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Sid:  I don’t see how you can help to be red hot for the Messiah when you see before your very eyes the Miracle nation of Israel; it should not exist except God said that it would exist.  When you see before your very eyes the miracle people, Jewish people they should not exist, except God said as long as there is a sun, a moon and stars there will be physical Jews on the face of this earth.  I have Rabbi Michael Zeitler on the telephone and I’m interviewing him on his brand new book “The Eagle, the Lion and Miracles,” and when Michael shares about the miracles of Israel miracles take place among the people that are listening.  When Michael then blows the shofar miracles transpire. …Rabbit Zeitler teaches about the miracles of Israel and then moves in words of knowledge and then blows the shofar…  Michael, on yesterday’s broadcast you were sharing the most amazing miracles that are taking place and did take place in the history of Israel.  But miracles are taking place when you speak; I mean you have seen over in the last three months (June/July ‘2010) over a thousand miracles as you’ve been speaking the Peru area and other parts of Latin America.  You’ve seen over a couple hundred salvations.  Of all of the miracles that you have seen what is the one that just touched you personally the most.

Michael:  The one that touched me personally the most, there are actually two in two separate locations when two different girls, about twelve to thirteen years old received their hearing from the Lord for the first time in their life, they were born deaf.  To see the expression on their faces as they were crying and so grateful to hear for the first.  And so many other things have been taking place all along this whole trip, when I was in Ecuador I didn’t get a chance to tell you, but we celebrated the Feast of Tabernacles for seven days and the people gave testimony that they saw on the sides of the Tabernacle that the church had built two twelve foot tall angels.  People heard angels singing; people heard the shofars of at least a dozen trumpets or shofars being blown by heavenly hosts.  And also people heard and saw and danced with angels as you saw them spinning around and dancing.  The Pastor couldn’t get up, his legs were like rubber every time he tried to get up he was on the floor again.  I went down in the Spirit on the altar twice, got up again after awhile and just God moved so supernaturally as He was celebrating His Feast and celebrating what God has designed for all of us.  So many miracles, everywhere I have been seeing it happen, the people are so hungry Sid and everything that’s been going on vision of people being opened both in the supernatural and in the natural.  Ears being opened, sometimes when I blow the shofar sometimes when I just speak a word, I just speak a word out to the congregation of say a 1,000 people in a congregation and miracles happen as God moves with His angels to touch and bless.  And people are coming up and giving testimonies of all the things that are happening and primarily I’ve been focusing in on the urgency of the last days.  I’ve been showing them the Israel is that which God has talked about, the fig tree and that we are to look to the season and that this is the time and this is the hour and the urgency of the hour.  And I have been encouraging them that greater things shall they do because Jesus, Yeshua went to be with the Father.  And I have been encouraging them to go out.  I have been seeing myself on the street when I ran into people, I pray for them.  A guy with a cane walking in the street, I only had two minutes to pray for him, I prayed for him.  He went hoping and jumping and skipping like the guy at the beautiful gate with his cane waving in the air as he went down the street after seeing the Lord set him free; this was a guy in his eighties. I  saw another guy who was practically blind and deaf; as we came across this bridge to see him the presence of God hit him and the blindness left and then the deafness left and he’s been fantastic ever since, eighty-six years old.  So many miracles not just in the church, but outside the walls of the church as God has been moving miraculously.  I just prayed for a guy the other day it was in a shoemaker out in the street corner and his leg grew out three inches; he was walking with a limp and he had pain in his hip and then he was walking without the cane any more.  Everything that God has been doing.

Sid:  Now as you share about all these supernatural things that happened to Israel, people are getting healed.  Tell me some more miracles of Israel like the Hebrew sign Shem.

Michael:  You know it wasn’t Sid, until they actually had satellites where they could take photographs and as they were patrolling the nation of Israel a photograph was taken by the area called Bethel which in Hebrew means house of God.  And right next to it is a mountain range and only from a satellite photograph do you see the image of the letter Shem which stands for the name.  It stands for one of the names of God, Shem and there it is.  The hand of God, the name of God himself is on the land of Israel.  It’s absolutely amazing the things that go on in what the Lord has done to establish His nation.  Jerusalem is the apple of His eye; He states it over and over again and he is not pleased when America tries to go against it to force the leaders of the nation of Israel to give up land for peace.

Sid:  Now you have documentation in your book that almost immediately after the United States tries to attack Israel or negotiate for dividing up the land the horrible judgments that occur.  Tell me one.

Michael:  Look what happened to Katrina Sid.  Katrina was retribution from God I believe because of the eviction of the 10,000 people in Gaza.  Approximately 10,000 people were killed in Katrina, 10,000 people were evicted from Gaza by the direction of Condalisa Rice.  And in her correlation the homes in Gaza were destroyed and the homes in Katrina both in Louisiana, New Orleans and Alabama were destroyed.  All correlating there is no way that you can say that these are coincidences this is the retribution of God coming against the US because of its disobedience to bless Israel.  And when we bless Israel, we will be blessed.  But when we curse Israel or try to force its leaders to give up land for peace we will receive justice and retribution from God.  Sid I believe that the Lord is saying right now there is somebody has a problem with their lungs and God is healing, its Emphysema and God is giving you brand new lungs.  You’re not having a restoration but you’re having brand new lungs put in.  You can breathe deep now, there is someone else who is suffering with asthma and God is healing them right now Sid.  Thank you Oh Mighty God, we praise you oh Father; there’s a number of you that just heard that snap and you’re ears just popped open for the first time some of you are hearing.  You can take the hearing aid out you don’t have to worry about it anymore, God has healed you.  Thank you oh Lord, praise You Oh Mighty God, praise You.  There is somebody has a problem with their optical nerve I believe the Lord is saying and the Lord is healing you right now.  You have like a fluttering in your eye and a problem with your optical nerve and God is healing you right now.  Thank you Father we praise You Oh Mighty God; give you all glory honor and praise for what you are doing.  Thank you, praise you Oh Father.  Right now Sid, I believe that God is burning out arthritis in many many people that suffer with arthritis in their knees, in their elbows, in their hands and in their feet and God is burning it out; you’ll feel a fire of God on your body right now and the Lord is burning out that arthritic condition.  Thank you Father that that arthritis is gone in the name of Yeshua.

Sid:  You know Michael, I’m not feeling the fire of God, but I’m feeling wave after wave of the Holy Spirit on the Word that you’re speaking.  Are you feeling that same thing?

Michael:  Amen, amen, whoa Amen!  Sorry.

Sid:  What else is God telling you?

Michael:  There’s someone that has suffered I believe the Lord is saying brain aneurism and the Lord is removing that brain aneurism right now.  I just see the brain and I see it being healed and I see like lightness in the brain right now and the Lord is healing you.  Thank you Father, thank You Almighty God, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah.  There’s many that are suffering with depression because of so many things that are going on with our economy and everything that’s happening, it’s just a sign of the times, but Lord right now in the Name of Yeshua by the blood of the Lamb I bind every spirit of depression right now in the Name of Yeshua and I command it GO in Yeshua’s Name leave their lives right now, I send you back bound to Yeshua now go in Yeshua’s Name, thank you Lord.  Thank you Lord people that have been depressed are going to be in the peace of God right now Sid.  Islam is falling all over the place right now.

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