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Sid:  My guest is Michael Galiga is red hot for the Messiah.  He is a successful businessman that God has downloaded the One New Man message.  And you know Michael, I believe that one of the reasons that the moment that you heard about the One New Man you got so excited about it is you understood that as an attorney the difference between a covenant and a contract.  And the covenant that God has with the Jewish people in reference to the nation of Israel.  Tell me your understanding of covenant verses contract and why that’s so important to know the different.

Michael:  I am an attorney and one of the things that you learn in contracts your first year of year of law school is that contracts are agreements between men and woman to remind us of what we promised.  Because men and woman, they don’t actually say this part in law school, but they basically say that because men and women lie, cheat and steal; that’s our fallen nature.  So we have contracts, agreements between people and we have certain rules and regulations that govern all of that from the UCC and from commercial code and other statues and common law; it can be kind of complex but those are called contracts.  There’s a huge distinction that most people don’t understand and that a covenant is a promise that the living God made on His own Holy Name.  That means, unlike most contracts and I review contracts and inch thick almost every day; and you red line them and mark stuff out; and you change things, you add exhibits, you get rid of exhibits, it can be 50% change by the time it goes back the first time.  A covenant is not like that, and once you grasp it it’s cool, but until then you can king of struggle with it.  A covenant can’t be changed, it can’t be changed by time; it can’t be changed by space; it can’t be changed by man or woman; it can’t be changed by circumstances; it can’t be changed by governments; it can’t be changed by anything.  There’s no edits; there’s no relining; there’s no exhibits; there’s no modifications; there’s nothing absolutely.  And nothing, and I looked this up in Greek Sid, nothing means nothing; no changes none and it takes something like a two by four to move most people especially men, it seems like in America.  I virtually have to get a two by four out and beat them on the head and they finally go oh, no change means no change like ever!  And I go yeah, now you’ve got it and they go back and look at the covenant that God made with these people.  The heirs of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, this interesting group of people called the Jew and He gave them this everlasting land, means forever.  And that that means it’s their and…

Sid:  And let me read the scripture on that now that you have this concept of a covenant and if you want a covenant it’s got to be by someone stronger than you and you can’t get a stronger covenant than one guaranteed by God.  And this is Psalm 105:8-11 speaking of God “He remembers His covenant forever, the Word which He commanded for a thousand generations.  The covenant which He made with Abraham and His oath with Isaac and confirmed it to Jacob for a statue as an everlasting covenant saying to you I will give the land of Canaan as the allotment of your inheritance.”  How long?   The covenant is forever, a thousand generations and everlasting.  Well would you say Michael, that if God Himself says that it’s a covenant and then defines it with three different ways, a thousand generations, forever and ever, and everlasting; that’s pretty strong grounds?

Michael:  Yeah, that’s permanent Sid that means forever!

Sid:  And so what you have found is that there is such blessings on the Jewish people even in our unbelief.  Tell me about some of the blessings from your research, like even the nation Israel; the various inventions, they’ve had.

Michael:  Well, you know a lot of people especially in America they look at the Jews and they go, well they can’t be blessed.  I mean look they went through the holocaust and they went through all this stuff and they’re in wars all the time, people getting killed.   Well, if you look at the facts, they’re the most blessed people, just statistic’s raw numbers they’re the most blessed people in the history of the world.  They have more Nobel Peace prizes, more Nobel winners as a percentage of their population of anybody in history by a large margin and they developed, for those that are in the high tech sector, you know what the Pentium chip was; the Max chip that all came from Israel.  The technology for AOL instant messaging sometime ago, that all came from Israel; all the PC antivirus software that was all developed in Israel. Cell phones believe it or not the cell phone was developed in Israel and this list is just goes on and on and on.  The Bible says that God creates everything and he’s given these people a unique ability to create.  No other civilization, no other people group in the history of the world has created and continues to like Jews.

Sid:  And you know another thing that interests me is that not only are those blessings there; but God promises that when the two become one and become a new creation it’s like they merger of the spiritual DNAs between the two and you form the full Body of Jesus.  This is why Paul says in Roman’s 11: “Now if their fall is riches for the world.”  And it was riches for the world, because Gentiles were grafted in and could become partakers of the rich promises that God has to Israel about the whole world being blessed, all the nations being blessed in the seed of Abraham.  “Now if their fall is riches for the world and their failure riches for the Gentiles, how much more their fullness, for if their being cast away is the reconciling of the world, what will they’re acceptance be, but life from the dead.”  And personally I see Israel doing nothing, but getting better in their economy and every aspect of the nation Israel; which will provoke the world to jealousy.

Michael:  Yeah, Israel is thriving right now, despite and you know the American press it doesn’t appear that way, but the press doesn’t always cover everything thoroughly.  But Israel’s thriving right now; they are doing better than they have ever done, since they became a nation in a day in 1948.

Sid:   And what a lot of people don’t know is that in the end times there is sort of the catalyst for judgment and everyone knows about Joel chapter 2, “God will pour out His Spirit in the last days,” but they don’t know about Joel Chapter 3 which says “the nations will be judged in the last days for one sin and that is dividing up the land of Israel.”  Isn’t that amazing, and then talking about the day of the Lord just before the Messiah returns, Obadiah 1:15 says very clearly; “As you have done to Israel it will be done to you.”  

Michael:  Sid, can I say one thing about dividing up the land?

Sid:  Yes, please.

Michael:  I’ll make this quick, but I’m very, very, very concerned about what our country might do in putting pressure on Israel sometime in the summer or fall when you know our Administration gets pass health care and the economy and things and begins its focus with all its power on dividing Jerusalem.  And I dovetailed that in with historically whatever we’ve done to Israel as a country God has done to us, a blessing or curse; but He loves us because we’ve helped them so many times.  Especially since 1973 with President Nixon and that airlift, but my concern now is that sometime in the fall right before the elections that we do put the pressure on Israel to divide Jerusalem.  And there is a fault running right through the middle states called the New Madrid Fault.   The USGS the United States Geological Survey just came out with a report; took about ten years to write it and they say that fault is really overdue; it could happen anytime and it would make the Mississippi River Run backwards.  It would be a massive, massive earthquake and basically divide our country into east and west and it would remain that way for decades.  Pipelines which I’m in the middle of gas business as well, natural gas supplies would be interrupted for many years; people in the north would have to move to the south; it would be like hurricane Katrina on steroids.  And so what I’m seeing is that you know hopefully this doesn’t happen, but if we try to divide Jerusalem like I think we might in the fall a few weeks before the election, we may see that knew Madrid fault cut our country in half.  And several prophets have been prophesying buy every piece of land you can, in Oklahoma and the southern part of the United States, but buy land soon.

Sid:  Now, why is that?  Why should they buy it?

Michael:  If that quake does cut out country in half you would see, according to USGS, I mean you would see probably 100,000 people dead and the report says that if Memphis and St. Louis disappear in a few minutes.

Sid:  So what you’re saying is that people will have to move somewhere and they’re going to move somewhere and they will have to move to that land.

Michael:  Yes, they have to move somewhere warm and they can’t stay in the north because there won’t be natural gas and heating supplies and so they have to overnight.  Image if this happened in October right before the elections to of course gain the kind of support. Image Middle East peace has evaded everybody; and so it’s a big coo for anybody Republican or Democrat I’m not picking on either one; but whoever pulls this off if they can is going to be hero forever and it’s going too much to the benefit of they’re party.  So you try to do that and if this happens and that fault goes then you got probably 30 or 40,000,000 people having to move from the north to the south in a matter of weeks and what a thing that would be.  Real estate in Oklahoma and Texas would go up tenfold in a month and so I’m buying everything I can get my hands on just like Cindy Jacobs is one of the prophets that said that to me personally. 

Sid:  Well, you know I have friends that are prophets that I’m sure you don’t even know that I respect greatly and what they saw is once the health care is settled every focus of the current administration will be to divide up the land of Israel.  And only prayer could stop this, but if we don’t pray our nation could be divided.

Michael:  Yeah, and Sid I see the timing, just from a humanistic standpoint I’m a planner, if I was going to plan this, I would say buy land soon, make it come on strong in July, August, September key it up to an ounce October 15th or so a couple of weeks before the election so that you can get as much benefit as possible because it will be twenty-four seven on the networks, newspapers and everything for two or three weeks at least.  You couldn’t do it in the spring it’s too far away from the elections, you couldn’t do it in the summer everybody’s on vacation and it’s too far away from elections.  September not enough, October’s perfect if you’re going to do.

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