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Sid: …One new man that Paul talks about in Ephesians Chapter two 2.  That’s the one new man that Jesus talks about in John 17 in which He says, “I pray that they might be one (Jew and Gentile) and the same glory that was on Me will be on them.”  That’s what we will be about ready to walk into! That’s why I’m so excited this week, my guest Hank is a veteran prophet that I’ve known for a long time by the name of Hank Kunneman. … “Revealer of Secrets” this is literally a prophetic handbook for you on how to hear God’s secrets, God wants you to know His secrets.  And Hank on yesterday’s broadcast we found out that age eighteen, and your parents weren’t believers you were raised in a non-Christian home, you only went to denominal church once in a while.  But at age five you heard God’s voice and you had a healthy respect and reverence for God, a godly fear of God.  And at eighteen in the basement of your parent’s home after some Christians had witnessed to you you became a believer, you prayed in unknown tongues all night; you had visions of Heaven; your parents thought you were slightly nuts.   They kick you out of the house, but when they kicked you out, “What did you do?”

Hank:  Well, I remember and it was pretty hurtful for my Dad and I both just because, you know as we talk about it today, you know He basically gave me an ultimatum and that was, “Deny Jesus, get out of this what he thought was a cult or get out.”  And I had nowhere to go and I remember the loneliest feeling that I had and I tell you for those that are listening today, you know, you always know how strong your Christianity is when it’s tested.  And I knew in my heart and I only had been saved a few months, I knew that what I received was the real deal.  That I was willing as an eighteen year old kid to pack up my bags, not knowing where I was going to go and risk it all for this Jesus.  But I remember God was so good He knows our steps and He orders our steps.  Prior to me getting kicked out I went to a youth program that somebody invited me to, and a young man who, later would become my roommate handed me his phone number saying “Listen if you ever need anything, call me.”  So after I got kicked out, I packed all my stuff up, got in my car and I drove off not knowing where to go and I pulled over to a, in those days we didn’t have cell phones, you know these are the olden days and this is back, you know, back in the eighties you know I used the pay phone.  And I called this number and this gentleman that later became my roommate, he said “You won’t believe it my roommate just moved out, he’s in the service, we have an opening, why don’t you come.  Well, you know it was not in a very nice part of the city, but I was just glad to have a place to live.  And it was that little house; in a really not so nice area of Omaha is where God and I met.  And I used to have a lot of my spiritual experiences take place.

Sid:  And you know you had some amazing spiritual experiences when you chose God, over the comforts that were available to you.  All you had to do was deny God and you could have stayed at home, but it’s almost like for the moment you got born again and prayed all night in tongues and had your first vision; tell me some of the things that were going on in the streets.

Hank:  Well, one of the things that’s interesting, let me just back up, I think that’s powerful is, I didn’t have anybody to turn to.  My roommates were also in the service in this new house that I had just moved into.  I had two roommates and both were in the service, so they were gone a lot or they would leave for the holidays on what they call leave.  So I would be all alone, my family didn’t want anything to do with me because of my new found faith; so I had nothing else to do Sid, but just really pray, seek the face of God and go out on the streets and witness.  Well, I remember through those times of prayer I would begin to see angels.  The Lord would, one time I was praying and I saw something come shooting right past my feet; looked like a grotesque looking deformed pig.  And I knew then that through all the time that I’d been praying that the Lord was really opening up my spiritual eyes.  And I was beginning to become very aware of the spirit realm.  In some ways being kicked out was a blessing in the sense that I had nowhere else to turn, but to God.  And one of the things that happened is I remember, and I want to encourage your listeners you know sometimes we’re listening for a sentence or we’re looking for a paragraph when God speaks to us.  But the Bible, if you ever noticed it says a word of knowledge.  A word of prophecy, a word of wisdom, and God will always speak a word and as you act on that word more will come.  Well, one day, I had been praying in the afternoon and I’ll just tell you praying in the Spirit is so powerful.  Okay, it helps to activate sensitivity to the Spirit realm, but it also builds you up to where you are able to minister in the Spirit.  I think that one of the greatest ways is Jesus’ first miracle; He turned water into wine.  Wine is revelation, wine also speaks of the Holy Spirit and He drew out of it.  When you pray in the Holy Spirit a transformation takes place, and you’re able to tap into the realm of the supernatural realm of revelation; that’s what new wine speaks of and then you draw out of it, by acting on what you hear.  I heard the Lord say to me, just like the days of Ananias when he heard a name of a street, I didn’t even know about Ananias I was a young Christian, but the Lord said to me, “I want you to go to E Street.”  And that was the only thing I heard, I thought it was just me and I wrote it down, “Go to E Street.”  I kept on praying in the Spirit, and then I heard Him say, “Go to E Street and He said, “I want you to witness for me.”  So I wrote that down, “Go to E Street and witness for the Lord.”  And so my roommate came home later that night, he happened to be in town, and he said, “Let’s go out street witnessing,” and I said “That’s right, God gave me a directive, He said, God to E Street.”  Okay, just like Ananias heard, “Go to a Street called Strait.” We decided to head across the river and go obey what I’d heard, “Go to E Street, witness.”  The problem was Sid, the Lord did not give us all the details; He never does.  It’s in your obedience to act on what you hear and this works with prophecy even today when I prophecy over nations.  Sometimes I only hear a word, I only hear a sentence, something small, but when I step out the rest comes.  So we started driving across the river on E Street, so we thought, forty-five minutes later we didn’t see anything, because the Lord began to give us more detail.  He said, “When you go to E Street,” as we were in the car He said, “Look, you’ll find a party, you’ll hear loud music, you are to go in and that the house I want you to speak to.”  Well, forty-five minutes, we didn’t see any party, we didn’t hear anything.  The problem was we were on F Street and my roommate was driving and he had us on the wrong Street for forty-five minutes.  But I always say, I’d rather be on the wrong street trying to obey God than not doing anything at all.  So what happened is, we pull up to E Street, and sure enough there was a party with music and you got to hear what happened.  Are you ready for this?

Sid:   I can’t wait.

Hank:  Ha-ha, okay God’s got a sense of humor, after forty-five minutes of being on the wrong street; we pull up to this house just like the Lord said on E Street.  It was the only party on E Street, these two guys, it was right around Halloween, these two guys dressed as devils come walking out of the house and they had some alcohol in their hand and they went to, for your listeners pardon this, but they went to relieve themselves.  And as my roommate and I were like, “God what do we do now You know you never told us how we were suppose to go into this house?”  The funny thing is as we walked up to them, a few minutes later they thought we were angels, and they were so drunk they literally thought we were angels and I almost wanted to tell them that I was Gabriel, but I told them I said, “No, we’ve been sent from the Lord, we want to go in this house and we want to talk to whoever is the owner.”  And so they were so drunk they were college guys, they thought we were angels and of course we got escorted into this party now by two guys, dressed as devils.  Now God has a sense of humor, and all that came is it started from was my prayer time.

Sid:   So what did you say there though?

Hank:  Well, let me tell you, thank God that I didn’t get beat up, because it was a football party of these guys that were in college. We went in and they had the television on and I remember glancing at the television and there was something in appropriate on there and I remember yelling, “Turn that off I have something to say.” And of course, my spokesman, one of the devils, a guy dressed as a devil yells out “This guy is an angel, everybody listen up.”  Well, you know God’s sense of humor, they shut off the television; they quieted down in the room and one of the guy’s that owned the house you know of course he wanted us to leave, but that’s when the anointing dropped in there room.  And my roommate and I began to witness to these people and I wish I knew and could tell you there was salvations; I really don’t believe that there was that day, but there was some tremendous seeds that were planted.  And years later I had a young man show up in my church here in Omaha and he said to me, he said “Do you remember the day that you walked into a party, said, I was there I saw you on TV?”  Because you know we’re on TV here on commercials here in Omaha.  And he said, “I saw you and I just wanted to come and tell you I was in that party that day that you walked in,” Years later he must have gotten saved.

Sid:   You know, despise not small beginnings, God uses everything.  And now I mean I am kind of overwhelmed with some of the prophecies that you’ve had that have come to pass; and the things you know about the future and overwhelmed over the creative miracles.  This lady you prayed for, she had her female parts removed and then she had a baby, really?

Hank:  Yeah, let me tell you Sid, in the early years of my ministry, you know I would say early not that it doesn’t happen now, is that sometimes there is the innocence that we carry, naivety that is very healthy, not saying that you do things foolishly or immature, but we’re at a whole other dimension of faith.  You know, Jesus said you know, “Come like children,” there is a childlike faith that we’re to possess.  And you know it’s kind of like this when it comes to the gifts of the Spirit, I don’t know if you are like me, but whenever you get, …

Sid: Well, I’ll tell you what, I am like we’re out of time right now, we’ll pick up here on tomorrows broadcast; what a creative miracle.

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