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Sid:  I’m talking to Mel Bond on the telephone and Mel in 1978 you had a vision from Heaven, tell me about that. 

Mel:  Well, that was November the 14th 1978 and that was a Tuesday evening, I went to bed at night.  And as soon as I went to bed that an angel came into my room; it was like I wasn’t allowed to his or her face and they reached down their right hand, grabbed a hold of my right hand and I stood up and we started going up to Heaven.  And I can remember looking back and I’d seen my bed, I’d seen my body still laying in the bed and I went to Heaven and when I went to Heaven, I mean just like a second and I seen an angel’s and there is a lot of things it would take me a long time to go over everything.  But the major point or focus was for me being there was that this angel looked at me and told me that there’s a lot of people.  Now his words were this “There’s a lot of people that are not going to make it if they don’t learn to walk in love.”  So if you’re ever in the presence of an angel or in Jesus, it’s sometimes there’s no words even spoken and a but volumes of information goes forth; so I knew in my spirit what this angel was saying, that here I was a Pastor and that I’m not going to make the rapture if I don’t learn to walk in love.  That I was preaching the letter, but not the Spirit, that God is love and I was preaching a lot of condemnation and damnation, but not the love of God.

Sid:  Yeah, but isn’t it the love of God to warn people when they’re in sin?

Mel:  Well, you absolutely, but at the same time what’s the nature of a person’s heart.  My heart wasn’t right, I was…

Sid:  You were more legalistic than having such compassion that you didn’t want to see that person miss Heaven.

Mel:  It was probably more out of anger then it was preaching out of love.  And so anyway that’s what took place and of course since that particular time it just seems like every time that I open the Bible that I read the word of God, highly saturated with the love of God.  Even it talks about things that are wrong like homosexuality and lesbianism that’s wrong, that’s a demonic last days heavy, heavy demonic spirit.  But we can tell people about this with the love of God that we don’t want them to miss out on God’s best here on this earth; and we certainly don’t want them to miss out on eternity in Heaven; and so we can say that with love and compassion in our hearts grieved and that’s the way that we should.

Sid:  So, you’ve been practicing walking in love since 1978.  Is that the reason that I feel such a strong presence of God as you’re speaking?  Do you believe that?

Mel:  Well, I would say because God is love and the more we walk in God’s love and one of the things that I find too as you study the Bible the Bible says that Jesus was moved with compassion and that’s how he did miracles and so it’s like the love of God is the power of God.  If you show me any person that has a lot of miracles in their ministry I’ll show you a person that walks in depts of God’s love.

Sid:  So give us a couple of tips on how to, how to walk in God’s love.

Mel:  Well, I just think that we just need to start practicing every day with our words and start looking for opportunities to walk in love because the devil’s certainly going to challenge us to get us to not walk in love, not talk in love.  And love is a decision, it’s not a feeling and so sometimes if someone cuts you off driving down the highway we can have a feeling that’s not love…

Sid:  You should have seen me this past Sunday, I spoke at my home congregation, I was on my feet for a couple of hours.  We went to a new restaurant and the elevator wasn’t working and I had to walk up five flights of stairs to get lunch after standing on my feet for over two hours and you would not have known that I was a believer in Messiah.  I’m telling you I was so upset with myself, Mel.

Mel:  Yea, I could understand and sometimes I think that things of that nature do bother us and so we have to…

Sid:  But I’m not going to do that again, in Jesus Name.  Ha-ha.

Mel:  We just have to make it a practice.

Sid:  Oh oh, it got worse than that then after I started complaining and really letting everyone know how unhappy I was a woman walked up and said, “I watch you on TV all the time.”  Ha-ha, I mean the Lord knew how to put that exclamation mark on the whole deal.

Mel:  That’s right, that’s right.

Sid:  Tell me, I am so fascinated that in 1984, I mean this was the real life changing thing that happened to you, tell me about the visitation from Jesus.

Mel  Okay, what took place it was September 28th, 1984 that was Friday evening; and one of the things that a person needs to know from studying the scriptures from the heart of God is that the word vision and dream is interchangeable terms many many times in the Bible.  If you look here in Job 33:14-16 it says “For God speaks once, yes twice yet a man perceiveth it not in a dream, in a vision of the night when deep sleep falls upon men and in the slumbering upon the bed then He openeth their ears of men and sealeth their instructions.  So real plain you know God loves us to much and he’s talking to us during the day, but we’re so busy mentally and physically some time that we don’t hear God and so He has to wait until our mind and our body is laying asleep and then he gives us a vision, a dream and the Bible calls it a vision of the night when deep sleep falls upon men and the slumbering upon they’re bed.  And so very obvious as well as looking at it in the Greek and the Hebrew that many times the word dream is interchangeable with the vision and the word vision is interchangeable with vice versa dream and vision.  And you see that even in Jesus’ life was saved and Jesus was the Messiah and He’s the most important thing that humanity or the most important entity person that is needed for the blessings of humanity.  And His life was saved six times you see it just in the book of Matthew the first two or three chapters just because somebody;  the Jewish people they knew that dreams, there were dreams that were actually spiritual encounters that they were having a vision and so His life was saved because of dreams.  And so anyway September the 28th 1984 I went to sleep at night and so had a vision and in this vision I saw Sunday morning service and there was a lady that I don’t remember ever being there before and her name was Maureen, a red headed lady and I could take you to where she was setting.  While I was preaching, that Jesus in this vision, walked up and touch my right shoulder with His left hand and I turned around because I was sort of shocked in this vision that while I’m preaching someone is going to touch me and I turned around and it was Jesus.  He had a smile on his face and then He looked at me and he told me the lady’s name and He told me what was wrong with her and He told me that there were some female problems.  And He said, “Now Mel, if you’ll pray with your whole heart He said that my anointing will always go into her, go into people (I’m sorry).”  And when He said that there was volumes of information, so when Sunday morning came it was real easy, all I did was just copy what I’d seen done.  The lady was setting right where Jesus said she would be setting, I asked her to come forward.  I asked her if that was the problems that she had?  She had that female problem and she said, “Yes.”  I prayed with my whole heart exactly the way that Jesus said; she was instantly healed and has been healed ever since.

Sid:  Now, you find that when you teach people and we have this special CD in which you really amplify the teaching that you do in your book where you go into detail of what Jesus revealed to you.  And I’ve had other people say this Mel, that when they have an encounter in Heaven or they have an encounter with Jesus it’s almost like they remember very little of it, but it was down loaded into their spirit and as they need this information God just brings it to remembrance.

Mel:  I guess with me, the more I think about it the bigger it gets, I have never forgotten details. If I were an artist I could draw picture exactly what Jesus looked like, His exact words He said, very few words, but it was amplified when He spoke to me it was just like truthfully I could have written a book in 500 pages, but I tried to be conservative and get right to the point to make it simple for people to pick it up.  And my teaching an eight year old child could pick up this book read it and have the same…

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