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Sid:  I just did a prophetic teaching CD with Hank Kunneman, just for our listeners; and the title of this is “The 2010 Prophetic Window.”  And you are going to be amazed at what God has shown this veteran prophet, Hank Kunneman about the future of America, about President Obama, even where to invest, about Iran and Israel.  But I think let’s get to know the man, because as I understand the gift of prophecy the person’s entire life that God uses is a prophetic life.  Hank at age five and I have to tell you, you provoke me the jealousy because I didn’t even know there was a God at age five.  But at age five you heard the voice of God.  And yet, you weren’t even raised in a Christian home, you would once in awhile go to a denominational church, but at age five what did God say to you?

Hank:  Well, I was on the Island of Guam of all places because, of…

Sid: I thought you were going to say on the Island of Patmos, but that’s okay ha-ha.

Hank:  I’ve never said it that way, but I greet your listeners today to God bless them.  But one of the things that the Lord did was I was five years of age and I was sitting there on the Island of Guam, my parents, my Dad was in the Air Force and I sitting there and I heard a voice come to me.  And it wasn’t like in my mind I could hear it speak inside of me telling me, drawing me to the elements of creation and speaking to me about, you know about doing what’s right in life.  Now keep in mind, you know your five years old, God comes and speaks to me in terms that I wouldn’t know and I would understand as a five year old.  And basically the message was that you know, look at creation, introduced himself to me as a creator, but also really put a healthy Godly fear at that moment on at the age of five.

Sid: I wish I had had that; I didn’t have a clue, but at age five coming from a non-Christian home to have that put into you.  What effect did it have on you even as a youngster, five years of age?

Hank:  The effect that it had on my life at that moment was really amazing, because not only did it bring the fear of God upon me where I was always aware of this creator that had spoke to me, but what was interesting Sid, was that I would go into different places and even my Mom would remember this, I would have little old ladies or different ones come up and say there’s something about this young man; God’s hands on his life.  When I would get into junior high and just before I got saved at the age of eighteen people would say to me, “How do you know these things?”  I had a real ability, the gift is without repentance to sometimes look at someone and be able to perceive what was going on just by my own spirit at the time.  So those were some of things that began to happen and when I got saved…

Sid: Well, at eighteen I want to know about that, you’re at your parents home, you’re in the basement and you finally experience the God that spoke to you way back at age five; tell me about that.

Hank:  I was being deeply pursued by some of the, what I call crazy Christians of the High School because they recognized evidently that there was some kind of calling on my life and I resisted them and I finally knelt down one day at the age of eighteen and I asked Jesus to come into my heart; and nobody was around just God and I said “Look if You are real here’s my life.”  And it was shortly after that, two months later that I got filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues.

Sid:   Now how did your parents deal with that they weren’t even believers?

Hank:  Well, you know I had a miracle happen, this is what really got my parents upset and not only was I talking about Jesus, but I had, my parents owned a service station, so I always around the grease and the dirt and stuff like that helping my parents.  I had really bad acne that broke out on my face and the first thing that God healed me of within the first two months of my salvation was he healed me supernaturally from acne in a service that I went to.  The guy started calling it out you know, acne and different things; and I’m thinking golly minister can’t you see I’m sitting here right on the third row? I didn’t know that he was operating in a supernatural word of knowledge and so a woman sitting next to me said, “The Lord’s speaking to you claim your healing.”  So I said, “Well, I claim healing for acne.”  So I went home and I told my parents and I said, “God’s going to heal me from acne, the Lord has healed my face.”  And they laughed and of course they thought I was crazy because I was severely broken out.  But I’m telling you Sid, in a few days I had baby skin; it looked like someone had taken their hand and put it on my cheeks and you could see these spots that looked like somebody would take like five fingers and these spots of new skin would appear completely healed my whole face.  And of course my parents thought I was crazy, even after that sign and wonder they even more thought I was in a cult, especially now that they say their son with a clean face.

Sid: But then, shortly thereafter why did they kick you out of they’re home?

Hank:  Well, my Dad kicked me out of my house, he said, “Listen, either you,” and of course my dad, you know he’s a precious man today, we’ve since had our relationship restored, thank God for that.  But we spent, you know I spent a few holidays alone because he said, “Either you deny this Jesus or you get out.”  And what happened shortly after I got saved and healed with this acne, I got filled with the Holy Ghost and I had something happen, my Mom was yelling my name at the top of the stairs, trying to get my attention, but what she did not know is that I had prayed and been filled with the Holy Ghost.  All night long I prayed in the Holy Spirit, didn’t even know what was going on and I got caught up in a vision, my first actual vision to where I saw what looked like a throne room.

Sid: How did you know how to pray in unknown tongues all night?  How did you know these things, you’re unchurched?

Hank:  Well, they had given me material and somebody actually I should clarify prayed with me to receive and when I did receive it was very fluent and they said, “Now go home and just keep praying.”  Well, I went home and I kept on praying and I didn’t realize I prayed all night long.

Sid: I wish someone had told me that! Ha-ha.

Hank:  But it led to a beautiful vision of what I believe was a throne room and that was my first spiritual experience.  And of course my Mom, she didn’t know what was going on, all she thought I was doing was ignoring her voice and really what she didn’t realize is that I was having a major vision in my starting of my Christianity.

Sid:  What did you see in the throne room?

Hank:  It was very interesting; the only thing that I could really tell you that really really drew my attention was all the people that were there.  And I could see this bright light, it was so bright that I couldn’t really see much around me but I could see someone was sitting on a big, what appeared like a throne.  I couldn’t see it because the light was so piercing and I could see what looked like glass in front of me.  That is the only way that I can describe it and I could see people all around me. But I tell you what was even more impressive than the things that I was seeing like the light and all the people and you know this figure off in the distance on this throne, again I could only see from like the feet and the knees up.  Was kind of more blurry was the noise that was there; it was like nothing like I’ve ever heard before in my life.  But from that moment on it drew a real hunger in my heart to really tap into what happened to me, you know and then God began to deal with me because the prophetic is progressive.  You know just like with Joseph it starts off with a dream for himself, then interpreting dreams for others and now he’s standing before a major political figure.  God was dealing with me with this whole dream and this healing that happened with my face and now he starts giving me a dream and ministering to me that way in the supernatural.  And I would like to share a dream I had my first one, would that be all right with ya?

Sid:   Sure.

Hank:  Yeah, I remember it because again, I want to encourage people who are listening that are listening you know, maybe you don’t get words over the nation, but listen God will speak to you; and I like dreams.   I’ll tell you why Sid, we’re sleeping our soul is more quiet, our body’s quiet, were not distracted and God can really speak to us.  And there’s a principal that I’ve learned and it’s this; God’s ability to communicate to us is greater than our ability not to hear.  Okay, God has many ways to communicate to us.  He’s ability to get His message across is greater than our ability not to hear; and dreams is a great way for God to speak.  Well, I was recently saved and this also led to me being kicked out; there was a young girl that was in a car accident, major car accident.  The whole family was traumatized by it, the neighborhood was in shock, she got hit in her car by this big truck, immediately in a coma.  Nobody knew what to do it looked like she was going to die.  God gave me a dream, it was one of the first spiritual experiences that I had for anybody else and I saw this girl in her hospital room hanging on to life.  I saw a bright light come into the room in this dream and I saw a calendar and I saw the date and it said on the calendar, Easter was written on the calendar the word Easter.  You know Resurrection Sunday.  Well, all of a sudden I saw in the dream her eyes looked up and she looked at the calendar and I knew in my heart when I woke up that this young girl that had been a coma, where the doctors were saying that she wasn’t going to make it, that she was going to wake up on Easter Sunday or just before it.  So my mistake was, like Joseph, I went and began to tell the whole neighborhood.  Of course they thought I was crazy and they said, “How do you know God speaks.  So I did something kind of strange Sid, I went and got all my parents encyclopedias and went out to the light pole and met many of the people in the neighborhood trying to prove that God speaks today.  Of course they thought I was a nut and that…

Sid:   But what happened on Resurrection Sunday?

Hank:  Well, just as, what I didn’t realize at the time was really my first prophetic, you know with the Lord the sense of you know, moving in the prophetic for somebody else; she woke up.

Sid:   I tell you what; I want you to wake up prophetically…

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