive.

Dean:  Everything is alive, you know the l flowers are alive and when I mean they are alive, they can communicate with you and you can communicate with them, their intelligent.  The trees were alive, the water was alive; to me they had some of the best personality I had ever seen.  It seemed to have a joyful personality of fun all the time, you know the water there.  The throne of God is alive, the altar even the Bible says in the scriptures that the altar spoke, the atmosphere woo, it even talking to you, thinking about it?

Sid:  Well, I’m feeling what you are feeling right now, maybe not as much, but I’m sure feeling a lot of the presence of God.

Dean:  Well, I’m telling you the atmosphere, you know.  One of the greatest things that happened was I was there when people were born again, people on this planet when they got born again, and I shared that with people sometimes and one of the greatest things that happened was, that every time someone accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior that their name is literally shouted all across Heaven, I mean if we could really understand.

Sid:  One individual effects what’s going on in Heaven?

Dean:  That’s right, every, you know everybody and it is just so awesome, I was there when people were being born again and their names were being shouted across the atmosphere, you know like someone like announcing and the celebration that was taking place it was just something that it’s hard to even put into words.  That every time that I know that someone accepts Jesus Christ when I am talking to them, even on this radio program right now, someone is listening to this broadcast during the moments that we are talking, right now their name is being announced in Heaven.

Sid:  How important was it to Jesus that people have their name inscribed in the book of life?

Dean:  Well, all of Heaven is focused on that, that’s how important .

Sid:  So when it says in scripture, he who wins souls is wise, you really understand it from Heaven’s perspective now.

Dean:  Heaven’s point of view, yes.

Sid:  Now, I know what the scriptures say, but what happens to someone that’s won a lot of people to the Lord in Heaven?

Dean:  What happens to them?

Sid:  Is there rewards?

Dean:  You know there are rewards, okay from our point of view from looking from here.  From there you’re just glad that you’re with Jesus.  You know you are serving Him you are in His presence, that’s the greatest reward.  I remember being there and seeing others that had gotten their crowns, you got to understand, even the crowns are alive and yet I saw them put those crowns down because they were with they’re Lord they were with Jesus Christ what else could be greater than being with the Lord?  There is nothing greater than that.

Sid:  Talk to me about the love you felt coming from Jesus.

Dean:  Well, the love from Jesus, like I said, It was you know when I was in His presence someone ask me one time, did He hug you?  I said, “His presence hugged me, the light, He’s brighter than the noonday sun as even the Bible says, but the light comes off of Him in waves, like I said waves coming off the ocean, they just wrap around you, and yet there are rainbow colors more colors than I can describe and they are alive they wrap around you and you just experience the love of God, beyond anything you could imagine.  I think you come close to it when you are praying and the presence of God is with you and it’s like you do not want to stop because you know how much He loves you, you can’t put it into words and if you try to describe it to someone else it you just come way short.  Well, that’s what I experience all the time there.

Sid:  Did you see angels in Heaven?

Dean:  Yes, there’s a multitude of angels, I came to understand the thing that really got me about the angels there in Heaven is the respect they showed for Jesus, they did not turn their back to Jesus at any time, I mean they bowed and they would back away from Jesus.  They showed Him great respect.

Sid:  Now before you went to Heaven, you had a visitation from an angel two times.

Dean:  Two times

Sid: Now, have you ever seen this angel since that time?

Dean:  Since that time, yes that angel plays a big part in my life right now.  As I tell people I have a multitude of angels with me so whenever I go anywhere I know that the multitude of angels that are with me they come along, we see a lot of things happen because of that understanding of my responsibility in the kingdom.

Sid:  Dean, our time is slipping away but I urge you to get his book…

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