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Sid: It is outrageous that when one man, Mel Bond had a revelation in which Jesus came to him and taught Him how to pray with his whole heart, his whole ministry was transformed.  He’s seeing the deaf hear, the blind see the lame walk, the dead raised.  I mean Mel, you’re seeing everything you read about in the New Testament and the good news is that it could happen to anyone!  Tell me about that little ten year old girl that was blind in one eye and her face was deformed in Mexico.

Mel: This happened two years ago and its up in the mountains a little town or village outside of Quatela, Mexico and there is thousands of people in Quatela that know about this miracle.  But there is a little girl in a tent church way up in the mountains and her face was deformed, she was born that way and blind in one eye.  The eye where the deformity was after I prayed with my whole heart right in our eyes her faced was recreated and she received perfect eye sight.

Sid: Now think that this is so wonderful especially for someone like myself who is an evangelist; you can just show a group of unsaved Jewish people or unsaved Muslims that a spectacular miracle like this and you know what’s the easiest thing in the world then for them to want to know the healer then after they’ve seen a demonstration of the kingdom.  But let’s bring this into where we are right now in this day and this country.  What happens to people in your church that are unemployed or that are losing their homes?  Tell me how this wonderful way that God taught you to pray affects them?

Mel: Okay, well just recently there is a lady that’s been coming to our church for maybe about five or six months.  Her name is Linda McKinney and she lives in O’Fallon, Missouri and she’s a widow lady, she is probably about sixty years of age – sixty-five she drives a school bus, very limited income and she’s a very conservative person and very cautious with her words and she is always full of the joy of the Lord and she doesn’t go around begging or hinting that she has needs she would never do that.  But so she learned the teaching with praying with her whole heart, she got $5,000 over due in her rent because she’s renting a house and so she went to her rent lady and told her that you know that I’m a Christian and I’m extremely sorry but I’m going to have to move and I will pay you all this money that’s due, but you know I don’t want it to just mount up.  And so about a week or two later before she had a chance to move out her land lord called her back and said, God gold me to just forget this and so that’s learning to pray with your whole heart.  So we’ve seen people in our church testimonies beyond…

Sid: How about someone, give me an example of someone that they got an unusual pay raise.

Mel: Okay, we’ve had a few of those and all over the world different places that I go I’ve taught this and I’ve seen people that get jobs that they’re not supposed to.  There’s a man by the name of Frank Jon Formaggio and he was in prison for twenty-two years of being an accessory to murder.  He wasn’t involved at all he just happened to be there, a long story.  And so he gets out of prison, he gets born again and he’s coming to our church, learns to pray with his whole heart and wasn’t able to get a job not suppose to get a job and he was able to get a fantastic job working at a place that they don’t hire x-convicts at all or anybody with any kind of criminal record at all.  But he received a great job and so we’re seeing the impossible, God does the impossible and it just knowing God’s word.

Sid: Now why would God be interested, I understand that you and your wife have supernatural direction to get bargains when you go shopping.  Why does God care about that?

Mel: Well, the Bible says that, Jesus said in Mark 11:24 that he’s give us the desires of our heart.  God wants us to be blessed and I think a real key is when you want to be a blessing.  In Matthew Chapter 17:27 Jesus said, “That if you will be a fisher of men that, in essence I’ll pay your bills, and he told Peter to go down and get the coin out of the fishes mouth,” that told Peter that if you will be a fisher of men God will pay all of your bills.  And that’s one of the great secrets that we have learned and God has taken care of us because our focus is not on us, our focus is on winning people to the Lord and that’s the reason why we use miracles and signs and wonders the gifts and the Spirit.  We use them to bless people, to glorify God, to win people to the Lord and a side excretion is that God just blesses us.

Sid: Tell me about getting a brand new car without money.

Mel: Immediately I’m thinking of an automobile and I didn’t really want to be flashy because of being in the ministry sometimes you know, you get a lot of criticism but we went to a salesman and he had a beautiful beautiful Lincoln Continental that was just a used Lincoln that not Continental, but man it looked like it was brand new drove like a brand new car and I didn’t ask for any deals but I prayed, I prayed with our whole heart.  My wife and I looked at it and we liked this car and so we laid our hands on it and we prayed and the man gave us the car for about 60% off of what he would sell the car for to anyone else.

Sid: And do you know what I believe Mel?  When you pray for something like that God sends a special angel that gives you favor when that happens.  That’s what I believe, what do you think?

Mel: I don’t doubt that, Jesus said that he would give us a mouth and wisdom that our adversaries are those people that have things that they will not be able to gainsay or resist.  And that’s what I do, I write on the contract what I will give them and most of the time it’s pretty ridiculous.  But however I’m giving people an opportunity to invest in God’s kingdom not my kingdom it’s God’s kingdom and what an opportunity.

Sid: You know what I find, I find many people like you pray for others to be physically healed, but then when they get sick they don’t have enough faith to pray for themselves to be healed.  I see this happen often.  How about you, do you have enough faith for you and members of your immediate family to be healed when you pray for them?

Mel: Absolutely, my youngest daughter she was legally blind, we have the documentation.

Sid: I’m looking at it.  I’ve got it right in front of me.

Mel: Yeah, and what does it say?

Sid: It’s actually an eye exam and let me just pull this out, it says test used smaller alphabet at twenty feet, you want me to read a doctor’s hand writing Mel?  Ha-ha

Mel: Basically I could just tell you what it says, that she was legally blind, she couldn’t see ten feet away if I had one finger or if I had my hand up.  After I prayed for her with my whole heart she had twenty-twenty vision.  You’ve got documentation medical documentation for both; before and after.

Sid: How, about for yourself when something happens to you, give me an example of when you prayed.

Mel: My wife and I we haven’t taken any medicine what so ever probably in five to eight years.  If we needed medicine we would take it, but we get more attacks probably than anybody else because we are a bigger target.  So we’ve had some extremely horrible situations, diseases and sicknesses.

Sid: Tell me about that problems with your Esophagus

Mel: Okay, this happened probably right around nine years ago, eight years ago something like that and I had been having problems and so I didn’t get real serious about it and I had a lot of burning sensation and so I finally went to the doctor.  And he said that this muscle I think they call it the spinster muscle, it’s between the esophagus and the stomach.  He said that mine was totally dead and there’s nothing that can be done and my stomach I would end up getting stomach cancer because the esophagus was already beginning to be eat up and it was inflamed. And so he said, I would take this medicine the rest of my life every day and so I thought, that’s what he’s saying, but I’m going to trust God.  I did, I took the medicine for about two months because I just wasn’t, you sometimes we don’t get serious and that’s the loophole that the devil can use, God will get as serious with us as we get with Him.  So when I finally decided I don’t want to keep taking this medicine.  So I prayed with my whole heart and truthfully in that situation and sometimes you have instant miracles, but thank God that I don’t take any medicine what so ever that I got that where I just take I started backing off and within probably two or three months I was taking no medicine and haven’t taken any since.   And it has probably been about eight years.  If I needed medicine I would take it.

Sid: Tell me about Donna your wife who was healed of thyroid problems.

Mel: Okay, this happened she went to the doctor and he said that she going to have to take thyroid medicine the rest of her life because her thyroid isn’t working, so she did the same thing.  And after a short period of time of just praying and trusting God, praying with your whole heart sometimes we have battles and sometimes there’s a little bit progressive and the upshot of the whole thing is that it’s probably been I don’t know five to eight years she hasn’t taken anything.  After about a year of not taking anything she went back to the doctor for her normal checkup and he said, “Boy this thyroid medicine is working great, I have never seen it work that good, and he said just keep on taking it and she said, “I don’t take any.  He said, “Whatever your doing keep doing it.”

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