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Sid:   We want everyone everywhere to be free and then help everyone else to be free.  My guest, Mark Virkler has put together a series called “Prayers That Heal the Heart.”  This should be basic discipleship 101, but unfortunately very few believers have covered these seven supernatural areas.  And the thing that is so wonderful is, Mark you have shared earlier this week that you as a pastor you got involved in deliverance ministry you saw a lot of fruit and then you got discouraged when some of these demons wouldn’t come out of people and you just stopped it for over a decade.  But then you got into it and you found out that these demons are like attorney’s they have legal rights; they have anchors that make them very resistant.  But if you can get rid of these anchors with these seven supernatural prayers they have no legal rights and they must leave with just a simple prayer.  You know you use to take hours and hours and now once they’re home is dismantled they have no choice.

Mark:  That’s exactly right Sid, it’s one to two minutes once the home is dismantled you just say in the name of Jesus leave and within a minute or two they’ll be gone and there is not a lot of shaking, not a lot of trembling.  You know the manifestations I use to see they have all just calmed down because those manifestations I believe was the anchors the demons anchored within the person and me trying to pull it out and the tug of war showed the vibration of the person’s body and that whole tug of war now is gone.

Sid:  Now, another area you deal with is inner healing.  Perhaps you can give me a testimony of someone that went through that area of prayers that heal the heart and what happened to them.

Mark:  Yeah, this was a pastor’s wife that worked in the same church that I worked in and she had a child it was still born and it was traumatizing to her obviously as it would be to any woman cause she never had a chance to hold that baby, to love that baby, to name that baby, to play with fingers and toes.  And yes, she knew the baby was in heaven, but she had picture like, I didn’t hold it, I didn’t hug it.  A picture is worth a thousand words and you can know the child’s in heaven, but she had a wound in her heart and so the Lord Jesus met her in her prayer time and he took her to heaven and he walked over to a crib in heaven and He reached down, pulled the baby out of the crib and he walked over to her and handed the baby to her and said this is your baby.  And she took the baby and she held it, she loved it, she caressed it, she nursed it, she counted it’s fingers and its toes and then the Lord said that it’s time to go back and so she gave the baby back to Jesus, put it back in the crib and He brought her back to earth. And that’s an example of inner healing where Jesus gave her a new picture; you know that healed the wound in her heart.  So inner healing is allowing Jesus to walk into painful pictures, show up, do whatever He wants to give us a new picture and if we live out of those pictures in our hearts there just very powerful.  A picture is worth a thousand words and what we see affects us greatly and God has to adjust those pictures within.

Sid:  Now, I have heard of many cases where people were literally set free of say a demon of fear and there free for ten, fifteen, twenty years and all of a sudden it seems like it comes back with a vengeance.  How do you stop that?

Mark:  Well, the Bible says that when demons are cast out they go through waterless places, dry places looking for a place to live and if they can’t find a place they are going to come back and check you out.  And so usually after deliverance a few days later, a few months or years a demon will come back and knock and say I’m back, fear is back at which point you have an important decision to make.  You can say oh my gosh the demons back and the demons within which means you now believe and confess that he’s within you and you own it again.  So you’re messed up.  Or you can say no you’re not!  You have no place in me because and then you begin to quote scripture to that demon.  So we say, when you’ve been delivered go to the Bible, get your concordance out and look up a whole bunch of verses and memorize some of them and so when the demon comes back knocking you can quote him a scripture verse and say this: I’m a believer, I’m a child of the King and I’m a believer and I believe Christ lives within me and you have no place here.  So you can shut the demon off and turn it away if you can have a wall of defense which for me would be a scriptural wall of defense, a number of verses that I have memorized and I speak them into existence and I live them.

Sid:  Now for those that perhaps are tuning in for the first time, or even those that have been listening all of this week, could you give me a bit of a review of your supernatural CD set of eight CDs called “Prayer That Heal the Heart” but even more important than the review, how you came to put this together.

Mark:  Well Sid, I got into this because my heart was wounded.  I picked up wounds after being a Christian for twenty years and I had fear, I had doubt, I had accusation, I had rejection, I feared rejection, had self rejection.  And so a lady named Kaye Cox prayed with me and she took me through a series of prayers which ended with about twenty demons being cast out of me and I was amazed that…

Sid:  And you had been in ministry how long?

Mark:  Well, about twenty years.  Ha-ha.

Sid:  I imagine you were amazed!

Mark:  Well, I was amazed you know I mean I was amazed that anyone could free me up that much in three hours, because I battled negative things within me for years and I would say in the name of Jesus I bind this fear, but it would go away for ten seconds you know.  And know, she set free and it stayed longer than ten seconds; it stayed now for ten years and I was amazed that she could do that much in three hours.  And so I pondered and I prayed about it and I said Lord show me what she did.  And He showed me that she was using seven prayers that God has been giving to the church over the last twenty years or thirty years and she just used them as a bundle and ended with a deliverance prayer at the end. 

Sid:  And explain what happens to an individual when these seven prayers are exercised in faith.

Mark:  Well, as you exercise every single prayer you feel lighter and lighter and lighter and lighter and lighter.  You just feel heaviness just come off of you, because it’s demonic oppression leaving layer by layer by layer and when you are done and you cast the demon out you feel a whole new freedom on the inside and you say this is what I knew Christianity was suppose to be, setting me free.  

Sid:  These seven supernatural prayers, could you review them just briefly? 

Mark:  Yeah, the first prayer would be breaking generational sins and curses.  Stuff flowing down from my parents and grandparents we placed the cross there; cut off the power so I don’t have a flow of negativity from previous generations.  The second prayer is ripping up the floor boards of the demons house which is soul ties, ungodly soul ties where I pull together with other negative people and we pass negative energy back and forth and we take the Sword of the Spirit and cut those soul ties so the floor is ripped up of the demons house.  Now we go to the walls and we pull the walls down, which is negative beliefs to inner vows.   A negative belief is a negative belief that does not line up with scripture and is something that I believe about myself.  And we repent of it and renounce it, ask God to give us a positive belief to replace it because you don’t go from negative to positive and you replace the inner vow with a godly purpose.  Say I purpose by the power of the Spirit to do this from this day on.  And the roof of the house will be traumatic pictures and we invite Jesus to come in and show us where He was at in this traumatic scene because He was Emmanuel, he was with us.  So where where  were You at and what were You saying and we tune to the Spirit and let Him show us.  And we also break off word curses that we’ve spoken over ourselves or other people spoke over us; and at  that point in time we rip the house down and so now we can cast the demon out and we can say in the name of Jesus I bind these demons, I command you to leave in Jesus Name you have no right within me and we state who we are instead.  Instead of being full of fear and guilt and anxiety, I’m a believer I believe that God provides all of my needs and there is no place for fear, guilt or depression within me and I command you to leave in Jesus Name.

Sid:  What type of results are you getting in reference to people being physically healed after saying these seven supernatural prayers and perhaps a spirit of infirmity leaves?

Mark:  Well, we’ve seen it happen over and over and over again where, you know Jesus healed all who were oppressed of the devil and a lot of these ungodly beliefs bring physical infirmity right along with it.  So as we break the ungodly belief, cast the demon out the person is set free.  One person I’m thinking of now he’s was in Canada, he had had chemical sensitivity to allergies, very very sensitive and as he went through these prayers and got deliverance and he saw a vision of Jesus coming and healing him totally.  His entire sensitivity, chemical sensitivity dissolved that day, and that was like over ten years ago and I just checked with him last week and it stayed gone for the whole ten years.

Sid: …Whoops were out of time.

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