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Sid:  My guest is Michael Galiga and Michael has been a guest previously on the Messianic Vision and he comes from the corporate world, but once he had a revelation of the One New Man, which is the merger of these two spiritual DNAs to form the complete dwelling place for God it had profound effects on his life.  Michael, tell me about those changes.

Michael:  Well, first of all you know, it’s the supernatural invading the natural and anytime that happens, especially in a significant way as this, it impacts everything you do; it impacts my decision my decisions as a business person; it steps my faith up in a way that you know unpreceded except in a handful of other instances.  But when the supernatural comes in it’s a pretty amazing thing.  I will say this Sid, you know I’m an American Indian; I’m a member or the Delaware tribe.  Well, why am I saying that?  Well, the Delaware tribe is according to all the research that I I’d done and professors that have studied Indian, the Indian tribes in this country; they’re the only tribe that worshipped the one true God. 

Sid:  I wasn’t aware of that. 

Michael: Yeah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  So I’ve done more research and what I found out Sid, was I said, how is it that my tribe, the Delaware, the tiny Delaware tribe, now has been folded into the Cherokee tribe, so I’m now Cherokee as well, how did they know the one true God and worship Him all those centuries?  Well, what I found out I can’t prove the exact connection, but there are in Solomon’s time Sid, with Solomon’s treaty with the Phoenicians and of course they were world travelers, it’s well known that they did three year expositions all over the world, including the United States.  Well, their high Jewish priests that are buried in the lands that the Delaware tribes habituated in.

Sid:  Now, how do you know this? 

Michael:  I’ve read this in several books.  It is kind of what I do Sid, I kind of draw lines in things and make estimates, I can’t prove what happened, but how else does a Delaware tribe thousands of years ago come up and worship the one true God?  And my guess is that somewhere along the line my tribe ran into the Jewish priests and they began to worship the one true God and so that’s what happened.  And so I’ve carried that DNA in me, so when I read about the One New Man concept; it just struck me because I may have Jewish blood in me too, I don’t know, I’ve never been tested, but it goes all the way back I believe to that connection many, many, many years ago; when my forerunners in my tribe met with some of Solomon’s explorers; sounds crazy doesn’t it?

Sid:  Well, it sounds very plausible to me.

Michael:  The other thing that impacted me when I read about that One New Man, was that was ever happens in Israel, especially Jerusalem that has an immediate unbelievable impact on the balance of the world.  If you want to know where the world’s going and what it’s doing, look at Israel and then look at Jerusalem.

Sid:  And that by the way, and I go into detail in my book “The Incomplete Church” and I think it’s amazing in Corinthians it says “First the natural and then the spiritual.”  Every time God does something with Israel, it has an immediate reaction in the church.  For instance in 1900 about the late 1890s the first Zionist Congress was called and about that time the Pentecostal Azusa Street whole revival started.  And then in ‘48 we had the great healing revival that so many men and woman put up tents, they had immediately had supernatural power to pray for the sick but what happened in the natural, Israel became a modern day Jewish nation; and then that explosion in the supernatural in the spirit realm.  And in ’67 we talked about it, Jerusalem in Jewish possession and the whole Charismatic movement started and so we can go on and on and on there is definitely a correlation between the two.  And recently I was thinking, well, what’s going to happen next to natural Israel that will then be the next repercussion that will happen to the church?  And without even thinking it came out of me that that Israel is going to find oil.  Can you picture Ezekiel talks about an invasion of Israel in the last days to get a spoil and can you see quite a spoil with Israel finds unlimited reserves of oil?

Michael:  Yeah, I can Sid there is several of course exploring for it now and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they found it.  You know that there has to be a resource there of great value.

Sid:  And when Israel finds that oil, I believe, well my friend I just got back from a tour of Israel and ministry in Israel and when I was there and I talked to some experts and they say that Israel is definitely preparing for war right now.  So if there’s a war, if there’s a discovery of oil, what’s going to happen to the church?  Oil represents the Holy Spirit; I see such an explosion of the Holy Spirit literally Heaven is going to draw closer to earth and things that the Christians have been praying for fifty years are going to become instant, five minutes!  I see this is about ready to happen because God wants to have mercy on planet earth.

Michael:  Yeah, I agree Sid, it’s all in play right now and if you just have a cursory, you know opinion a review of what’s happening worldwide, focus just a little bit more on Israel and you can see it.

Sid:  And another thing I found about is where the economy is really having challenges in the United States, Israel’s economy is just blossoming, Israel is doing so wonderful right now.  And I’m reminded of a scripture that many Christians can quote, John 17:21 “And Jesus said, I pray that they” (and its talking about the only two people groups that were there in the nature were Jews and Gentiles so there’s no guess work there) Jesus said, “I pray that they, Jew and Gentile might be one so that the world would believe.”  So what’s at stake of Jew and Gentile becoming one?  For the world to believe and somehow, when these two rivers and I kind a couple it with Ezekiel 47 where it talks about the river coming out of the temple and filling up to the point where it’s covering the ankles and then the knees and then the hips and then to the point where you have to swim.  Well in the Hebrew it doesn’t say where the river comes, it says “Where the rivers the two rivers come,” and those two rivers it’s talking about is Jew and Gentile, One New Man teamed up together.  God has shown you a number of things about the One New Man; and one of the things that I found intriguing is God is burdening you to be a blessing to Israel, why is that?

Michael:  Oh Sid, it’s a long story but a short version is, it’s really a core of my being and He’s laid upon me and again I’m a business person, and He’s laid upon me, and there’s no question about it, since I was five years old; but especially since I turned fifty-three a little over a year ago, to bring two million Jews home.  And those words came out of my mouth in and it’d take an hour to tell the story, and that’s an enormous undertaking it would take billions of dollars and so my prayer Sid, is to get two million home in Aliyah is billions.  And I’ve been praying earnestly God, I don’t’ want to just bring these people home to Israel, I want to build them homes, I want to put in sewer lines and that’s probably why I’ve been in corporate real estate for twenty-five years at the highest levels around the world in construction and finance is to do just that. I’m confident of it, but to build sewer, water, streets, roads, create jobs, build hospitals, schools its billions and billions and billions of dollars and it’d be one of the most demanding, the most demanding, the most exciting projects in the history of the world.  And it’s going to start soon.  And how are you going to do that Mike, it’s so overwhelming Sid.  I can just get on my face and say only You can do this, You’ve given me the talent, you’ve given me the calling, You have to bring the people together with the financial wherewithal to make this happen.  But that’s where I am and that’s one of the things that the One New Man means to me. 

Sid:  Well, you know what’s kind of interesting? God is the artist and He’s having all different people work in different areas that’s really a symphony, but the people don’t even know that it’s a symphony because they only have that small picture of what they’re doing as opposed to God having the big picture of what He’s doing.  Scripture shows clearly that many Jews when they seek God in the nations that they’ve been scattered to will come to know Messiah.  Other scriptures say that many Jews will not come to know the Messiah until they return to the land of Israel and that’s why what I’m doing just flows hand and hand with what you’re doing; because what you’re doing what God has put on my heart is to mail my book.  This is a book God told me to write of ten Jewish testimonies to one million Jewish households in the United States.  So many of these Jewish people that get the book, and have them prayed for by name, by the way and so many of the Jewish people get that, they get this book will come to the Lord.  But many of them will just have some seed planted for when they get to Israel, that you’ll help them get there and move into the houses that you’ve built.  So can you see the wisdom and the majesty of God in this whole plan that He showed you and He showed me?

Michael:  It is an orchestra and that’s what makes it so exciting to see that orchestra and I’m over here playing a trumpet and you’re over here playing a clarinet or something and to see how they dovetail together and…

Sid:   Oop we’re just about out of time.

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